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the-dissapearance-of-the-universeLately my partner and I have been studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for the second or third time. (ACIM was originally published in 1976 and gained immense popularity in the 1980s.) At the same time we’ve been reading books related to ACIM as well. The book that most captured my attention was The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which was published in 2003. I purchased it then and felt that now would be a good time to review it.

The story goes like this. In the early 1990s Gary Renard underwent a powerful spiritual awakening when he began to be instructed by two ascended masters named Pursah and Arten, who eventually identified their previous incarnations as including those of Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus. He said that they appeared to him in the flesh in a series of 14 meetings spaced out over 9 years. I know that’s a hard story to believe, but whether you believe the storyline or not, The Disappearance of the Universe has become an enormously popular book based on the teachings of ACIM. And I believe that you will get a lot out of it regardless. The reason for this is that the  conversations center around the ACIM material and how it relates to events in Gary’s everyday life as well as to world events of the 1990s. This method of teaching, I feel, makes it more understandable.Gary Renard-2

As we have been reading the ACIM it has become ever more apparent that ACIM was written almost specifically for the Scribe, Helen Schucman herself, who was basically an atheist psychotherapist  living in a Judeao-Christian world. All the way through the scribing process, which took 10 years, she resisted and had grave doubts about the validity of the material. And later, after it was complete, she still had grave doubts and never really related to or believed in the material fully.

The problem that we have with the ACIM material is that it seems based primarily in a Judeao-Christian-Freudian psychological framework.  And furthermore, the material keeps pounding away at the concept of the Ego in endless approaches, which after a while becomes difficult to endure.  This approach, I suspect, may have been perfectly tailored to convince the author, Helen Schucman herself, after reading so many variations of the theme it eventually becomes oppressive.

a-course-in-miracles-acim-bizThe Disappearance of the Universe book, in my opinion, makes a wonderful transition and shapes the ACIM material into a more modern framework of understanding. There have been other authors who have attempted to translate the ACIM material into their own understanding, for which many have been criticized.  I say, So What?  I never believed that God ever stopped speaking to humanity. He/She/It, whatever you want to name It, keeps on trying!

Amazon has a powerful and insightful review of The Disappearance of the Universe book which was written by Michael Wilkinson. “THE PREMISE: When you dream at night that someone is chasing you, in the dream it feels very real and no one in the dream could likely convince you that it was not real. But in truth you are home in your bed. When you wake up, the dream disappears, because it was never real in the first place, and you find you were in your bed the entire time. Well, the basic premise for the Disappearance of the Universe is that we are really home in God, but dreaming a dream that we are bodies living this life. Of course our true home is out of our awareness. Yet when we wake up, the universe will disappear, because it was never real in the first place, we were at home in God the entire time. This is indeed an incredible and hard to believe premise. But what if it is true?”  This description, I feel, is much more succinct than the hundreds of rambling pages of ACIM.

Michael Wilkinson summarizes nicely with, “If you are already familiar with A Course in Miracles, this book is a must-read. I had studied the Course for over a decade, and even served as a group facilitator for several years. I was humbled by how little I understood and truly practiced non-dualism and how I had missed the critical message of practicing forgiveness every moment of every day as THE key tool for making the “journey without distance.” The conversations in the Disappearance of the Universe make crystal clear the purpose of practicing “advanced” forgiveness, the steps in how to do it, and the way to live in this world as a teacher of God. Perhaps most importantly, the message is completely consistent with A Course in Miracles, which is quoted over 300 times by Gary Renard’s special visitors.”

The concept of practicing Forgiveness is a simple concept that is also emphasized in the teaching of Hoʻoponopono, which is the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. This point is easy to overlook in the voluminous ACIM text, but is critical to understand if you want to experience Miracles. For myself, I like to go one step further and simply bless people and situations by visualizing the Light of the Holy Spirit around them. It doesn’t get any easier or simpler than that! Try it for yourself and you will see Miracles!

