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Liberating-Jesus---CoverWith all the terrorist threats, bombings, random shootings, and religious wars going on these days, isn’t it about time humanity began reflecting on the REAL teachings of the Great Master Jesus once again? I feel that the book, “Liberating Jesus,” which I am reviewing here, is extremely timely! And this is coming from someone (myself) who does not practice any religion at all. And so if you read this book you will realize that all religions have done is to obscure the true teachings of God / Jesus! So I feel, along with the author, that it is high time for a Reset!

The purpose of the book “Liberating Jesus” by Roberta Grimes is to extricate the teachings of Jesus from the dogma of Christianity. The time for this book is NOW! Roberta Grimes’ story and how she came to write this book is intriguing. She had previously written two books about the Afterlife: “The Fun of Dying” and The Fun of Staying in Touch. If you’ve followed my writings over the past several years, you’ll know that the study of The Afterlife has been a primary interest of mine and I have read hundreds of books on the subject. And so when I discovered that Roberta Grimes had written a ‘channeled’ book from Jesus, I was intrigued. Normally I would avoid any book that had seemingly religious overtones, but somehow this one stood out and I am glad that I looked deeper.

Here are a few accolades from Amazon: “WOW – What a revelation! This book will open your eyes to what we should be R-Grimesfocusing on – Jesus and his message of love and forgiveness. We should be listening to His message, not what religious dogma tells us.” “Liberating Jesus” will make even an ATHEIST believe because…IT MAKES SENSE! Love is all there ever was and ever will be! You do not have to be a Christian to be moved by this book. It transcends religion.” “Liberating! Perfect title for this book, because it frees you from the limitations that Christianity has placed on us.” “Grimes’ book makes an important contribution to understanding the New Revelation by showing that the teachings of Jesus are consistent with what has been revealed by mediums, afterlife researchers, and quantum theorists.” “And that message pertains to the end of materialism, the end of organized religion as we know it, and development of a personal spirituality.”

The story of just how Roberta Grimes became a channel for Jesus is told in one appendix of the book and would take up space than I have room for here, but it certainly provides a great foundation and credibility for how the book came to be. She had always been very religious and even gained a degree in religious studies in college. After her extensive research into the Afterlife and the publishing of two books on the Afterlife she began to realize that her fundamentalist Christian beliefs could not hold up to what she had learned about life from high level beings on the Otherside.
There were just too many cross-correspondences that proved that the spiritual truths she was learning seemed to outline a far greater truth over what mainstream religion had been teaching for centuries. At that moment I guess you could say that she had a ‘spiritual crises.’ This crises culminated in early 2015 when she had a reading from a well-known medium so she could speak to her dead mother. And it was during that reading that she was put in contact with her primary spiritual guide, Thomas Jefferson.

T-JeffersonShe had always had an affinity for Thomas Jefferson and many people know that Thomas Jefferson was famous for assembling his own version of a “Red Letter Bible” which was designed to highlight just the words and philosophy of Jesus and nothing else. According to smithsonianmag.com “Jefferson was devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ. But he didn’t always agree with how they were interpreted by biblical sources, including the writers of the four Gospels, whom he considered to be untrustworthy correspondents. So Jefferson created his own gospel by taking a sharp instrument, perhaps a penknife, to existing copies of the New Testament and pasting up his own account of Christ’s philosophy, distinguishing it from what he called “the corruption of schismatizing followers.”

So to make a long story short, soon after making contact with her guide, Thomas Jefferson, she began having her own early morning automatic writing sessions with Jefferson and then also with Jesus as well. And so this was how Liberating Jesus was written. In effect, Roberta grimes had become a modern day prophet or channel. The objective was to provide a modern day revelation concerning the clearest possible message coming from God/Jesus for humankind today.

According to grimes, (We are basically discussing the four Gospels of the New Testament here.) we can dispense with most of the Old Testament which is confusing and fear-based. Jesus came to teach us Love and Forgiveness. Period. The Churches have distorted and confused the Bible and the teachings of Jesus to gain control of the masses. And so far it has worked. However, all we have to do is look at the state of our world today to witness the results of that teaching.

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Jesus and his philosophy was never meant to be ‘owned’ by any religion. The current crop of Christian churches (so-called) claim to preach the un-erring gospel of God and His representative on Earth, Jesus. At last count there were over 4,000 divisions of Christianity. Can they all be right? (No) The problem is that most all of them grossly distort the truth based upon a fear-based egoic point of view for use as a control mechanism of the masses and this book, Liberating Jesus sets out to show us the Truth of what Jesus was really trying to communicate 2,000 some years ago.

I leave you with a quote from Roberta’s book: “The Gospel teachings of Jesus are our surest route to rapid spiritual growth. Until we actually begin to live by the philosophy that Jesus taught, humankind will continue to flounder. More generations will be born and die while making too little spiritual progress, and we will spiral toward the religious war that was predicted long ago in a madman’s ravings. God’s Kingdom on earth still is possible! But it requires that we leave religious dogmas behind as the spiritual crutch that they are so we can work together to elevate humankind toward God’s level of awareness. Jesus is calling upon Christians now to spread His teachings to the modern world. And if you have read this far, then perhaps He is in particular calling to you.”

If you want to be part of the solution for the problems of the world, hit the Reset button now and get this book, read it and practice what it says!
“Liberating Jesus” can be purchased at any decent bookstore or on Amazon. Book Link

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Most people raised in the Christian Culture believe that if you are a bad person you will end up in hell when you die. I am not convinced that this is so. And in addition to all the afterlife research I have conducted I have the evidence I have gathered from two recent books depicting the Afterlife experiences of two essentially ‘bad boys’ who died and then were able to relate their stories to close family billy-fingers-25members. And what stories they have to tell!

I read the first book back in 2013. The title is: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death by his younger sister, Annie Kagan.

The second book is titled, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side by his mother, Elisa Medhus, M.D. Doctor Medhus also maintains a very active website and on-going blog and archive called “ChannelingErik.com.” It contains hundreds of amazing communications from My-Son-Afterlife-Book-20her son, Erik.

Elisa Medhus tragically lost her son to suicide in 2009 due to a bipolar disorder. I found this book especially interesting because she comes from a scientific background with atheist parents, and chronicles her journey to discovering spirituality and the afterlife in a very authentic way.

She began communicating with her son via mediums, and decided to chronicle those experiences in her book and also on her blog. I found Erik’s voice (through the medium) extremely amusing. He uses very colorful language – sailor-like – which is very true to how he was in real life. And together, the two of them take on any and all of the heavy subjects such as the Afterlife, the meaning of life, God, reincarnation, etc. with an inspirational down to earth style, which makes it all seem extremely believable.

In a recent session Erik had this to say about Hell. “Yes, the definition of Hell is the true absence of God or God Source, but God is an omnipresent omnibeing—all the Omni’s. It’s everywhere. Energy is everywhere, so you can’t pull away from it. God is All There Is, so Hell can’t be some separate thing. …The closest I can describe it is being on Earth in a human body—how we come into our bodies and choose to give up everything we’ve known before that…. We come into our bodies lacking information, so this is the closest to what people describe Hell as being. I can vouch for that!”

So… what Erik is saying is that if there is a Hell, then Hell is on Earth because most humans feel separated from God! And indeed, I am sure that many of us have felt that! He goes on to say that if you fervently believe in hellfire and brimstone, then when you die you may experience that illusion because at that level, we tend to create whatever we believe. Let us remember that most religions caution us not to commit suicide because they believe it is a shortcut to hell. Not so in Erik Medhus’ case!

Now I will extract the essential afterlife experience of Billy Fingers from the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan. This is a dialogue between deceased Billy and his younger sister, Annie Kagan. In this case there is no intermediary required such as a medium or channel. Essentially Billy comes to her in a series of apparitions or feelings; sometimes in bed or while driving, or walking on the beach.

