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Book Overview: The Afterlife Is To Die For
by John S. Weiss

IMG_0317-187x300The book starts out with this statement: “One night during deep meditation, I accidentally entered the afterlife… Yes, accidently. And with the help of enormously friendly, intelligent spirits, Lyle and Betty, I was brought back many times during a two-week period. During my visits, I was taught a wide range of fascinating lessons that still give me goosebumps when I recall them. Suffice it to say, visiting the afterlife dimension shook my belief system to the core and forced me to view the miracle of life in a whole new way. The afterlife –  which is neither heaven nor hell – is filled with just about all the answers to life’s most perplexing questions…”

“The afterlife is to die for,” according to John S. Weiss the author of this allegedly true account of his experiences in a world he recognized as the Afterlife. I can’t recall exactly how I came across John_Capturethis book by John S. Weiss as he is someone I’d never heard of before and I have read many dozens of books about the Afterlife by now. Most people who write about the Afterlife have had NDEs (Near Death Experiences). John S. Weiss is a writer by trade and has a degree in journalism as well as experience in advertising.

However, I would not categorize his experiences as NDE because he didn’t have these experiences through temporary death; rather he had them after he learned to meditate as a result of being subjected to numerous chemotherapy sessions. And after gaining greater experience as a meditator he was eventually able to tap into another dimension through the mechanism of the OOBE (out of body experience) which he experienced while dreaming. And thus he felt he had tapped into what might be the afterlife.

I beg to differ because approximately a year ago I reviewed a book called Multi-Dimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe, an individual who has spent over 40 years experiencing hundreds of OOBEs (out of body experiences) and I find that while some of his experiences seem similar to those of Mr. Weiss, those of Mr. Ziewe far surpass those of Mr. Weiss. Also, they feel more legitimate and real. However, after reading voluminous literature on the Afterlife, I would have to say that neither author’s descriptions of their experiences correlate very well with descriptions of the Afterlife I have read in numerous other books I have read on the subject described by the thousands of people who have experienced actual NDEs (and I have read probably over a hundred of these types of books).

Since Mr. Weiss was a die-hard skeptic, it took many such experiences before he was able to actually start to believe they were real. As he states, “All I did was get very tired reading a book about Iwo Jima and then deeply meditate myself to sleep. Well, that was the beginning of a whole series of dreams that can be described as bizarre, fascinating, mind-blowing, frightening, and thoroughly life changing. As you can imagine, I first thought there was something seriously wrong with my mind or that someone had slipped some hallucinogenic substance into my toothpaste or something. I mean, having a spirit and his charming spectral girlfriend giving me a tour of this marvelous dimension is mighty hard to swallow. But when Lyle (his guide) showed me absolute proof that I wasn’t having a series of weird dreams, I felt as though I had been hit by a bolt of lightning. I became the perfect student and learned things that turned my head inside out. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement, to put it mildly.

You might enjoy reading about his dream-like experiences because each one takes you to a different “place;” although unique, they are mostly Earthlike places drawn from the author’s own past with a few new ones thrown in. And his guide has the ability to change them at any time to great effect.  After a while he starts to weave in his theories about how Quantum Physics could explain conscious life in our waking reality as well as that of the afterlife. Some of the physics, I suspect may be a bit of a stretch. As one of the savvier Amazon reviewers stated, “This isn’t a bad read if you’re looking for entertainment, not consistency. The science that is mentioned is thin (or often wrong, if it’s biology) and characters repeat and out-right contradict themselves on major story points. What I found most disturbing was the way the narrator was plainly told his consciousness had basically been “kidnapped” while he was sleeping, he was being prevented from seeing or interacting with beings other than those of that character’s choosing, he only got the information the main character wanted him to have, and this character had hidden motives… and the narrator either didn’t care or was easily distracted when these points were mentioned. Neat for talking points, not so much for facts.

Even though I was able to enjoy the read (along with many others, if Amazon reviews are any proof), I got the feeling that John S. Weiss, being a trained and talented professional writer, was really spinning a yarn which was designed to rationalize his own journey from Skeptic to Believer in an engaging and entertaining way. In fact, I would say that his narrative might easily be turned into a tight Hollywood movie script! But as far as the reader learning accurate information about the Afterlife, not so much.


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the-dissapearance-of-the-universeLately my partner and I have been studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for the second or third time. (ACIM was originally published in 1976 and gained immense popularity in the 1980s.) At the same time we’ve been reading books related to ACIM as well. The book that most captured my attention was The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which was published in 2003. I purchased it then and felt that now would be a good time to review it.