The Disappearance of the Universe is a great book, which will magically transform your “Ego Mind” thinking to that of your God Mind. As Michael Wilkinson says, “So read this book if you are ready to have many of your beliefs challenged and if you are ready to learn how to truly experience and express the peace and love of God.”  Then, as Jesus said, “All things are possible!”

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Overview of Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R. Hawkins by Scott Jeffrey

Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R. HawkinsUntil recently the only famous people from Wisconsin that I could recall off the top of my head were Harry Houdini, Joseph McCarthy and Golda Meir. Now I can add the name of David R. Hawkins to my list. David R. Hawkins has authored over a dozen books on various aspects of the Spiritual Quest. His most famous book is Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. I have had this book for quite a while, however, when I finally decided that I would like to read it, I couldn’t find it. So I searched Amazon and found the next best thing, which was a biography about him: Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R Hawkins. As one reviewer said, “this book provides a great insight into a great man. He gave so much to humanity and I feel forever grateful to Dr. Hawkins for his contributions.”David_R_Hawkins

Since I had somehow missed the great contributions Dr. Hawkins has made to humanity, I decided that it was time to discover  who the man was behind this best-selling book and movement and how he became enlightened.  The first thing that attracted me was the fact that he was born and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, close to my own home town.  I was impressed because I hadn’t met any enlightened beings who came from Wisconsin. What I discovered was a man who had devoted his entire life to seeking higher wisdom and Spiritual Truths. The second thing that attracted me was that he was born in the same year as my parents…1927.

I won’t go into too many details of his childhood except to say that he was raised in a strict Episcopalian religiously oriented home. He was an altar boy, a voracious reader, and a very hard worker. In his teens years he had a large paper route which would have killed most people, especially in the chilly Wisconsin Winters. I can relate because I too delivered newspapers in that cold climate.  One cold day while delivering newspapers he fell off his bike into a snowbank where he had what we would today call a Spiritual Awakening or OBE. However, his spiritual awakening was mirrored on the physical plane as well; in his teen years he developed a serious taste for ‘spirits;’ alcohol and when he came of age he joined the Navy and was deployed on a Minesweeper during World War II. This sailor experience only served to reinforce his drinking addiction.

Following his discharge from the war he obtained a medical degree from Medical College of Wisconsin. Following that he departed for New York City where he eventually became a psychoanalyst in the Freudian tradition. Following his indoctrination into Freud and psychoanalysis he became interested in a nutritional basis for helping to heal the scourge of alcoholism.  Along the way he met the Bill_Wilson, David_Hfounder of AA, Bill Wilson, and they became good friends. “Wilson’s influence on David was profound. We can find the kernel of many of the core precepts of David’s later teachings in Wilson’s talks and writings, where Wilson recorded timeless spiritual principles from his own understanding.”  Unfortunately David had trouble with the AA concept of God, no matter how the unreligious Bill Wilson had described it, because by then David had become a confirmed atheist. However, after hitting bottom numerous times, he discovered Zen Buddhism as a valid path, which for him, made it possible to finally give up drinking as well as other prescription drugs.

In the late sixties and early seventies he founded the North Nassau Clinic expressly for people who couldn’t afford proper mental healthcare and who didn’t qualify for government programs through welfare: the lower middle class, who weren’t poverty-stricken, didn’t qualify for government support, and couldn’t afford private fees. It quickly became a very popular clinic that treated tens of thousands of alcoholic and drug addicted individuals primarily through the use of niacin and other vitamin related Therapies. This concept was termed Orthomolecular Psychiatry by Linus Pauling, the father of Vitamin C Therapy.