To summarize the Earthly life of William Cohen, aka, Billy Fingers; to most people he would appear to be a drug addict, vagabond or a ne’er-do-well. At age 62 he died while in a drug-induced haze while crossing a road. He was hit by a car and died instantly.

Then three weeks after his death, it was Annie’s birthday. Just before sunrise, as she was waking up, she heard someone calling her name from above. “Annie! Annie! It’s me! It’s me! It’s Billy! It was Billy’s unmistakable deep, mellow voice. She was startled, but not at all afraid. In fact, she felt comforted. “Billy?” she said, half asleep. “You can’t be here. You’re dead. I must be dreaming.” “You’re not dreaming. It’s me! Get up and get the red notebook.” She then grabbed a pen and wrote what he was saying in the red notebook.

The first thing that happens is bliss; at least it was like that in my case. I don’t know if it’s that way for everyone who dies. As the car hit me, this energy came and sucked me right out of my body into a higher realm. I say “higher” since I had the feeling of rising up and suddenly all my pain was gone.

I don’t remember hovering over my body or looking down on it or anything like that. I guess I was pretty anxious to get out of there. I knew right away I was dead, and went with it, more than ready for whatever was waiting.

I wasn’t aware of traveling at any particular speed. I just felt light and unburdened as the sucking motion drew me up inside a chamber of thick silvery blue lights. People who have near-death experiences sometimes say they went through a tunnel. I’m using the word “chamber” because a tunnel has sides, but no matter what direction I looked, there was nothing but light for as far as I could see. Maybe the difference is I had a one-way ticket and theirs was a round-trip.

And even though I didn’t have my body anymore, it felt like I did and that it was being healed. The lights in the chamber penetrated me and made me feel better and better as they pulled me up. It wasn’t just the wounds from my car accident that were being healed. In the first nanosecond that the lights touched me, they erased any harm I suffered during my lifetime: physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise.

Soon, Daddy appeared right there beside me, young and smiling and handsome as ever. He was making jokes and asking, “What took you so long?” It was so great, seeing Daddy, but I’m guessing he was there to be a familiar landmark in foreign territory. I’m saying that because he was only with me for part of the ride and Daddy definitely wasn’t the main event.

The main event was the silvery lights and their party atmosphere. Those healing lights had a festive feeling, like they were cheering me on, saying, “Welcome home, Son.”

I can’t say how long I was floating up the healing chamber, because I no longer have a sense of time. But I can say that chamber was some kind of cosmic birthing canal that delivered me into this new life.

I want you to know, darling, there’s nothing hard or cruel for me anymore. I glided from the chamber right out into the glorious Universe. I’m drifting weightlessly through space with these gorgeous stars and moons and galaxies twinkling all around me. The whole atmosphere is filled with a soothing hum, like hundreds of thousands of voices are singing to me, but they’re so far away I can just barely hear them.

And although I can’t exactly say anyone was here to greet me, as soon as I came out of the chamber I felt a Divine Presence; a kind, loving, beneficent presence, and really, that was enough.

And so, I think it is abundantly evident from this description of Billy’s entrance into the Afterlife that he certainly was not headed for Hell! Quite the opposite! And as the book develops, he provides increasingly lavish details all the way to the final chapters in which he meets his Goddess, Shvara Lohana which is the Sanskrit name for the highest Goddess of all. This description of ‘heaven’ was beyond anything I have ever read about before! And what happens there in that chapter alone, is worth buying the book just for!

So even though it may seem natural to criticize, we should not be so quick to judge the life experiences of others based upon what seem to be their ‘less than perfect’ lives. The evidence provided in these two extraordinary books reveals that everyone is here on Earth gaining experiences to take back Home, to add to the Totality of All That Is.

Link to Billy Fingers Video Intro


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Direct Connect To God, True Stories of Hope, Healing & Miracles;
Seeing Visions, Voicing and Hearing Words Far Beyond Human Insight
By Debra Martin and Sheri Getten


Debra-SheriOn April 9th, 2015 I was listening to my favorite radio program, Coast to Coast AM, when they had Debra Martin and Sheri Getten as guests. They are healers that say they connect directly to God when they conduct their healing work. Now maybe all healers connect to God in some fashion, but when you read and understand how they work and read the history of how they got started, you begin to think that perhaps they really do have a direct connection to God or at least a very powerful and wise aspect of God, when they do their healing work.

DCTG Book CoverFirst of all they come off as being very sincere. Secondly they have a lot of healing miracles that demonstrate that whatever they have connected with certainly does have some sort of super-powerful healing ability in many of the cases they have transcribed in this book.

To make a long story short, they both came to their work together via a series of serious car accidents which provided some ‘Angelic Guidance’ as well as brief experiences on “The Other Side,” and then later an ‘opportunity’ to heal Debra when she was in a serious Near Death health condition. *

The two work as a pair when doing their healing work. Debra Martin is a medium and is certified ‘Level 5’ by Dr. Gary Schwartz through his VERITAS Research Program at the Human Energy Systems Laboratory (HESL) in Tucson, Arizona.

Sheri Getten is the ‘hands on healer’ of the duo. After her NDE experiences she was drawn to Eric Pearl for her early training and has completed all 3 levels of his training possible. If you haven’t heard of Eric Pearl, you can find his amazing story through his book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, and his website. He has now trained thousands of people world-wide in his healing modality.

The way Sheri and Debra work is interesting. The client lies on a typical massage type table and while Sheri is doing her hands-on healing on the client, Debra lies under the table and makes an intuitive connection with God and becomes “the Voice of God.” She is then able to “direct the show” and even take the client on a spiritual journey which is sort of what some people experience during a past-life hypnosis session. They might go to a past-life that needs healing or to some other spiritual level to gain wisdom or knowledge pertinent to their disease, or to meet with a deceased relative, or whatever else may be needed to effect a healing.

Many times the client experiences an out and out miracle healing from a life threatening condition. For instance, chapter 5 describes the miracle healing of Dr. James Veney – A True Miracle from God, dated January 17, 2014. Dr. Veney was a retired professor of public health in the department of health administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And as such Dr. Veney was a true skeptic. In February of 2013 he noticed that his energy level was declining. It turned out he had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He then began a treatment regimen of chemotherapy that laid him low. In his own words, “Most days I could hardly move from my chair. Any kind of physical activity was impossible.” Chemotherapy causes collateral damage, and in his case it was peripheral neuropathy that included tingling in his hands and numbness in his feet. He stated, “Watching me struggle with my symptoms, my daughter arranged a healing for me with Debra Martin and Sheri Getten. I am typically skeptical of anything that doesn’t have a proven scientific basis, having spent my entire career doing research on effectiveness in the health field. But I knew it was important to both my daughters and my wife that I do this.”

He and his family and met with Debra and Sheri on a Friday morning. He said, “I had no idea what to expect, and even now don’t know exactly what happened. What I do know is that I lay on my back on a table in a darkened room at The Logos Center. Debra seemed to take on my thoughts and feelings and was able to sense my affliction, while Sheri assisted with the energy work, waving her hands over me. During the session, Debra talked about my pain; it seemed that she really could feel it. At the end of the session, my wife and daughters came into the room and we all said the Lord’s Prayer. Truthfully, I didn’t really feel any different than when I went in.

Three days later he had an appointment with a lymphoma specialist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, Arizona. Based on previous tests, he had already concluded that he had lymphoma in his central nervous system and proceeded to outline two treatment options. One included surgery to remove the cancer in his brain, chemotherapy injected into his spine, and radiation treatment, etc. None of the treatment choices appealed to him, and the doctor said that the prognosis was only two to ten percent. He also indicated the need for another spinal tap to pinpoint the type of lymphoma that needed to be treated.