The story goes like this. In the early 1990s Gary Renard underwent a powerful spiritual awakening when he began to be instructed by two ascended masters named Pursah and Arten, who eventually identified their previous incarnations as including those of Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus. He said that they appeared to him in the flesh in a series of 14 meetings spaced out over 9 years. I know that’s a hard story to believe, but whether you believe the storyline or not, The Disappearance of the Universe has become an enormously popular book based on the teachings of ACIM. And I believe that you will get a lot out of it regardless. The reason for this is that the  conversations center around the ACIM material and how it relates to events in Gary’s everyday life as well as to world events of the 1990s. This method of teaching, I feel, makes it more understandable.Gary Renard-2

As we have been reading the ACIM it has become ever more apparent that ACIM was written almost specifically for the Scribe, Helen Schucman herself, who was basically an atheist psychotherapist  living in a Judeao-Christian world. All the way through the scribing process, which took 10 years, she resisted and had grave doubts about the validity of the material. And later, after it was complete, she still had grave doubts and never really related to or believed in the material fully.

The problem that we have with the ACIM material is that it seems based primarily in a Judeao-Christian-Freudian psychological framework.  And furthermore, the material keeps pounding away at the concept of the Ego in endless approaches, which after a while becomes difficult to endure.  This approach, I suspect, may have been perfectly tailored to convince the author, Helen Schucman herself, after reading so many variations of the theme it eventually becomes oppressive.

a-course-in-miracles-acim-bizThe Disappearance of the Universe book, in my opinion, makes a wonderful transition and shapes the ACIM material into a more modern framework of understanding. There have been other authors who have attempted to translate the ACIM material into their own understanding, for which many have been criticized.  I say, So What?  I never believed that God ever stopped speaking to humanity. He/She/It, whatever you want to name It, keeps on trying!

Amazon has a powerful and insightful review of The Disappearance of the Universe book which was written by Michael Wilkinson. “THE PREMISE: When you dream at night that someone is chasing you, in the dream it feels very real and no one in the dream could likely convince you that it was not real. But in truth you are home in your bed. When you wake up, the dream disappears, because it was never real in the first place, and you find you were in your bed the entire time. Well, the basic premise for the Disappearance of the Universe is that we are really home in God, but dreaming a dream that we are bodies living this life. Of course our true home is out of our awareness. Yet when we wake up, the universe will disappear, because it was never real in the first place, we were at home in God the entire time. This is indeed an incredible and hard to believe premise. But what if it is true?”  This description, I feel, is much more succinct than the hundreds of rambling pages of ACIM.

Michael Wilkinson summarizes nicely with, “If you are already familiar with A Course in Miracles, this book is a must-read. I had studied the Course for over a decade, and even served as a group facilitator for several years. I was humbled by how little I understood and truly practiced non-dualism and how I had missed the critical message of practicing forgiveness every moment of every day as THE key tool for making the “journey without distance.” The conversations in the Disappearance of the Universe make crystal clear the purpose of practicing “advanced” forgiveness, the steps in how to do it, and the way to live in this world as a teacher of God. Perhaps most importantly, the message is completely consistent with A Course in Miracles, which is quoted over 300 times by Gary Renard’s special visitors.”

The concept of practicing Forgiveness is a simple concept that is also emphasized in the teaching of Hoʻoponopono, which is the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. This point is easy to overlook in the voluminous ACIM text, but is critical to understand if you want to experience Miracles. For myself, I like to go one step further and simply bless people and situations by visualizing the Light of the Holy Spirit around them. It doesn’t get any easier or simpler than that! Try it for yourself and you will see Miracles!

The Disappearance of the Universe is a great book, which will magically transform your “Ego Mind” thinking to that of your God Mind. As Michael Wilkinson says, “So read this book if you are ready to have many of your beliefs challenged and if you are ready to learn how to truly experience and express the peace and love of God.”  Then, as Jesus said, “All things are possible!”

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Most people raised in the Christian Culture believe that if you are a bad person you will end up in hell when you die. I am not convinced that this is so. And in addition to all the afterlife research I have conducted I have the evidence I have gathered from two recent books depicting the Afterlife experiences of two essentially ‘bad boys’ who died and then were able to relate their stories to close family billy-fingers-25members. And what stories they have to tell!