This new style of  treatment set him apart from the traditional psychotherapeutic approach to mental problems and drug addiction as had been practiced by mainstream doctors up to that point. Of course this sort of revolutionary treatment created a huge backlash for David, however, it also made him wealthy.  This idea set him apart from traditional thinking about drug addiction. The traditional view was that addiction was a moral failure; and David was saying that in many cases addiction may be a nutritional or physical failure.  His philosophy was to be open-minded and experimental and try whatever worked.PVF

This was during the time of the tremendous human potential movement explosion when things like A Course In Miracles, EST, the Sedona Method, etc. came along, and David dove fully into the exploration of many of these movements.  He wanted to experience everything the counterculture offered, from Woodstock and the new rock music, to experimentation with pot and LSD, to trying on various Eastern Religious philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism, etc.

In the late seventies he decided to give up his practice and move to Sedona, Arizona, where he continued to explore numerous facets of the various spiritual movements that seem to be attracted there, and he became an ardent meditator as well. He began to more fully explore Eastern Philosophies and anything new that appealed to him.

In the mid-nineties he began to develop what he called his Map of Consciousness. This was partly due to his the influence of Behavioral Kinesiology which was pioneered by psychiatrist John Diamond. By now most of us have heard of muscle testing, which is what David Hawkins learned to test for the various levels of consciousness. Some examples would be that Jesus calibrates at 1000, Mahayana Buddhism at 960, the Koran at 720, love at 500, reason at 400, fear at 100 and shame at 20. 85% of the world’s population, calibrates at under 200 — the threshold of integrity. If you are interested you can find a version of his chart here: Power vs. Force Consciousness Chart.

David Hawkins’s life was a very long journey with many extreme experiences. At some point, he experienced all of this: successful psychiatrist, skeptic, atheist, alcoholic, mystic, beleaguered by over 25 illnesses or health conditions  of varying degrees, some very serious, withdrawn from society on his spiritual search, father and husband. Obviously David went through some very tough times in his life, but also experienced several states of elevated consciousness, the first at the age of 6 years. Over time his life gradually became a search for peace, happiness, and later, for God. His contribution to the spiritual world is indeed important, because after becoming spiritually aware – some would call him “enlightened” – he began to try to explain enlightenment in a scientific, rational and understandable way.  Always, he used his growth, knowledge and insights as a basis to help others to support them in their personal and spiritual growth, and for healing. David R. Hawkins transcended his Earthly body on September 19, 2012 in Sedona, Arizona.

If you’d like to see David Hawkins in action, here’s a brief YouTube Clip: “If you feel like you’re stuck.”

You can find the book on his life here: Doctor of Truth: The Life of DavidR. Hawkins by Scott Jeffrey


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Direct Connect To God, True Stories of Hope, Healing & Miracles;
Seeing Visions, Voicing and Hearing Words Far Beyond Human Insight
By Debra Martin and Sheri Getten


Debra-SheriOn April 9th, 2015 I was listening to my favorite radio program, Coast to Coast AM, when they had Debra Martin and Sheri Getten as guests. They are healers that say they connect directly to God when they conduct their healing work. Now maybe all healers connect to God in some fashion, but when you read and understand how they work and read the history of how they got started, you begin to think that perhaps they really do have a direct connection to God or at least a very powerful and wise aspect of God, when they do their healing work.

DCTG Book CoverFirst of all they come off as being very sincere. Secondly they have a lot of healing miracles that demonstrate that whatever they have connected with certainly does have some sort of super-powerful healing ability in many of the cases they have transcribed in this book.

To make a long story short, they both came to their work together via a series of serious car accidents which provided some ‘Angelic Guidance’ as well as brief experiences on “The Other Side,” and then later an ‘opportunity’ to heal Debra when she was in a serious Near Death health condition. *

The two work as a pair when doing their healing work. Debra Martin is a medium and is certified ‘Level 5’ by Dr. Gary Schwartz through his VERITAS Research Program at the Human Energy Systems Laboratory (HESL) in Tucson, Arizona.

Sheri Getten is the ‘hands on healer’ of the duo. After her NDE experiences she was drawn to Eric Pearl for her early training and has completed all 3 levels of his training possible. If you haven’t heard of Eric Pearl, you can find his amazing story through his book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, and his website. He has now trained thousands of people world-wide in his healing modality.