In his words, “We returned to the cancer center two days later for the spinal tap and chemotherapy injection. Based on the gloomy predictions from the neurologist and oncologist, my wife and I were bracing ourselves for the worst. The oncologist had said he would call with the test results at the end of the week. The outcome: There was no evidence of lymphoma in my spinal fluid. MD Anderson is renowned for cancer diagnosis and treatment, so I am confident in the result of that test. I do not have cancer in my spinal column or in my brain. What I know is that I went to the healing and my symptoms disappeared. The cancer was completely gone within one week of my healing session. That is enough for me to be truly grateful for the help Debra and Sheri gave me. I feel I have a second chance!”

As stated by the publisher, “Debra Martin and Sheri Getten have developed a healing technique of their own which is not being done anywhere else in the world. They have brought a piece of heaven here for you to read in this book. They are bringing you a direct connection with God. While reading this book, you are connecting to God’s frequency and vibration. Through these words from God, allow yourself to open your heart and feel His love, see His visions, and take a spiritual journey to places that most people think are unattainable.”

If you want evidence that healing miracles are possible, I highly recommend reading this book! It contains over 20 chapters and most of them are direct transcriptions of actual cases. There is sure to be at least one that relates to you! And the book demonstrates that God can still perform miracles in our day and age! It’s available from Direct Connect to God from Amazon in print or if you can’t wait for it to be shipped, get it immediately in Kindle version as I did! They also have a page on Facebook.


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The-Angel-in-My-Pocket-COVEThe Angel in My Pocket: A Story of Love, Loss, and Life After Death is a ‘grief memoir’ by Sukey Forbes which I stumbled upon at our local library. It was marked as a ‘new’ book. What attracted me initially was that she obviously came from the famous Forbes family lineage and more interestingly to me was the fact that her Great Great Great Grandfather was the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson – essayist, author and leading exponent of Transcendentalism. This was interesting to me because of these two factors as well to discover what she meant by the phrase, “Angel in My Pocket.” Of course one would have to read the entire book in order to discover what she meant by that! And so I was suckered in! And being an avid researcher of the Afterlife I wanted to find out how her modern day beliefs meshed with that of her famous relative, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Sukey_ForbesIn much of the first half of the book she goes into great detail about the beliefs of her family lineage which goes back to the early days of this country. Her great great great great grandfather was a famous sea captain who made his fortune trading with China back in the early 1800s. And she descended from the Saltonstall family which also goes way back. The Saltonstalls came over on the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. One was asked to sit as a judge in the Salem Witch Trials and refused (to their credit). Another was eaten by cannibals off the coast of Africa. Others went in to politics and many went into academia.

GGG_Forbes-CaptionThe Forbes were relative newcomers in the mid 1700s. Most of the family money was made trading opium and furs during the China Trade and by investing in American Railroads and Telephone afterwards, the ‘high tech boom’ of their era!

John Murray Forbes (her Great Great Great Grandfather) was a close confidante to several US Presidents. He spent time advising Lincoln, Stanton, and Grant during the Civil War and, along with Emerson, was a fervent abolitionist. While living in Washington DC for a year his son Malcolm (my Great Great Uncle) attended the theatre the night Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. She has a family letter that details that evening and the following days as they unfolded.

Much of the book describes her primarily WASP background and how that has created her inability to express her emotions after the loss of her 7 year old child. She goes into great detail about this problem as she sees it. There is also a lot of description of her life on the East Coast growing up on Naushon Island which is part of the Elizabeth Islands, is seven miles long, just off Cape Cod, N.W. of Martha’s Vineyard. The island has been in the Forbes family since the mid-1800s.

We get multiple descriptions of her childhood years and beyond while visiting the Mansion House there. In her adult life Sukey gets married to a V.C. ( Venture Capitalist) and lives for a few years near Silicon Valley on a 40 acre ranch overlooking the Pacific Ocean near Santa Cruz. She is raising three children and after her husband cashes out of one company he was involved with they decide to move back to the East Coast near Naushon Island so that their kids can sample some of the idylic life that she had had growing up in that area. However, soon after the move her Charlotte is stricken with a rare genetic disease which suddenly takes her life. It is at this point that the books takes a turn from family history to involved descriptions of her pain and suffering as she tries to reconcile her WASP belief system with the reality of the death of her cherished child.

Ultimately, she finds comfort in the beliefs and experience of her great-great-great grandfather, Ralph Waldo Emerson, the poet and essayist who founded the Transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century and who also lost a child from a high fever at the same age as Charlotte. The Transcendentalists believed God could be found in contemplation amid nature, “that the use of natural history is to give us aid in supernatural history,” she writes. It’s there — amid the meadows, paths, waters and family ghosts of Naushon — that she finally looked “deeply enough into Charlotte’s death to somehow find the gift of the loss.”

So as not to spoil the meaning of the title of the book, I will only say that she receives hope and a sort of redemption after meeting with a Spritualist medium. And this point; the final reason I decided to read this book, was that as a researcher into mediumship, I wanted to know about her personal experience before and after meeting the medium. And this is the third and final motivation which lured me into reading this book! I can recommend this book to anyone who has suffered the loss of a child or a family member.

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Stan Walsh

Stan Walsh

Extraordinary Gifts of an Ordinary Man

In my on-going search for interesting Spiritual stories, I recently came across an article and a book about “Australia’s greatest medium,” Stan Walsh. His story is profiled in a book titled The Certainty of Eternity, authored by his close friend, L.C. Danby; published in 1974.

As stated by Mr. Danby’s daughter, Jo Buchanan, “In the 1920s and 1930s my father, and later my mother, belonged to an extraordinary circle of people who met several times a week in Melbourne, Australia. The medium of the group was Stan Walsh, a deep trance physical medium who became unconscious in order to allow highly evolved spiritual entities to possess his physical body.”

Mr. Danby’s daughter, Jo Buchanan was a witness to much of the story and has in her possession many artifacts that provide what is known in this field of study as “evidential material.” The artifacts were manifested out of thin air during group sessions where Mr. Walsh was completely unconscious.

Stan Walsh is said to have discovered his mediumistic ability in 1919, at age 20, when he reluctantly accompanied a friend to several séances with a Port Melbourne medium. Impressed by the information that came through at his first sitting, Walsh returned the next week and was told by the medium that he also had mediumistic ability.  She told him to hold a pad and pencil on this lap. “The séance was almost half over when suddenly his right hand began to write on the paper; writing furiously as if controlled by some invisible hand,” Danby explained. “Later when the lights were turned up he found himself possessor of a sheaf of written messages for every member of the circle.”

Stan's Guide, Malocca

Stan’s Guide, Malocca

“During the third week Stan went into meditation, pen poised and ready, but instead, experienced a total blackout. When he regained consciousness he was informed that after ‘fainting’, a hoarse cry was emitted from his throat, He tossed the pad and pencil thrown into the air and a deep guttural voice began to address the gathering. The owner of the voice introduced himself as Malocca, Stan’s Red Indian guide. He was the first of many teachers in spirit to address my father’s healing and meditation circle.” At first Malocca began speaking in Malocca’s native tongue, until a Mrs. Beames asked Malocca to attempt to speak in English, after which he spoke in broken English. He said he had been sent by God to be the chief guide and doorkeeper for Walsh. Then Malocca allowed other spirit entities to speak through Mr. Walsh and many evidential messages were given to others in the room.

Bert Jones, one of Walsh’s best friends, was a “doubting Thomas” until his father communicated. As further evidence that it was his father, Jones asked him to speak in Welsh, as he used to do.  The father obliged.  Jones then asked him to sing his favorite song in Welsh.  The father complied and further revealed a number of intimate family secrets, fully satisfying the son that he was hearing from his father.

Soon a number of seemingly advanced spiritual personalities began communicating through Walsh, the first being Angus Du Font, a former Frenchman who said that he had died 47 years earlier.