I read the first book back in 2013. The title is: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death by his younger sister, Annie Kagan.

The second book is titled, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side by his mother, Elisa Medhus, M.D. Doctor Medhus also maintains a very active website and on-going blog and archive called “ChannelingErik.com.” It contains hundreds of amazing communications from My-Son-Afterlife-Book-20her son, Erik.

Elisa Medhus tragically lost her son to suicide in 2009 due to a bipolar disorder. I found this book especially interesting because she comes from a scientific background with atheist parents, and chronicles her journey to discovering spirituality and the afterlife in a very authentic way.

She began communicating with her son via mediums, and decided to chronicle those experiences in her book and also on her blog. I found Erik’s voice (through the medium) extremely amusing. He uses very colorful language – sailor-like – which is very true to how he was in real life. And together, the two of them take on any and all of the heavy subjects such as the Afterlife, the meaning of life, God, reincarnation, etc. with an inspirational down to earth style, which makes it all seem extremely believable.

In a recent session Erik had this to say about Hell. “Yes, the definition of Hell is the true absence of God or God Source, but God is an omnipresent omnibeing—all the Omni’s. It’s everywhere. Energy is everywhere, so you can’t pull away from it. God is All There Is, so Hell can’t be some separate thing. …The closest I can describe it is being on Earth in a human body—how we come into our bodies and choose to give up everything we’ve known before that…. We come into our bodies lacking information, so this is the closest to what people describe Hell as being. I can vouch for that!”

So… what Erik is saying is that if there is a Hell, then Hell is on Earth because most humans feel separated from God! And indeed, I am sure that many of us have felt that! He goes on to say that if you fervently believe in hellfire and brimstone, then when you die you may experience that illusion because at that level, we tend to create whatever we believe. Let us remember that most religions caution us not to commit suicide because they believe it is a shortcut to hell. Not so in Erik Medhus’ case!

Now I will extract the essential afterlife experience of Billy Fingers from the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan. This is a dialogue between deceased Billy and his younger sister, Annie Kagan. In this case there is no intermediary required such as a medium or channel. Essentially Billy comes to her in a series of apparitions or feelings; sometimes in bed or while driving, or walking on the beach.

To summarize the Earthly life of William Cohen, aka, Billy Fingers; to most people he would appear to be a drug addict, vagabond or a ne’er-do-well. At age 62 he died while in a drug-induced haze while crossing a road. He was hit by a car and died instantly.

Then three weeks after his death, it was Annie’s birthday. Just before sunrise, as she was waking up, she heard someone calling her name from above. “Annie! Annie! It’s me! It’s me! It’s Billy! It was Billy’s unmistakable deep, mellow voice. She was startled, but not at all afraid. In fact, she felt comforted. “Billy?” she said, half asleep. “You can’t be here. You’re dead. I must be dreaming.” “You’re not dreaming. It’s me! Get up and get the red notebook.” She then grabbed a pen and wrote what he was saying in the red notebook.

The first thing that happens is bliss; at least it was like that in my case. I don’t know if it’s that way for everyone who dies. As the car hit me, this energy came and sucked me right out of my body into a higher realm. I say “higher” since I had the feeling of rising up and suddenly all my pain was gone.

I don’t remember hovering over my body or looking down on it or anything like that. I guess I was pretty anxious to get out of there. I knew right away I was dead, and went with it, more than ready for whatever was waiting.

I wasn’t aware of traveling at any particular speed. I just felt light and unburdened as the sucking motion drew me up inside a chamber of thick silvery blue lights. People who have near-death experiences sometimes say they went through a tunnel. I’m using the word “chamber” because a tunnel has sides, but no matter what direction I looked, there was nothing but light for as far as I could see. Maybe the difference is I had a one-way ticket and theirs was a round-trip.

And even though I didn’t have my body anymore, it felt like I did and that it was being healed. The lights in the chamber penetrated me and made me feel better and better as they pulled me up. It wasn’t just the wounds from my car accident that were being healed. In the first nanosecond that the lights touched me, they erased any harm I suffered during my lifetime: physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise.

Soon, Daddy appeared right there beside me, young and smiling and handsome as ever. He was making jokes and asking, “What took you so long?” It was so great, seeing Daddy, but I’m guessing he was there to be a familiar landmark in foreign territory. I’m saying that because he was only with me for part of the ride and Daddy definitely wasn’t the main event.