The way Sheri and Debra work is interesting. The client lies on a typical massage type table and while Sheri is doing her hands-on healing on the client, Debra lies under the table and makes an intuitive connection with God and becomes “the Voice of God.” She is then able to “direct the show” and even take the client on a spiritual journey which is sort of what some people experience during a past-life hypnosis session. They might go to a past-life that needs healing or to some other spiritual level to gain wisdom or knowledge pertinent to their disease, or to meet with a deceased relative, or whatever else may be needed to effect a healing.

Many times the client experiences an out and out miracle healing from a life threatening condition. For instance, chapter 5 describes the miracle healing of Dr. James Veney – A True Miracle from God, dated January 17, 2014. Dr. Veney was a retired professor of public health in the department of health administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And as such Dr. Veney was a true skeptic. In February of 2013 he noticed that his energy level was declining. It turned out he had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He then began a treatment regimen of chemotherapy that laid him low. In his own words, “Most days I could hardly move from my chair. Any kind of physical activity was impossible.” Chemotherapy causes collateral damage, and in his case it was peripheral neuropathy that included tingling in his hands and numbness in his feet. He stated, “Watching me struggle with my symptoms, my daughter arranged a healing for me with Debra Martin and Sheri Getten. I am typically skeptical of anything that doesn’t have a proven scientific basis, having spent my entire career doing research on effectiveness in the health field. But I knew it was important to both my daughters and my wife that I do this.”

He and his family and met with Debra and Sheri on a Friday morning. He said, “I had no idea what to expect, and even now don’t know exactly what happened. What I do know is that I lay on my back on a table in a darkened room at The Logos Center. Debra seemed to take on my thoughts and feelings and was able to sense my affliction, while Sheri assisted with the energy work, waving her hands over me. During the session, Debra talked about my pain; it seemed that she really could feel it. At the end of the session, my wife and daughters came into the room and we all said the Lord’s Prayer. Truthfully, I didn’t really feel any different than when I went in.

Three days later he had an appointment with a lymphoma specialist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, Arizona. Based on previous tests, he had already concluded that he had lymphoma in his central nervous system and proceeded to outline two treatment options. One included surgery to remove the cancer in his brain, chemotherapy injected into his spine, and radiation treatment, etc. None of the treatment choices appealed to him, and the doctor said that the prognosis was only two to ten percent. He also indicated the need for another spinal tap to pinpoint the type of lymphoma that needed to be treated.

In his words, “We returned to the cancer center two days later for the spinal tap and chemotherapy injection. Based on the gloomy predictions from the neurologist and oncologist, my wife and I were bracing ourselves for the worst. The oncologist had said he would call with the test results at the end of the week. The outcome: There was no evidence of lymphoma in my spinal fluid. MD Anderson is renowned for cancer diagnosis and treatment, so I am confident in the result of that test. I do not have cancer in my spinal column or in my brain. What I know is that I went to the healing and my symptoms disappeared. The cancer was completely gone within one week of my healing session. That is enough for me to be truly grateful for the help Debra and Sheri gave me. I feel I have a second chance!”

As stated by the publisher, “Debra Martin and Sheri Getten have developed a healing technique of their own which is not being done anywhere else in the world. They have brought a piece of heaven here for you to read in this book. They are bringing you a direct connection with God. While reading this book, you are connecting to God’s frequency and vibration. Through these words from God, allow yourself to open your heart and feel His love, see His visions, and take a spiritual journey to places that most people think are unattainable.”

If you want evidence that healing miracles are possible, I highly recommend reading this book! It contains over 20 chapters and most of them are direct transcriptions of actual cases. There is sure to be at least one that relates to you! And the book demonstrates that God can still perform miracles in our day and age! It’s available from Direct Connect to God from Amazon in print or if you can’t wait for it to be shipped, get it immediately in Kindle version as I did! They also have a page on Facebook.