Mr. Du Font lectured the Inner Circle that had developed around Walsh about the presence of a group of so-called “low-level spirits,” which had started to gather around their sessions, informing them that they should not call them “evil spirits,” but rather “unprogressed spirits.” He pointed out that many of them are drawn towards séances as they long for the company of human beings and need help. He added that they dwell in darkness created by themselves. When asked why angels or more progressed spirits do not help them out of the darkness, he explained that it takes time – as it is measured there – for them to understand Higher Beings. Initially, they understand only human beings in the flesh.

Both advanced and low-level spirits visited the circle. Danby further stated, “Unprogressed spirits who were lost, were continually brought to our meetings by the guides to be encouraged and helped on the road to progression and peace. Whenever a lost soul’s name was ascertained – each member of the circle would promise to pray for them – and also in the silence of their own homes.”

Bert, Stan, Les Danby

Bert, Stan, Les Danby

Danby met Stan Walsh in 1927, a year or so after his wife Winnie died during childbirth, when friends persuaded him to attend a séance with Walsh.  He recalled that it began with a hymn, followed by a prayer, and then a lecture by a spirit guide called Vashti.  Several other spirit visitors spoke to other people in attendance, either through the direct voice trumpet or through the medium directly.  “This went on for about an hour, and then a woman’s voice was heard coming from the lips of the medium under deep-trance,” Danby wrote. “She called me by name, and when I answered she said it was ‘Win’!  She spoke to me, and I to her.  It was an eager, emotionally-charged conversation in which she talked to me of many intimate incidents in our past life, of her care and guidance for Ron, her son by her first marriage, and many other personal matters known only to ourselves.  I was convinced beyond all doubt.  I left this house of strangers with my head in a whirl.  Life, it seemed, did have some meaning.  The dull, grey cloud of loneliness and desolation that had enveloped me for more than a year, since Win died, seemed to have lifted…”

Danby befriended Walsh and became a regular member of the circle. Over the years, he observed various forms of mediumship with Walsh, including direct voice, trance voice, automatic writing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, transfiguration, apports, and “materialized painting.” He heard spirits speak to their friends and relatives in various languages, including French, Italian, Greek, German, Hindustani, and Yiddish.

During one especially intriguing sitting, in 1930, a “visitor” from Belgium began speaking through the entranced Walsh in his own language.  When asked if he could speak English, there was a pause, after which the speech then came in broken English, saying, “I come from Dietrich in Belgium.  I am – what you say – a deep trance medium. I come from a circle of eight people.  Your medium – he is now in MY body bringing greetings to them, my countrymen.  And I bring greetings from my people in Dietrich.” As Danby explained it, the two deep-trance mediums had exchanged bodies.  When Walsh returned to consciousness, he said he remembered sitting in a small dimly lit room and when he began to speak, those present did not understand him.  He was shown by a spirit guide, hovering just above and in front of him, how to translate the message, so that the Belgian sitters could understand him.

Although Walsh apparently had no artistic ability of any kind in his conscious state, he displayed considerable talent in the deep trance state, said to be controlled by a spirit called Professor Jenkinson. While on earth, the professor had been a great art lover and dabbled with paints on an amateur level. Professor Jenkinson, in his previous earth incarnation had been the son of an Earl of between 1811 and 1854. The good Professor brought to the group an amazing method of painting pictures. Initially, (controlling Stan) he drew the outline of the subject with a fountain pen or pencil, then he’d shake Stan’s hands over the sketch and paint would materialize through the tips of Stan’s fingers.

The first experiments were rather crude but, as the professor was able to work through Stan more efficiently, the quality of the paintings improved. The materialization of paint in this manner was likened to the way flowers emit vibrations that draw colors from the atmosphere.Jesus Painting 2

On one occasion, a member of the circle, a Mrs. McIntosh, brought a black and white photograph of herself encased in a frame under glass.  “As the color stained fingers shook just above the framed photograph, we saw, appearing through the glass, the pink coming on to the cheeks, the red on the lips, golden yellow tint her hair, and blue slowly appear in the eyes,” Mr. Danby reported. “When he had finished, there before our astonished eyes, was this perfectly colored photograph of Mrs. McIntosh, painted through the glass.”

One large painting of Jesus Christ was created in this way. Intricate and very beautiful, it took less than thirty minutes to complete.

The materialization of apports began in 1921. Apports are defined in the dictionary as ‘objects transported by supernormal means from a distance into a definite enclosed space.’ The first apports to be materialized were feathers. Halfway through a meeting, a sudden fluttering sound was heard and the group members saw tiny black feathers floating from the ceiling.

Apport, Wooden CucifixMr. Danby’s daughter, Jo Buchannan goes on to say, “After that, apports appeared regularly. [As an example] My father received a finely carved crucifix which had been recovered from the ruins of a Belgian cathedral destroyed during World War I.

And, one night, an actress who had been in silent films during her previous incarnation spoke to the group through Stan. Her name was Olive Thomas and she promised to give one of the sitters, also an actress, a blue silk shawl that had belonged to her on earth.”

How was this accomplished? “On Malocca’s return, he walked Stan’s body around the room on tip-toe, both hands stretched high above his head. My father told me a vaguely formed cloud appeared to be just out of reach of his fingers. Malocca urged the group to sing, as the vibration would help it to materialize. And after some “off-key singing,”… it slowly began to descend until, with a loud cry of triumph from Malocca, Stan’s hands touched the filmy substance and it instantly turned into a blue silk shawl.’ ’’Apport, Black Fan

“On another occasion, following a lecture by a Chinese Mandarin, brightly colored fans materialized at the feet of everyone present.

One Saturday afternoon, while spending a weekend at a country farm house, the group went for a walk. They noticed in the distance, a clump of gum trees growing in a circle. Suddenly Stan was controlled by his guide, Malocca and he began to run like the wind. Dad raced after him. ‘We’ve got to stop him!’ he cried, ‘Stan’s legs can’t possibly keep up the pace!’ And as the group watched, open mouthed, a red robe began to flare behind him.”

“Finally, re-joining Stan in the middle of the circle of gum trees, they discovered that a Hindu seer, had taken Malocca’s place and a scarlet robe was now draped neatly around his body. It had been materialized while he was running.”

Jo Buchannan goes on to say, “I have many apports in my home from those days but my personal favorite is a fringed Red Indian leather bonnet. It was materialized when White Bird, Malocca’s Squaw, came through singing a lullaby in her native tongue. As she sang, she stretched Stan’s arms above his head until suddenly she pulled it down with great force. As a child, I wore this leather bonnet everywhere, claiming it as my own.”

Jo Buchannan: “The most amazing lesson of all in the education of the group was luminosity. For some time, the members had been informed that the guides had been working on Stan’s physical body, to prepare him for this phenomenon. They were told that Light was to come down from the highest spiritual planes but would be too blinding to be revealed in its true state. So Stan’s body was to be adjusted in such a manner that he would become a ‘transformer’, breaking down the intensity when it materialized, so it could be seen without too much strain on human eyesight.”Les Danby 1976, Trumpet

“Then one night, as John, the Most Beloved spoke through Stan, my parents and their friends noticed something begin to shine in the center of the floor. As they watched, it gradually formed a Cross of Light about six inches long, dazzling in its radiance.  The second time Light was manifested, it appeared in the form of tiny crosses on the right side of the white robes worn by the sitters.

On the third occasion, an Egyptian priest who was controlling Stan at the time, took hold of my father’s right hand and that of another sitter, raising them until the medium’s fingers were held together as if in prayer. Then, without warning, a thin bright Light like a laser beam shone from between their palms. As they pointed their fingers, it radiated from every tip.”

“Another night, Malocca jumped Stan to his feet, opened his mouth wide and a long sliver of white fire darted from it. It wasn’t long before the Light would now spread all over Stan’s body, often outlining the earthly appearance of the sitters’ spiritual guides, completely superceding the density of Stan’s physical form.”