The main event was the silvery lights and their party atmosphere. Those healing lights had a festive feeling, like they were cheering me on, saying, “Welcome home, Son.”

I can’t say how long I was floating up the healing chamber, because I no longer have a sense of time. But I can say that chamber was some kind of cosmic birthing canal that delivered me into this new life.

I want you to know, darling, there’s nothing hard or cruel for me anymore. I glided from the chamber right out into the glorious Universe. I’m drifting weightlessly through space with these gorgeous stars and moons and galaxies twinkling all around me. The whole atmosphere is filled with a soothing hum, like hundreds of thousands of voices are singing to me, but they’re so far away I can just barely hear them.

And although I can’t exactly say anyone was here to greet me, as soon as I came out of the chamber I felt a Divine Presence; a kind, loving, beneficent presence, and really, that was enough.

And so, I think it is abundantly evident from this description of Billy’s entrance into the Afterlife that he certainly was not headed for Hell! Quite the opposite! And as the book develops, he provides increasingly lavish details all the way to the final chapters in which he meets his Goddess, Shvara Lohana which is the Sanskrit name for the highest Goddess of all. This description of ‘heaven’ was beyond anything I have ever read about before! And what happens there in that chapter alone, is worth buying the book just for!

So even though it may seem natural to criticize, we should not be so quick to judge the life experiences of others based upon what seem to be their ‘less than perfect’ lives. The evidence provided in these two extraordinary books reveals that everyone is here on Earth gaining experiences to take back Home, to add to the Totality of All That Is.

Link to Billy Fingers Video Intro


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Direct Connect To God, True Stories of Hope, Healing & Miracles;
Seeing Visions, Voicing and Hearing Words Far Beyond Human Insight
By Debra Martin and Sheri Getten


Debra-SheriOn April 9th, 2015 I was listening to my favorite radio program, Coast to Coast AM, when they had Debra Martin and Sheri Getten as guests. They are healers that say they connect directly to God when they conduct their healing work. Now maybe all healers connect to God in some fashion, but when you read and understand how they work and read the history of how they got started, you begin to think that perhaps they really do have a direct connection to God or at least a very powerful and wise aspect of God, when they do their healing work.

DCTG Book CoverFirst of all they come off as being very sincere. Secondly they have a lot of healing miracles that demonstrate that whatever they have connected with certainly does have some sort of super-powerful healing ability in many of the cases they have transcribed in this book.

To make a long story short, they both came to their work together via a series of serious car accidents which provided some ‘Angelic Guidance’ as well as brief experiences on “The Other Side,” and then later an ‘opportunity’ to heal Debra when she was in a serious Near Death health condition. *

The two work as a pair when doing their healing work. Debra Martin is a medium and is certified ‘Level 5’ by Dr. Gary Schwartz through his VERITAS Research Program at the Human Energy Systems Laboratory (HESL) in Tucson, Arizona.

Sheri Getten is the ‘hands on healer’ of the duo. After her NDE experiences she was drawn to Eric Pearl for her early training and has completed all 3 levels of his training possible. If you haven’t heard of Eric Pearl, you can find his amazing story through his book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, and his website. He has now trained thousands of people world-wide in his healing modality.

The way Sheri and Debra work is interesting. The client lies on a typical massage type table and while Sheri is doing her hands-on healing on the client, Debra lies under the table and makes an intuitive connection with God and becomes “the Voice of God.” She is then able to “direct the show” and even take the client on a spiritual journey which is sort of what some people experience during a past-life hypnosis session. They might go to a past-life that needs healing or to some other spiritual level to gain wisdom or knowledge pertinent to their disease, or to meet with a deceased relative, or whatever else may be needed to effect a healing.

Many times the client experiences an out and out miracle healing from a life threatening condition. For instance, chapter 5 describes the miracle healing of Dr. James Veney – A True Miracle from God, dated January 17, 2014. Dr. Veney was a retired professor of public health in the department of health administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And as such Dr. Veney was a true skeptic. In February of 2013 he noticed that his energy level was declining. It turned out he had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He then began a treatment regimen of chemotherapy that laid him low. In his own words, “Most days I could hardly move from my chair. Any kind of physical activity was impossible.” Chemotherapy causes collateral damage, and in his case it was peripheral neuropathy that included tingling in his hands and numbness in his feet. He stated, “Watching me struggle with my symptoms, my daughter arranged a healing for me with Debra Martin and Sheri Getten. I am typically skeptical of anything that doesn’t have a proven scientific basis, having spent my entire career doing research on effectiveness in the health field. But I knew it was important to both my daughters and my wife that I do this.”