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The-Angel-in-My-Pocket-COVEThe Angel in My Pocket: A Story of Love, Loss, and Life After Death is a ‘grief memoir’ by Sukey Forbes which I stumbled upon at our local library. It was marked as a ‘new’ book. What attracted me initially was that she obviously came from the famous Forbes family lineage and more interestingly to me was the fact that her Great Great Great Grandfather was the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson – essayist, author and leading exponent of Transcendentalism. This was interesting to me because of these two factors as well to discover what she meant by the phrase, “Angel in My Pocket.” Of course one would have to read the entire book in order to discover what she meant by that! And so I was suckered in! And being an avid researcher of the Afterlife I wanted to find out how her modern day beliefs meshed with that of her famous relative, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sukey_ForbesIn much of the first half of the book she goes into great detail about the beliefs of her family lineage which goes back to the early days of this country. Her great great great great grandfather was a famous sea captain who made his fortune trading with China back in the early 1800s. And she descended from the Saltonstall family which also goes way back. The Saltonstalls came over on the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. One was asked to sit as a judge in the Salem Witch Trials and refused (to their credit). Another was eaten by cannibals off the coast of Africa. Others went in to politics and many went into academia.

GGG_Forbes-CaptionThe Forbes were relative newcomers in the mid 1700s. Most of the family money was made trading opium and furs during the China Trade and by investing in American Railroads and Telephone afterwards, the ‘high tech boom’ of their era!

John Murray Forbes (her Great Great Great Grandfather) was a close confidante to several US Presidents. He spent time advising Lincoln, Stanton, and Grant during the Civil War and, along with Emerson, was a fervent abolitionist. While living in Washington DC for a year his son Malcolm (my Great Great Uncle) attended the theatre the night Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. She has a family letter that details that evening and the following days as they unfolded.

Much of the book describes her primarily WASP background and how that has created her inability to express her emotions after the loss of her 7 year old child. She goes into great detail about this problem as she sees it. There is also a lot of description of her life on the East Coast growing up on Naushon Island which is part of the Elizabeth Islands, is seven miles long, just off Cape Cod, N.W. of Martha’s Vineyard. The island has been in the Forbes family since the mid-1800s.

We get multiple descriptions of her childhood years and beyond while visiting the Mansion House there. In her adult life Sukey gets married to a V.C. ( Venture Capitalist) and lives for a few years near Silicon Valley on a 40 acre ranch overlooking the Pacific Ocean near Santa Cruz. She is raising three children and after her husband cashes out of one company he was involved with they decide to move back to the East Coast near Naushon Island so that their kids can sample some of the idylic life that she had had growing up in that area. However, soon after the move her Charlotte is stricken with a rare genetic disease which suddenly takes her life. It is at this point that the books takes a turn from family history to involved descriptions of her pain and suffering as she tries to reconcile her WASP belief system with the reality of the death of her cherished child.

Ultimately, she finds comfort in the beliefs and experience of her great-great-great grandfather, Ralph Waldo Emerson, the poet and essayist who founded the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century and who also lost a child from a high fever at the same age as Charlotte. The Transcendentalists believed God could be found in contemplation amid nature, “that the use of natural history is to give us aid in supernatural history,” she writes. It’s there — amid the meadows, paths, waters and family ghosts of Naushon — that she finally looked “deeply enough into Charlotte’s death to somehow find the gift of the loss.”

So as not to spoil the meaning of the title of the book, I will only say that she receives hope and a sort of redemption after meeting with a Spritualist medium. And this point; the final reason I decided to read this book, was that as a researcher into mediumship, I wanted to know about her personal experience before and after meeting the medium. And this is the third and final motivation which lured me into reading this book! I can recommend this book to anyone who has suffered the loss of a child or a family member.