“It was explained that each time the Light appeared, it was able to reach out not only on the earthly plane to heal, guide and comfort, but also into the astral plane where many lost souls were trapped between worlds.”

“On one unforgettable evening, a Great Red Light shone from Stan’s chest. Peering inside, the group members could see his heart quite clearly, contracting and expanding in a steady beat. My parents told me it was like looking into a brightly illumined X-ray picture in vivid red, every artery and muscle around the heart clearly visible.”

The twenty years of healings, materializations and spiritual growth came to an end with Stan’s passing. Jo Bachannan stated, “Although my parents continued to hold weekly meetings, the ‘lessons’ of the previous two decades were never repeated. The extraordinary phenomena which changed the lives of my parents and sparked an inherent, uncomfortable quest for truth within me, ceased with the passing of an extraordinary human being.”

That ends the story of Australia’s Greatest Medium!

For more interesting details, you might consider the purchase of the book by L.C. Danby, The Certainty of Eternity. It contains many more mind boggling observations and was originally published in Australia in 1974 and recently republished by White Crow Books.  For more about the book see http://certaintyofeternity.com/wp/


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The Spiritualist Writings of James E. Padgett

James E. Padgett Photo

James E. Padgett

Today I would like to introduce you to two individuals from The Spiritualist History File of 1914. These two men were responsible for bringing through thousands of cogent and important spiritual messages from the Spirit World for the benefit of mankind in general. The primary messenger and writing instrument was James E. Padgett.  The other man, Dr. Stone, played a supportive role and was responsible for ensuring that the messages, at least four volumes worth got published.

Let me start by providing you with some historical background.  James E. Padgett was born August 25, 1852, in Washington, D.C. He became a lawyer in 1880 and practiced law for forty-three years.

Padgett was a Methodist and taught Sunday school at the Trinity Methodist Church. He had no previous experience with psychic phenomena; his conception of religious doctrine was simply the doctrine of the Protestant church.

He was reluctant to attend his first séance, held at the home of a medium named Mrs. Maltby, but due to his longing for his recently deceased wife, Helen, and at the insistence of friends, he was willing to investigate the possibility of contact with her. 1914.

At the séance, Mrs. Maltby described Helen perfectly and told Padgett that Helen wanted to make contact with him. Mrs. Maltby also recognized that linking with Helen and recording her thoughts through a type of mediumship called “automatic writing” would be within Padgett’s psychic ability.

Because of his loneliness, Padgett was willing to attempt this rather unorthodox endeavor. In the evenings that followed, he sat patiently at his desk with pencil in hand, hoping to hear from his dear, departed wife. In time, his hand began to move and he wrote scrolly characters that he described as “fish hooks” and “hangers”. Eventually, he wrote a short readable note signed “Helen”. In the note, Helen stated she was often present with Padgett in spirit form and that she was glad that she was able to be close to him in this way.

Padgett was not convinced that the early letters he wrote actually came from his deceased wife and, in fact, he asked for proof. In the months that followed, Helen, through her letters, provided details of their lives that only the two of them had shared. Padgett thought that even these phenomena could be explained as material coming from his own mind, except that the writings came too quickly for him to formulate the thoughts. Besides, Padgett had forgotten many of the experiences he and Helen shared years ago; only Helen would have remembered them. Helen was insistent that the writings originated from her mind and not from his.

At this point, the understanding that these phenomena could not have been the brainchild of his own imagination came forcibly to Padgett. He became compelled to accept the evidence, as conclusively as any that he had heard in court, that his wife was alive and well, living in another dimension from where she was able to transmit her thoughts to her husband and he was able to write them down.

Through the insistent multitude of Helen’s letters and those of other close relations in Spirit, Padgett eventually accepted that his psychic powers were to be used by the hierarchy of the spirit world to impart spiritual knowledge to the world.

Letter Example from Wife Helen: (Edited)
“I am here, Helen.  I will try tonight to tell you of what I am now doing in my new home and in the earth sphere where I am most of the time, helping spirits. I am living with your mother in her home, but I am not so spiritual as she. We are both very happy though, and have everything that my heart could wish for.”

“My home here is much more beautiful than that which I had in the third sphere, and everything is beyond what I conceived when I lived there.” (Earlier letters from Helen indicate that she was living in the second and third Spheres, so this letter demonstrates that she had already progressed to a higher level, which validates one of the tenets of Spiritualism.)

“The house and trees and flowers and fruits are very much more beautiful and delightful.  I have met many spirits that I did not know either on earth or in the spirit world before I came to this place, both men and women.  Yes, we have rivers and lakes and fields and mountains and all the beautiful landscapes that you can imagine, I not only enjoy these things, but they are more real than those of earth. The music is so beautiful that I cannot describe it to you.” ….

This, therefore, gives use a framework of how Padgett became involved in Spiritualism.

Background on Dr. Stone.

Dr. Leslie R Stone

Dr. Leslie R Stone

Now I would like to provide some background on Dr. Stone.  Leslie R. Stone was born in 1876, in England. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 1902, where he was introduced to Spiritualism. Dr. Stone studied Chiropractic in Oklahoma City graduating in 1912. In the fall of 1914, he moved to Washington D.C., where he was introduced to James Padgett.

Dr. Stone had been meeting with a branch of the Colburn Family whom he had met through someone he had met who had been seeking the copyright holder in order to republish a book by the famous Civil War Era Spiritualist, Nettie Colburn. He said, “I found them very kind and lovable people who were greatly interested in psychic experiences. It was through their son, Arthur Colburn, that I first heard of the messages that were being received by Mr. Padgett. I was introduced to him at his office where he was practicing law.” This was in the early fall of 1914 when everyone was excited about the great conflict that had broken out in Europe. (WWI) Some people felt the period was ushering in the end of the world and that Jesus himself would appear at this “end time.”  “For me, it was the end of my travels and spiritual search.”

“I became interested in him at first because he seemed to be a fine gentleman, and what was also important to me, a genuine medium. We became friendly on the basis of Spiritualism and mediumship, and this became a bond which, in addition to our mutual respect and brotherly love for each other, was never broken in this life until his death on March 17, 1923.  I was very often in Mr. Padgett’s room when he was receiving these writings; I am the eyewitness to the formation and development of James Padgett as the medium “par excellence” through whom the Divine Truths of the Heavenly Father and Life in the Spirit World have come to mankind.“

According to Dr. Stone, Padgett often did not fully know what he had written until reading it afterwards. Padgett was able to learn, through his writings, how to improve his soul condition, which developed his psychic powers to the extent that enabled him to link psychically with the higher spirits to receive and write their messages accurately. Padgett was able to accomplish the mediumistic assignment given him because he was born with psychic abilities, though they required development for the task at hand. Also, and equally important, he had the ability to make his mind extremely passive, which enabled him to receive the thoughts of spirits without imposing his own thoughts along with theirs during the writing sessions.

Upon Padgett’s passing in 1923, Dr. Stone became entrusted as publisher of the more than two thousand channeled messages that Padgett wrote over a nine-year period. To publish the first book of Padgett’s writings was a considerable undertaking for Dr. Stone because of Padgett’s style of automatic writing, whereby the words were interconnected without breaks or punctuation. Nevertheless, Dr. Stone persevered and completed his book of “messages”, as he called them, in 1940.

Unfortunately, by 1940, Spiritualism’s popularity in America had waned dramatically. This was due, for the most part, to the successful campaign by the celebrated escape artist, Harry Houdini, to expose fraud in the séance room. Houdini succeeded in discrediting many phony spiritualist mediums, and, by the time Dr. Stone’s book was ready for publication, Spiritualism was a mere shadow of its former self.