He and his family and met with Debra and Sheri on a Friday morning. He said, “I had no idea what to expect, and even now don’t know exactly what happened. What I do know is that I lay on my back on a table in a darkened room at The Logos Center. Debra seemed to take on my thoughts and feelings and was able to sense my affliction, while Sheri assisted with the energy work, waving her hands over me. During the session, Debra talked about my pain; it seemed that she really could feel it. At the end of the session, my wife and daughters came into the room and we all said the Lord’s Prayer. Truthfully, I didn’t really feel any different than when I went in.

Three days later he had an appointment with a lymphoma specialist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, Arizona. Based on previous tests, he had already concluded that he had lymphoma in his central nervous system and proceeded to outline two treatment options. One included surgery to remove the cancer in his brain, chemotherapy injected into his spine, and radiation treatment, etc. None of the treatment choices appealed to him, and the doctor said that the prognosis was only two to ten percent. He also indicated the need for another spinal tap to pinpoint the type of lymphoma that needed to be treated.

In his words, “We returned to the cancer center two days later for the spinal tap and chemotherapy injection. Based on the gloomy predictions from the neurologist and oncologist, my wife and I were bracing ourselves for the worst. The oncologist had said he would call with the test results at the end of the week. The outcome: There was no evidence of lymphoma in my spinal fluid. MD Anderson is renowned for cancer diagnosis and treatment, so I am confident in the result of that test. I do not have cancer in my spinal column or in my brain. What I know is that I went to the healing and my symptoms disappeared. The cancer was completely gone within one week of my healing session. That is enough for me to be truly grateful for the help Debra and Sheri gave me. I feel I have a second chance!”

As stated by the publisher, “Debra Martin and Sheri Getten have developed a healing technique of their own which is not being done anywhere else in the world. They have brought a piece of heaven here for you to read in this book. They are bringing you a direct connection with God. While reading this book, you are connecting to God’s frequency and vibration. Through these words from God, allow yourself to open your heart and feel His love, see His visions, and take a spiritual journey to places that most people think are unattainable.”

If you want evidence that healing miracles are possible, I highly recommend reading this book! It contains over 20 chapters and most of them are direct transcriptions of actual cases. There is sure to be at least one that relates to you! And the book demonstrates that God can still perform miracles in our day and age! It’s available from Direct Connect to God from Amazon in print or if you can’t wait for it to be shipped, get it immediately in Kindle version as I did! They also have a page on Facebook.


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Jack London

Jack London

The San Francisco Bay Area has a rich history of adventuresome pioneers and that began with the Gold Rush of the 1850s. And today I would like to discuss the work of one of the greatest and well-known adventurers born out of that era. For me the adventure is condensed into a book I discovered many years ago. It was written by one of the most prolific American writers of the 20th century. The work was one of the last great iconic adventure books written by San Francisco born, Jack London before

he died at the young age of 40 in 1916. I am not a big fan of fiction, but since this particular book is based upon the real life experiences of a real person who had what we would today call a series of OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) while incarcerated in San Quentin Prison, I thought it worth a read.

My discovery of this book occurred about 20 years ago and the story has stuck with me ever since. It’s called, The Star Rover, which was first published in England in 1915 as The Jacket. I will reveal why the book was titled “The Jacket” a little later. The Star Rover is based on the life and imprisonment of a man named Ed Morrell, who upon his release from prison became Jack

London’s friend. He then told his story to Jack and the result was The Star Rover. Years later, after Jack London had passed on, Ed-Morrell-Book-smEd Morrell, wrote his own book, “The 25th Man – The Strange Story of Ed Morrell, the Hero of Jack London’s Star Rover,” released in 1924. I was recently able to locate and purchase this very rare out of print book, which is now a collectible! And it is to this book that I will mostly be referring.

Ed Morrell’s Story: Edward H. Morrell was an accomplice to the notorious “Evans & Sontag” gang that robbed the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1890s. According to his memoir, “The 25th Man,” the robberies were revenge for the large railroad corporation’s mistreatment of local ranchers of the San Joaquin Valley. This is one of those stories – about the supposedly terrible train robberies – that was hyped and romanticized by the media to the point that the railroads had no choice but to react harshly.