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BACKWARDS: Returning to Our Source for Answers
A Book Review

Backwards Book Cover

Backwards Book Cover

I have read so many books people have written about their own NDEs that I find it difficult to find the time or the motivation to write about most of them. This one, however, titled“BACKWARDS: Returning to Our Source for Answers,” by lawyer, Nanci L. Danison, is an exception. Most people have what I would call limited NDEs in that they do not go very far into the higher dimensions before returning to their everyday Earth life. And so it was, on that fateful day of March 14, 1994 that Nanci was undergoing a fairly routine medical

Nanci Danison

Nanci Danison

procedure designed to show her surgeon where to cut to remove three potentially cancerous lesions in her breast. The procedure had taken much longer than expected, and had to be repeated in order to get the wire marker deep enough into the breast tissue. It was painful, and emotionally traumatic for her body. She stated later, “I was alone when I died, because the radiologist and radiology technician both left me to perform other tasks, including getting their eighth set of mammography films developed.”
She was sitting alone in a room in a chair when it happened. The early stages of the NDE were fairly standard: She left her body, went into the Light, experienced overwhelming unconditional love, peace, joy, and acceptance, met Beings of Light, and had a life review. She stated. “What was dramatically different about my NDE was what I learned during these stages, as well as what happened to me during and after the life review.”
I particularly love the revelations she had after being in the light for a while: “Chief among them was the realization that I am not a human being; that what I had been calling my soul is in fact who I really am. And who I really am is not human, but rather a separately existing spiritual being who only inhabited a human animal’s body. Moreover, the human animal I had inhabited has her own life, thoughts, emotions, and personality, and is perfectly capable of living out the rest of her lifetime without me inside.”
What has stuck with me is the idea that we are Souls inhabiting or should I say co-existing within an ‘Animal Body!’ Many New Age philosophers simply say that we are Souls inhabiting a Body, but Nanci feels that it is more like we are co-habitating within the Animal Body which, without us, would still have a life of it’s own. And so that brings up the question of what we are doing here. Are we here to evolve not just our Soul, but also the Human Species as well?
This idea is not so far-fetched as it may first seem. I have come across this same idea expressed in the writings of LBL researcher Dr. Michael Newton as well. Dr. Newton is the author of three best-selling books, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (1994), Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000), and Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (2004). Dr. Newton has an international reputation as a spiritual regressionist who has mapped out much of our life between lives experience which helps to explain our immortal life in the spirit world.
You must realize that Dr. Newton was as straight as an arrow before he was almost literally forced into the world of past-life and in between life regression therapy. In other words, he was a SKEPTIC! But after conducting literally over 7,000 regression sessions, he got over being skeptical as he began to note various patterns that emerged. One such pattern that I observed was that in some of his regressions, some individuals would talk about how they, as Soul, when first merging with the developing fetus, would actually sort of ‘negotiate’ with it’s consciousness! And as a side note, most Souls do not choose to merge until sometime after the fifth month or even after the birth.
So, what conclusion(s) can be drawn from this observation? First off; We are Soul having an experience in a Human Animal Body. Why? For the purpose of our own as well as that of the Animal Body’s evolution and experience. In other words, we both benefit from this merger. Some philosophies would say that there is this on-going battle between the Consiousness of the Soul and that of the Ego, which would represent that of the Body. Makes perfect sense to me especially when I see this idea expressed by highly intelligent yet skeptical people who do not know each other!
This realization is just one of many that you may have if you choose to read Nanci Danison’s book. Her NDE experience evolves to the point where she has this higher realization: “… the whole of our universe transpires exclusively within the mind of Source. There is only one being in our universe—Source. All things that we perceive as physical reality are really thoughts manifested by Source within its own Energy field. And, most importantly, none of it ever leaves the Source. So, I intimately experienced the “knowing” that I am literally part of Source’s thoughts, and the illusion that I am separate from it is a gift from Source to itself in order that Source might fully explore its own personality and creativity.”
You can order her book online at Amazon or if you are low on funds and time, you can read a summary of it here at www.NDERF.org – http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/Books/nanci_danison_book.htm
I would suggest this very short video for starters, called What God Expects of Me.