This atmosphere proved to be unfavorable for a book on the subject of Spiritualism, and has contributed sharply to the obscurity of James Padgett and his channeled work. Nevertheless, a small, but dedicated group, headed by Dr. Stone, continued to transcribe and publish Padgett’s writings and today there exists four sizable volumes. And much of the material can be found on numerous websites.

One may wonder if such an important spiritual event took place, why it has gone unnoticed for nearly a century? The answer is that Helen had suffered from a long illness that depleted Padgett’s savings. He was raising their two boys and he had to continue practicing law to provide for his family. Also, he realized that if he were to reveal his mediumship, it could jeopardize his reputation and law career, his only means of support. Thus, he chose to keep his writings private, disclosing them to only his closest friends – Dr. Leslie Stone, and a few others. Because of this, Padgett and his spirit communications are virtually unknown to this day.

At this point I would like to share a few of the writings of James Padgett with you.

MARTIN LUTHER: May 29, 1916 (Edited)
I selected this message from Martin Luther because of my background being raised as a Lutheran.

“I am here, Martin Luther, the onetime monk and reformer. When on earth, I firmly believed what was contained in our doctrines and teachings and was sincere in trying to induce others to believe as I believed and taught. However, after my long experience in the spirit world and my communications with Jesus and his Apostles and others to whom the truths of God have come, I realize and know that many of my teachings were erroneous and should no longer be believed by those who worship in the churches that bear my name.”

“My doctrine of faith, that is, justification by faith, is wrong when its foundation is considered. Our faith was founded on the assumption that Jesus was a part of the Godhead and the only begotten son of the Father. The premise is that God so loved sinful man that he caused Jesus to die on the cross so that divine justice might be appeased and the burden of men’s sins taken from them and placed on Jesus. Oh, the terrible error of it all.  No death of Jesus could make any man less of a sinner or draw him any nearer to God.”

“Jesus came to earth with a mission to save men from their sins, and that mission was to be performed by declaring to man who God had bestowed the privilege of receiving the divine love and the other by showing man the way in which the privilege might be exercised so that this love would become his and thereby make him a part of God’s divinity and insure him of immortality.”

“The Roman church taught the communion of saints, and I declare the communion of spirits and mortals, be they saints or sinners. The Church taught the doctrine of purgatory and hell, and I declare that there is a hell and a purgatory, that probation exists in both places, and that sometime in the long ages to come both places will be emptied of their inhabitants, some of whom will become redeemed children of God and dwellers in the celestial heavens while others will become purified in their natural love and become inhabitants of the spiritual spheres.”

“I pray and desire that my followers may become inhabitants of the celestial heavens and partake of the divine nature of God and immortality. To them I say: harken to the truths as Jesus has and will reveal them in his messages, for in the truths that he shall declare they will find life eternal and atonement with God that they have for so many years been seeking in darkness and disappointment.
– Your brother in Christ, Martin Luther”

JESUS: (Edited) June 7th, 1915.
I am here, Jesus. I want to write to you tonight about my birth and life up to the time of my public ministry. I was born in Bethlehem, as you know, in a manger, and when I was a few days old my parents took me to Egypt, in order to avoid the soldiers of Herod… The Bible story of my birth and the flight of my parents and the murder of the innocents is substantially correct; and I only wish to add to it, that when my parents arrived in Bethlehem they were not compelled to seek the manger of a stable in order that I might be born, on account of poverty, for they were supplied with funds and everything that was needed to make my birth comfortable for my mother; and as a matter of fact my father was not poor in the world’s goods as poverty was considered in those days.

After they arrived in Egypt my father sought the home of a Jew, who was his relative, and lived there for a long time, doing the work that his trade fitted him to do.  When I became of proper age, I attended the common school provided for small children, and was taught those things that had to do with the religion of the Jews. My education as to these matters of religion was derived Jewish teachers whose text-book was the Old Testament.

My development in the knowledge of the truths which I taught during my public ministry, was caused by my inner spiritual faculties, and my teacher was God.  I was not born with the knowledge that I was the son of God sent to earth to teach these great truths… this knowledge of my mission came to me after I became a man and had the frequent communions with God by my spiritual senses.

My teachings were those that the Father had committed to me from the beginning, but which I was only conscious of after I became a close communicant of the Father, and learned from Him my mission. So you must believe that I was a son of man as well as a son of God, and that in the literal sense. I would not have been true to my mission had I claimed that I was the only son of God, for it is not true – and men should not so teach it.

Lazarus Story: I wish to explain my visit to the house of Lazarus and my healing him of his unconscious state. He was in a coma, but the people of my time did not understand this, I did say as recorded, “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awaken him out of his sleep” (John 11:11). Now, the Gospel of John, which at this point was not written by John, declares that by “sleep” I meant death, but this is not true. Had I meant that Lazarus was dead, I would have used one of the expressions that were commonly used at the time to indicate death. These were “to sleep with one’s Father” or “to sleep in the dust” or “to be in perpetual sleep“. When I wept (John 11:35) this is true, it was because I was touched by my emotion of love for Lazarus.

I did heal the sick, the deaf, the blind man and the withered hand of the palsied man at the pool of Siloam: he was cured because of his faith (John 9:7). Healing is effected as a result of rapport between the mortal doctor or healer and the spirit healers who are transmitting those therapeutic forces and energies to the ailing person. The mortal healers, through their spiritual condition, can attract the spirit healers. However, if the sick person, through faith and prayer, can rise above the earth plane, the spirit healer can work directly with the patient to accomplish the healing.

So there it is; a glimpse into the Spiritualist History File on the life and work of two unheralded men, James E. Padgett and his supporter and publisher, Dr. Leslie R. Stone.  In all my research, this provides yet another thought-provoking example of a large body of material that might have been lost had it not been for the advent of the internet.  What we see here is that there is a new opening to great knowledge that may have been otherwise lost to the world.  This adds another piece to the puzzle of the great works to be found within the body of Spiritualism.

I would like to comment here that the process which Mr. Padgett followed was a similar pattern which my own sister, Nancy followed after losing a loved one. Eventually she was able to receive messages from the angels via automatic writing. And today she publishes an e-magazine called The Inner Voice Magazine, which can be found online.

On a Personal Note: I find it difficult to believe reincarnation does not exist. However, after reading numerous random snippets of this work, I was able to determine that these writings did not propose a doctrine of reincarnation or re-birth. My explanation for this is that this material was intended for a Christian World at a time when the messages, as I have shown, would have been Earth Shattering enough for most people with fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Other than that omission, I found the writings to emanate a great ray of Truth!

Ouija Board

Ouija Board

Today I want to tell you about some interesting relationships I discovered, that came about as a result of individuals using  a Ouija Board.

Over the past few years I have read dozens of books on Spiritualism and Mediumship. There have been many interesting books written by mediums as well. This history goes back to approximately the mid-1850s when the Fox sisters started communicating with spirits using a system of tapping; a sort of short-hand similar to the Morse Code used for telegraphic communications, which was just starting to be deployed about that same time as well (1844 – 1860). Later the mediumistic tapping evolved into automatic writing.

The Ouija Board is probably the most successful and recognizable object that came out of the early age of Spiritualism in this country.  It’s exactly the kind of object that American Spiritualists were attracted to because it had this “do-it-yourself quality.”  In the 1850s, 1860s, American spiritualists believed ardently in what they were doing. They had an idea that talking to the dead would eventually be as effortless and as ordinary as dinnertime conversation.  So they set themselves to the task of figuring out: “How to accomplish this?  What method could we use?” 

They experimented with trans-mediumship and automatic writing. There was a little plank called the planchette, which is French for “little plank,” that was used; it was a little triangular table on ball bearings that was used for automatic writing with a pencil inserted into it.  Eventually spiritualists hit on something they called the “Alphabet Board,” or the “Talking Board.”  This is what eventually became the famous Ouija Board.  The earliest image of the Ouija Board appeared in the New York Tribune in the year 1886.  There was an article about spiritualists in northern Ohio who were just entranced with this thing that they called the “Talking Board” that was supposed to be the easiest method yet for speaking to the other side. 