Although Ed Morrell was just a minor accomplice and had never been involved in any train robberies, he was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment in Folsom State Prison in 1894. He was eventually transferred to San Quentin. Five of his years were spent in solitary confinement; he was known as the “Dungeon Man” of San Quentin. He was pardoned in 1908.

Ed Morrell was not without guilt! It was in Fresno that Mr. Evans of the Evans & Sontag gang had been captured and was being held in the Fresno Jail. At the time, Ed Morrell, was a young man working as a waiter at a nearby restaurant. In comes this hot babe by the name of Eva Evans, the outlaws daughter. Ed falls for her; big mistake! Because somehow he was enticed by Eva Evans into a plot to smuggle guns into the jail as he was delivering meals there as part of his job. However, things did not go as smoothly as planned; during the escape, a gunfight ensued, and he and Morrell had to hightail it out of town together.

A long chase ensued which provided more fodder for the media and when they were eventually caught, they were tried and sent to Folsom Prison. Morrell then became a marked man and the railroad wanted to make an example out of him and he thus became a target for torment and torture. Soon he was framed for planning a prison escape and as a result was then transferred to San Quentin. Since the railroads in those days ruled the West, train robbers were not highly regarded and ‘word came down’ to the warden (knick-named “the pirate,” because he had a patch over his missing eye) to make Morrell’s stay there as difficult as possible.

Once incarcerated at San Quentin, Morrell was wrongly accused of a plot to escape, of hiding guns and dynamite, and since they could not make him confess, they unjustly sentenced him to solitary confinement. It wasn’t long before Ed earned the knick-name of “The Dungeon Man.” He spent five long years in solitary, during which time he endured frequent beatings and long periods bound in a straitjacket in an effort to make him talk.

Dr. Raymond S. Ward said this about his punishment: “Ed Morrell suffered a martyrdom in prison so appalling that any human being not having conquered all sense of pain, physical, mental, moral and spiritual, would have welcomed the crucifixion of Christ as an avenue of escape from such horrible tortures.”

However, the near suffocating constriction of the jacket had an unexpected side effect. Over time, Morrell developed the ability to separate his consciousness from his imprisoned body, enabling him to travel through time and space to experience past lives. The first time this happened to Morrell he felt as if he was smothering and lights danced in front of his eyes. But then suddenly he felt himself walking around outside of the prison as if he were a free man. Somehow he had managed to project free of his pain wracked body.

25TH MAN DIRECT QUOTES: “…from the brutal jacket and the dungeon Hell I learned to project myself into the living, breathing outside world of today, witnessing events… …I was present during a shipwreck, just outside the Golden Gate, heard the cries of women and children, saw them swallowed by the sea; …This wreck was an actual occurrence as I afterwards found out. It happened on the very day that I had left my body encased in the straitjacket in San Quentin’s dungeon.”

“At other times, unbelievable as it may seem, my mind was projected outside of the dungeon, playing a part in the lives of people I was later destined to meet, some of whom were to aid materially in my rehabilitation and freedom. I had become a master of self-hypnosis, suspended animation, call it what you will, and I believe I am one of few mortals who ever expressed the claim that intelligence endured, or that there was any continuity of thought or knowledge of time and events while in this state.”

“During my many sieges of torture in the jacket, nothing occurred in my dungeon cell of which I was not aware, tho absolutely dead to physical feeling or pain, proving conclusively that my mind was ever in control. I was indeed the “Star Rover” of the ages, and Jack London’s book but mildly touches upon that prison life of mine, leaving the most amazing phenomena unwritten, the most wonderful of my travels and doings untouched. He called those experiences, “the little death.” But I prefer to call them “my new life in tune with a power divine.”

“A force over which I had no control invariably led me out and away beyond the walls of the prison to travel through space with the speed of lightning, perhaps to some strange distant land where the people dressed in odd clothes and spoke in guttural languages. …I might view seas, desert islands, rivers, with here and there flashes of the tropics… only to return in the space of a moment to scenes more homelike, and to people whom I knew in my world of living realities.”

“San Francisco always held me spellbound. There, I flitted in and out through highways and byways of the big city, sometimes stopping in Golden Gate Park to watch the throngs moving about. By some uncanny power it was possible for me to look through and beyond them. I could not understand it! I was fascinated!”

“I have spent whole days in San Francisco, wandering about until night-fall. To me these were the most glorious times, because of the myriad lights of the big city. One time I entered a large and beautifully lighted church. I was drawn there by the sounds of the organ. The congregation were standing, singing a hymn; and fearful of disturbing them in their devotion I stole along through the main aisle looking for an empty seat.”