And here is a series of short talks: Nanci Danison’s Afterlife Experience Part 1

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What makes Past Life Regression Therapy so powerful and effective? By now I have probably read a dozen or more books on Past Life Regression Therapy. Some of the books were written by Ph.D. therapists and they cite case after case of how they used hypnosis to access deep levels of memory to heal difficult issues that could not be healed through traditional Freudian or Jungian style “talk therapy.”

Brian-Weiss-MD Past Life Regression Therapy in its modern form was famously accidentally re-discovered and then reluctantly promoted by hypnotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss when while working with a difficult case he, out of frustration asked his subject to ‘go back to a time related to the cause’ of her current issue. Before trying this idea, he had been fishing around in session after session trying to find the cause in the woman’s childhood. So he was shocked when her sub-conscious mind literally obeyed the command and took her back to a past-life situation centuries earlier.

At first Dr. Weiss could not fathom what had happened, and he was in deep denial, but the ‘proof was in the pudding’ as they say, and after some time Dr. Weiss realized that his patient no longer suffered from the same issue. This made a deep impression upon him.

Dr. Weiss was not the first to discover the benefits of Past Life Therapy. Back in the late 1920s there was a man named A. R. (Asa Roy) Martin who lived in Sharon, Pennsylvania who accidentally discovered and then developed his own method of past life regression therapy while trying to develop a better method of memory recall for use by students in taking tests. Little by little, Martin and his family and friends – working on each other – became successful in these experiments.

A.R. MARTINSince Mr. Martin had been studying metaphysics and hypnosis, the death of his mother prompted him to try use what he had learned to tap into the subconscious mind for answers to the questions about death and the afterlife, “since the subconscious theoretically remembers everything it has encountered and learned.”

Mr. Martin then tried relaxing some of his subjects (family members and friends) using what he had learned in hypnosis. One such session related by Mrs. Woods, one of Martin’s daughters went like this: “Then… quite suddenly, the reviewer (the subject) would be recalling a past life, speaking in a different voice or language – a high pitched voice or a child’s voice, for example – or many times reviewing what she was doing between lives, how she was planning to return to a physical body and was choosing her parents. For example, a woman who desired to be an opera singer was selecting parents who genetically could give her the vocal cords which would be required to accomplish her goal in her next life.”

A.R. Martin came to know Edgar Cayce and visited Cayce in Virginia about five times, the first time probably in 1935. ThroughEdgar Cayce those visits, Mrs. Woods says, Martin and Cayce became friends, and some correspondence passed between them. Martin never had a reading from Cayce, however. Cayce died in 1945.

It is estimated that A. R. Martin conducted over 500 past-life regressions before he gave it up for other spiritual work, so “it is really not possible to gauge the impact of Martin’s regression work or its continuity through time after Martin’s death. However, considering the large number of people Martin came in contact with after 1928, it would be surprising to find that no one had continued his work with past-life regression.

Martin self-published Researches in Reincarnation and Beyond – a hardcover book of 211 pages – in 1942. However, since it is such a rare book, much of the details for this article came from a small Kindle book titled, A. R. MARTIN: Pioneer In Past-Life Regression by George Schwimmer, PhD. As one book reviewer stated, “A.R. Martin did so much with past life regression… so long ago. The book he wrote was produced in an edition of 1,000 copies so obviously not something we would come across very easily. George Schwimmer not only describes Martin’s unusual regression method but also how his wife and daughters assisted him in this work. The booklet [also] contains amazing stories of past lives that the people he worked with had experienced. A.R. Martin was a true pioneer in this [work]. If you are interested in reincarnation and/or past life regression, this booklet contains some really amazing information.