And the newspaper featured a couple of drawings.  One of which showed a man and a woman using the “Talking Board,” balancing it together on their knees, which is important because the “Talking Board” also provided a means for people in the Victorian Era to have an excuse to have a very flirtatious experience.  It gave men and women the perfect justification to sit knee to knee, maybe even join hands while they were consulting this magical board.

Now the interesting thing is, the Ouija Board was a homemade invention. Less than five years later, there was a group of novelty manufacturers in Baltimore who seized upon the idea and managed to get a patent on it which they called the Ouija Board. The name is a source of mystery.  Everybody has different stories about where it came from, but nobody really knows.  The invention just took off.  It spread across the country like wildfire!  People were enthralled with it. World War I also gave the Ouija Board a boost due to the tremendous casualties. People used it to try to contact the deceased soldiers in their families.

In 1966, the original Baltimore manufacturer of the Ouija Board sold it to Parker Brothers.  In the following year of 1967 with Parker Brothers doing the marketing, the board, for the first time, outsold Monopoly. That’s how popular the Ouija Board was at that time. The late ‘60’s saw an occult revival sweeping through the nation.  The Woodstock Generation was not only open to Eastern religious ideas, but they were open to all kinds of occult ideas that were coming out of the age of spiritualism; an echo coming from the earlier 19th Century movements. One of them was called the Theosophy movement, which had helped re-popularize some of the occult concepts of the late 19th Century. So when the late 60s saw this occult revival, the Ouija Board was at the ready, and young people embraced it.

Ouija circles sprang up in dormitories and interestingly enough, very often it was women who were conducting the nightly Ouija sessions, which unbeknownst to them was a reenactment of Spiritualism of a hundred years earlier. (Kathleen happened to be one of those adventurous college girls of the 1960s!)


Breaking-Death-Barrier Book

This brings me to a discussion of a book which I recently became aware of through someone who described it on my blogsite. It is titled: Breaking the Death Barrier, published in 1974.  The blog poster suggested that it would be a good read, and so even though it was no longer in print, I was able to find a rare copy and purchased it. I wasn’t sorry!

Breaking the Death Barrier is a book by an anonymous author only known as “Lisa.”  It chronicles her experiences using a Ouija Board in the years starting at the close of WWII in 1945 through the early 1950s. What is interesting about this book is that the author, a young mother who had lost her husband in the waning days of WWII, and a few close friends started using  the Ouija Board as a sort of game, but then started getting intelligent messages regarding her husband from the Other Side. This totally shocked them. They did not know what to make of it, and they had no grounding in metaphysics.

There is nothing overly unusual about their experience mainly because as I have already discussed, people have been using “talking boards” since before the turn of the Century and many thousands of people have successfully gotten messages from the Great Beyond as well.  But Lisa didn’t know about that history at that time.  She was sure it was just a diversion.

But this was a game that proved to provide valid evidence about the status of her husband who was an American aviator in the war.  Through the use of the Ouija board Lisa established contact with her husband, whom she did not know was deceased!  The spirit she contacted provided specific details about when and where his plane had been shot down in Germany.  But she was not able to confirm this until many months later when she received official word from the War Department.

As Lisa and her small study group continued their work with the Ouija board she soon made contact with a new, unfamiliar spirit named Betty.  At first she was annoyed that Betty had butted in and taken over, but she shortly realized that Betty was an advanced spirit who would become a tremendous guide and teacher to the group!  They soon learned that Betty was a recently published but deceased author who provided not only proof of her former Earthly existence but then took Lisa’s study group “under her wing” to teach them advanced wisdom from her higher vantage point; what she termed the “Unobstructed Universe.”

However, at first, they did not know exactly who Betty was and neither may many of you, so I will explain. You will then begin to understand just how synchronistic this connection was in terms of evidential proof of the Afterlife as well as the important that role the Ouija Board played in this story.

Betty’s identity turned out to be the author, Betty White, author of a series of well-known metaphysical philosophy books published between 1937 and the late 1940’s known collectively as the Betty Book Series. The first two books were channeled through her while she was still in the flesh, before she made her transition to the Other Side in 1939. The books were published by her husband and partner, Stewart Edward White, who was an already established author in his own right as a well-known writer of outdoor adventure stories about the frontier life as well as being an early advocate for the environment.

Now let’s take a look at how Betty White developed her mediumistic ability! In 1922 Betty and Mr. White met a couple known in the literature as Joan and Darby. They were the authors of Our Unseen Guest, a book published in 1920. The couple were well-known professionals and had decided not to reveal their identities due to the subject matter of their book: conversations with an American soldier who died in World War I in France. They believed they could not risk their professional careers with the controversy their book was sure to bring because the soldier came from a well-known family in the East.  Joan became a medium for this dead soldier, only known as, “Stephen.”  Over time Stephen gave them information on life, and life after death, and the continuation of consciousness. It all started for them several years earlier when the couple had been playing with a Ouija board. Not long after Joan became a full trance medium.

Betty’s story began on March 17, 1919. It was on that evening when a small group of friends arrived at the White’s home with a Ouija board.  Betty was present that evening, but had no interest in the spirit game, but the board repeatedly spelled out her name. She was reluctant to join the “spirit reading,” but the board then began to spell out repeatedly, “Get a pencil.” Betty had no knowledge of automatic writing, but a few days later she did get a pencil and as she sat quietly alone, the pencil began to move across the paper without effort from her. For the next few months, “automatic writing sessions” with spirit took place. A year later, Betty was a full trance medium herself, like her friend, Joan.

And in 1937, after many years of working quietly, Stewart White told the story of Betty’s development and repeated the basic teachings of “the Invisibles” in what has become a classic work in the field, The Betty Book. White believed that these messages embodied a valuable philosophy and a religious interpretation for daily life. Enough readers agreed and a second “Betty” book was issued in 1939 as, Across the Unknown. Betty made her transition in 1939, and in the months after her death, Mr. White received communication he believed to be from Betty through their old medium friend, Joan. These were gathered into a third book titled, The Unobstructed Universe (1940), which proved the most popular volume in the series and remains in print to this day.

I became interested in the Betty Book Series when I discovered that the Whites had made their residence in Hillsborough, California, just a few miles from here.  Also, I named my website after the title of their third Betty book, The Unobstructed Universe.

The point of all this is that when Lisa started receiving messages from Betty through the Ouija board, she had no idea who Betty was!  Betty was already dead and Lisa had never heard of her. Betty began the relationship by providing a number of clues for the novice girl study group in the form of assignments to go to the library to seek out certain of the Betty Books just mentioned as well as certain magazine articles.

And of course they were excited and amazed to discover that Betty was not only giving them information about a subject about which they had no prior knowledge, but proof of her former existence in a body on earth and her continuing life somewhere in the Unobstructed Universe.  And to underscore the web of relationships even further, they also had some interactions with Joan and Darby’s dead soldier, Stephen along the way!

They also had a series of adventures which also included physical materializations of so-called “dead” people including Lisa’s husband who, as mentioned earlier, as a pilot in 1945, had been shot down in the final days of WWII over the Black Forest in Germany. In fact, the first clue Lisa got in the beginning of the book from the Ouija board was evidence of when and where he had been shot down even before she had received official word from the War Department about his death! 

Breaking the Death Barrier is an important find because it provides ties in with the two earlier published books, Our Unseen Guest as well as the Betty Books and further “evidential” proof of the fact that life is indeed continuous, that we don’t die, but go on to live a greater life once we leave here.  And all three of these book’s authors started out by using the Ouija board.