“I found one beside an elderly woman. She was singing in a rich well-trained voice. All through the service I was conscious of her presence, and registered how happy she made me feel. Still, I did not lose a word of the pastor’s sermon or any of the wonderful singing of the choir, and I felt that I wanted to stay there forever. To me, that church was a shrine of peace and love.”

“I reasoned, I can walk, I can see, I can hear, I can smell, I can feel! More, I can talk! ”But I could not explain to my mind why people never answered when I addressed them. Their indifference nonplussed me, because I believed they heard.”

There were many discrepancies, incongruous, incompatible with logic and reason. For instance, I could look through people as if I were an X-ray. Opacity meant nothing to me. I could flit through doors without opening them. Solid walls were as tissue paper, intangible, non-existent, when I wished to pass beyond. A moving train going at the highest speed was just an ordinary escalator for me to step off and on at will. And yet all this never appeared to be other than real.

Past Lives:Among the many (obviously past-life) personalities he inhabits while in the jacket are a Count who was a swordsman in medieval France; Jesse Fancher, a nine-year-old member of a wagon train crossing Utah in 1857; a nameless 4th-century hermit in Egypt; a 16th century Englishman, supposedly the first white man to set foot in Korea; a Norse-born Roman centurion in the service of Pontius Pilate; a seal hunter shipwrecked on an Antarctic isle in the early 19th century; and a series of prehistoric tribesmen representative of various ages of mankind’s distant past.

PREDICTION: At one point later in his confinement he made this prediction to the Warden: “Just one moment, ‘Pirate,’ I have a little prophecy to make…” “This is the last time I will ever be tortured in the jacket! One year from today I will go out of this dungeon never to return to it; and better still, four years from the day I leave the dungeon I will walk from the prison a free man with a pardon in my hand. More, the Governor of the State will bring that pardon in person to San Quentin!” The “Pirate” laughed and said I must be “Stark mad!”

Warden, John C Edgar

Warden, John C Edgar

This prediction eventually came true! While enjoying his many OBE trips, he occasionally found himself shadowing a man who lived in nearby Alameda. That man was prodded by the Progressive Republican governor of California, George Cooper Pardee, who was elected on an “anti-railroad” ticket, to become the new Warden of San Quentin. And that man was John C. Edgar,who took over the job in1906. After researching the case he became responsible for advocating for his pardon!

Morrell’s travels, while under torture, were verified by the then Governor of Arizona, George W.P. Hunt. He agreed that happenings which Morrell had seen and described were absolutely true. It’s as if astral projection in such cases is an escape mechanism when the body can’t take any more. The circumstances are similar to Near Death Experiences (NDE). The difference being that with Astral projection there is free movement to travel wherever one wishes. With NDEs it is usually where someone experiences what happens just prior to death. I would conclude that the importance of Astral Projection OBEs and NDEs is that they both show quite clearly that we are not simply physical beings; the body is just our temporary home.

Another interesting series of OBE visitations he had was to a real life person who was just a young school girl at the time, whom he would visit in her classroom while out of body and who eventually, after growing up, would become his wife, co-author and lecture partner after his pardon. After his parole he became an avid advocate for prison reform and took to the lecture circuit and also spoke before the legislatures of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

A FINAL NOTE: For me, the key lesson coming out of this true story is that Ed Morrell had a choice to make as to which direction to focus his energies, e.g., he could have held onto his anger and resentment towards the individuals who treated him so unfairly and harshly. Or he could choose the path that he did; which was to take the higher road of love towards these individuals. Consequently, his life was redeemed and he was able to turn his downward spiral around.

The proof of his turn-around was that before he was formally released he was made the Head Trustee over all the other inmates, which was a very responsible and important position almost on par with that of the Head Warden. And after his pardon and release he chose a career path to make a difference; to advocate to reform prisons and the way we as a society handle our incarcerated individuals.

Also, I recognized the constriction of the straightjacket he so frequently found himself in as a metaphor for all of us. In a way, aren’t we all confined to the small local consciousness of our ‘animal bodies’ most of the time? Shouldn’t we recognize that there are other worlds and dimensions that we could be exploring beyond the one we experience in our daily lives? There is a great Spiritual Adventure that awaits anyone bold enough to seek it! As Jack London said in his credo:

“I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet, The function of man is to live, not to exist.”

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