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Robes, A Book of Coming Changes – A Book Overview

A Book of Prophecy by Penny Kelly

Robes Book CoverIn late 1999 I was given a pre-publication manuscript called, The Book of Coming Changes, Lessons From The Little Men In Brown Robes by Penny Kelly. It was actually written by her in 1981, but not published until 2005.  This book should be read by everyone who cares about the future of Mother Earth as well as humanity. It is full of predictions; for instance, the coming of the World Wide Web – The Internet, is one that stands out in my mind. No one had any inkling that anything like that was going to be created at that time! And of course there are many other revelations predicted by the Little Men. Some are more akin to warnings to be prepared for coming weather instabilities and Earth Changes.

I had known Penny from the mid 1990s when I had interviewed her about her fascinating and popular book, The Elves of Lily Hill Farm. Elves BookThe book detailed her later encounters with elves right after she and her husband had purchased a grape growing farm in Southern Michigan. I had visited the farm to conduct an interview with her for my radio show in Chicago regarding the new Elves book; the thrust of the book being how she learned to listen to the advice given by the Elves to increase her grape crop yield by using organic growing techniques, which proved very successful.

More recently I decided to purchase a copy of the updated newer version of the Robes book which Penny Kelly titled, Robes, a Book of Coming Changes. There are some variations between the original manuscript and the published book, but they are minor. As stated on Amazon “Robes, a Book of Coming Changes is a book of global dimensions that offers a compelling look at the next century. By turns startling, comforting, enlightening, and unnerving, it takes a deep look at the coming changes in nations and governments, as well as the rise of business to power. It expands to examine everything from education and population, to wars, weather, food, and famine, including the emerging human potential embedded in the body/mind system. “The most important thing for you to remember as you look at these coming changes,” said the little men in brown robes, “is that things could be so much easier if you understood why these things are happening, and if you worked with them instead of against them.”

Penny-Kelly-smOne of the things that stands out to me about Penny Kelly is that she came from a fairly provincial farming background and was totally focused in her own little world until one day she started having Kundalini Awakenings. Here I’ll give the definition of a Kundalini Awakening. In yogic theory, kundalini is a primal energy, lying snake-like “coiled” at the base of the spine, waiting to be awakened. A Kundalini awakening involves a feeling of electric current running up the spine to the top of the head. This can occur after many years of meditation or in some cases, such as with Penny Kelly, spontaneously. This can be frightening to say the least!

There are not many people who have ever had, much less heard of the Kundalini Awakening, especially Penny Kelly, so when it started happening to her she was totally unprepared for it and of course quite taken aback when it happened. She thought she was going crazy. And so it was one day while she was minding her own business in her kitchen, the group of about seven “Little Men In Brown Robes,” as she described them, suddenly appeared before her and tried to enter into a dialogue with her.

This un-asked-for appearance totally freaked her out and she thought for sure that she was losing her mind. However when she tried to block the sight by putting her hands over her eyes, nothing she did would eradicate the appearance of these Little Men. Over the course of the next year or so they appeared to her about sixteen times. Their purpose was to bring her into what appears to be a previous pre-birth “soul agreement” to help awaken Humanity to the coming Earth changes and to help teach people to become better stewards of the environment and to become more self-sufficient. The purpose being to preserve the advancements humanity has made and not to become stymied or to slip backwards in our evolution. Some of the Earth Change predictions were inevitable, so they wanted humanity to be at least somewhat better prepared for what was to come (and is happening now). More motivation to read the book!

Over the course of these visits the Little Men In Brown Robes would show her visions of what the future held for not only Humanity, but the World. This was long before she had even thought about the larger world, about the state of the environment or about the Earth as a Living Being. These were all new concepts for her at the time. Some of the topics discussed in the book were such things as the Earth as a Living Being, the Breaking up of Nations, the possibility of World War III, Weather Extremes, the Rise of Business, the Forces shaping Family and Human Development, Food Molecules and Medicine, the Evolution of Time, Population, Famine and Trade, etc. These are all things we should be aware of at a bare minimum.

If you’re concerned about the future of yourself, your children, humanity or the Earth, you need to get and read this book to make as many of the changes needed not only to survive but thrive in the challenging years ahead!


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