The most distinctive characteristic of the book is its focus on the spiritual values of past-life recall. In his introduction, Hamid Bey noted the purpose of Earth life and of reincarnation: “Reincarnation (is) the only logical acceptance of justice, power, law, and love…. It is not only the evolution of the spirit, but also the liberation of the spirit from the confinement of substance. This cannot be accomplished in one life…. Man must be able to accept the responsibility of life and know that even though he is a unit of this universe, he is also the center of his universe, and this center is so complete within itself that he has become the expression of the divine power which we call God.”

And A. R. Martin wrote that: “The superconscious mind or self is the highest portion of man, for it is the eternal spark of the Divine…. The purpose of life is to bring ourselves into perfect alignment with this Higher Self. When man in sincere simplicity attunes himself through silence to this great God within, all power, all strength, and all knowledge is perceived by him, and he becomes I AM THAT I AM…. When all error and misbelief has been erased from the subconscious mind and the conscious mind operates in perfect unison with the superconscious, then is man the master of himself. Those things which the soul desires are the things to which he polarizes and wishes to express, and as every unfulfilled wish of the soul must be expressed, man must come back again and again into earthly flesh to fulfill those desires. There is a lesson to be learned in every unfulfilled desire, and all these lessons must be learned before man is master of himself.”

And one of Martin’s entranced subjects stated, “To what goal? Eventually to their main goal, the right of Christhood. Mankind will then know all there is to know, all he can gain upon the planet earth. …Each will become a Christ….”

Past Life Regression Therapy is not only a method for healing difficult issues, but when used intelligently can become a fast track to liberation! Martin’s conclusions about man’s mental experiences were identical to those given by Edgar Cayce: “Man lives not in the world of conditions and events around him, but rather lives in the world of his reactions to such conditions and events…. The individual himself, through thought and emotional reaction, creates the world in which he lives, and he alone has the power and choice to change in any and every way, through his inner thought reactions, his inner and outer world of conditions and affairs. The life energy… flows in and through all space and matter [and] is unlimited, fluidic and impersonal. As this emotional energy flows in and through man, it is he – as a free-choosing moral agent – who conditions and qualifies it.”

My desire for anyone who resonates with this work is to seek out a qualified Past Life Regressionist for yourself! Today there are many options including therapists trained by Dolores Cannon and others.

Book Credit: George Schwimmer, Ph.D. / A. R. MARTIN: Pioneer In Past-Life Regression

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

We had a box of these Lady of Guadalupe tiles sitting around the garage since about 1999 when they were given to us – probably because one tiny piece was missing. Well, recently I finally got around to finding a suitable piece of plywood upon which to mount the Lady. We found the board at Whole House Building Supply & Salvage Store locally, and it did not even need to be cut or resized. Then after gluing the tiles down I waited for a few weeks until I could come up with a suitable frame. The framing wood was left over from a door installation project I had done last year and was found waiting in the garage.  The interesting thing to note about the Lady of Guadalupe is that back in 1999 I was diagnosed with CLL Leukemia and we attended an open Our Lady of Guadalupe event in someone’s backyard at which there was a man from Mexico who conducted a healing session for everyone present including me. During that session he produced Rose Petals which had images burned into them somehow. A miracle it seemed.  Not long after that event I was given the tiles depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe from an entirely different source. And within about a year I was fully recovered from the CLL! I did not take the recommended chemo either!  Was it due to the healing session with Our Lady of Guadalupe?  Hard to say, but the only other significant things I did during that time period was to have a root canalled tooth removed (I only had one) and I also was drinking a lot of coral calcium water.

The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe can be found on the internet. It all started in the early morning of December 9, 1531.  Our Lady of Guadalupe is a celebrated Roman Catholic icon of the Virgin Mary, an image on a tilma, or peasant cloak, attributed in some accounts to Marcos Cipac de Aquino, an Indian painter. Traditional accounts tell that the peasant Juan Diego saw at the Hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City, a vision of a girl of fifteen or sixteen years of age, surrounded by light. Wikipedia Reference: The image you see here is full of important symbolism. well worth a read!  And maybe you’ll even get a healing like I did!