That said, in recent times the far right Christian movement has scared a lot of people out of even trying the Ouija board. If you haven’t and would like to try it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start with a Prayer of Protection, because “this is not a game.”  This is potentially an opening to your own opportunity to connect with the Spiritual Realm and more rapidly develop your own mediumistic abilities.

Preface: I need to say that the reason I went to the trouble to find this book, which is rare and out of print is due to the wonderful post of one of this sites readers, Doina, back on July 27th. I am so glad that I did because it proved to be a wonderful book which offers plenty of evidence not only of the Afterlife but also of the continuing existence of Betty White, the famous metaphysical author of numerous books written both before and after her death.

Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa Book Cover

Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa

Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa is a book by an anonymous author simply named “Lisa.”  It chronicles her experiences using a Ouija Board in the years starting in 1945 through the early 1950s. What is interesting about this book, published in 1974, is that the author, a young mother who had lost her husband in the waning days of WWII, and a few close friends somehow stumbled upon the use of the Ouija Board and started getting intelligent messages supposedly from the Other Side. There is nothing overly unusual about this mainly because people have been using “talking boards” as they used to be called, since before the turn of the Century and have also gotten messages from the Beyond.

What is amazing about this book is that Lisa was not only able to establish communication with her dead husband, but also with a recently published and deceased author who provided not only proof of her own former Earthly existence but then took the group “under her wing” to teach them higher wisdom from her higher vantage point; what she termed the “Unobstructed Universe.” The main channel’s name was Betty. They did not know who Betty was and neither may many of you, so I will explain. You will then begin to understand just how amazing and important this connection was in terms of evidential proof of the Afterlife.

Betty (White) was the author of a series of well-known metaphysical philosophy books published between 1937 and the late 1940’s known collectively as the Betty Book Series. The first two books were channeled through her while she was still in the flesh before she made her transition to the Other Side in 1939. The books were published by her husband and partner, Stewart Edward White, who was an already established author in his own right as a well-known author of adventure stories and the frontier life as well as being an early advocate for the environment.

I became interested in the Betty Book Series when I discovered that the Whites had made their residence in Hillsborough, California, just a few miles from where I currently live.  Also, I have named this blogsite after the title of the third Betty book, The Unobstructed Universe, which proved to be the most popular volume in the series and remains in print to this day.

Stewart Edward White published the following titles: The Betty Book – 1937, Across the Unknown – 1939, and The Unobstructed Universe – 1940. The continued public response led to a number of further books. The Road I Know – 1942, was an anthology of further selections from the material Betty had channeled. Anchors to Windward -1943, was a philosophical treatment of the Betty material. The Stars Are Still There – 1946, grew out of specific questions sent to White during the war. With Folded Wings – 1947, the last in the Betty book series, was published posthumously after Mr. White’s death.

The point of all this is that when Lisa started receiving messages from Betty, she had no idea who Betty was! And so Betty began the relationship by providing a number of clues for the novice girls in the form of assignments to go to the library to seek out certain of the Betty Books just mentioned. And of course they were excited and amazed to discover that Betty was not only giving them information about a subject about which they had no prior knowledge, but proof of her former existence in a body on earth and her continuing life somewhere in the Unobstructed Universe.

Also, the way they had a series of adventures which also included materializations of “dead” people including Lisa’s own husband who, as a pilot in 1945, had been shot down over the Black Forest in Germany in the final days of WWII. In fact, the first clue she got in the beginning of the book was evidence of when and where he had been shot down even before she had received official word from the War Department about his death!

Breaking the Death Barrier is an exciting read. In fact, I think with the right treatment, it could be the foundation for a fabulous movie. But most importantly, it provides further “evidential” proof of the fact that life is indeed continuous, that we don’t die, but go on to live a greater life once we leave here. Highly recommended – if you can find a copy!  Try looking on Amazon or on Google Books as a pdf.


Update: October 7, 2014
Due to the research efforts of one of this blog’s readers, Doina, I can confirm the identity of the anonymous author of Breaking the Death Barrier, “Lisa” and the existence of a second book titled by her daughter, Carrie. The follow-on book was published in 1997 and is titled, “Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Together,” by Lisa & Carrie by Eternity Unlimited Publishers in Escondido, Calif . Carrie is Lisa’s daughter (Lisa was anonymous). The Library of Congress indicated that the author is listed as Alita Howard Feeback, or Lisa Carrie, or Lisa & Carrie. I have found the book used on Amazon and have just ordered it!  If it is of any value, I will make a future post about it!  Thanks to Doina!  – Steve


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Lincoln_2012_Teaser_PosterHow many of you saw Steven Speilberg’s recent blockbuster movie, Lincoln?  What I will be discussing here will shed some light on the unknown history which occurred behind the scenes during the time when Abraham Lincoln was considering the issuance of an executive order, the Emancipation Proclamation, which would which later lead to the passage of the 13th Amendment…  which would make slavery illegal in this country.

Did a message from the spirit world change the course of history? Could the weighty words of a young medium long ago have influenced the direction of future events in American society?

It’s common knowledge that Abraham Lincoln had a strong interest in mediumship. What is not a well-known fact, however, is the actual information relayed to him by a shy young girl.

No matter how hard you look, you won’t find her channeled words regarding the emancipation of slaves in any school book. These words remain cloaked in the annals of “unmentionable history”.

According to a book by Colonel Simon P. Kase, a railroad lobbyist who had access to the top government echelon, America would never be the same after Lincoln’s communication with the “other side”.

When we consider the meaning of Independence Day, most of us take for granted the Freedom we have inherited.  And 2013 happens to be the year we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

ELT200709242037269378069As most of us are already aware, at the founding of our country, not all of our people were actually free. In the midst of the Civil War, at a critical moment in 1862, Lincoln was trying to decide whether or not to issue Executive Order 95, the Emancipation Proclamation. Close political advisors were adamantly against his idea to issue it at that time. It was considered just too controversial. And Lincoln himself was waffling. It was at this juncture that Spiritualism played a most important but little known role.

At the time of the Civil War the number of spiritualists was estimated at between two to three million (out of a U.S. population of 30 million). That’s as much as 10%!

Spiritualism linked people in the movement with the liberal, progressive, even radical reform movements of the time, such as woman’s rights, health reform, labor reform and abolition. The promotion of these ideas concerning freedom, fairness and liberty had both an indirect as well as a direct influence upon the thinking of Abraham Lincoln and thus the moral evolution of the United States!


Nettie Colburn

Proof of direct influence from the Spiritual Realm may be found in a book written in 1917 by Mrs. Nettie Colburn Maynard, titled Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?” This book provides, in great detail, the events which transpired that lead to the delivery of the inspired messages which determined the action of Abraham Lincoln at the supreme moment of the Civil War. What should be pointed out is that at the onset of the Civil War President Lincoln had no intention of eliminating slavery. Was Lincoln convinced of this course of action by communication from the “other side”? Was he being commanded from a higher, all knowing leader?

The facts are beyond dispute, and are given with the corroborative evidence in Mrs. Maynard’s book. Mrs. Maynard’s maiden name was Nettie Colburn, and she was herself the heroine of the story. The book created quite a controversy at the time in 1917, but it is well documented and there have also been other books written by some of the participants in these happenings which further corroborate the events I am about to describe.

The young Nettie Coburn was a shy person, but quite a powerful trance medium. She visited Washington in the winter of 1862 in order to see her brother who was in the Federal Army hospital.  Through a series of circumstances she connected with Mrs. Lincoln at the home of Mr. Cranston Laurie, a top official in the Post Office. As Nettie Coburn later recalled her meeting, she went with Mr. Laurie to his home after failing in attempts to obtain an army furlough for her sick brother. “On my arrival I was astonished to be presented first to Mrs. Lincoln, the wife of President Lincoln, then to other top officials living in Washington.

Mrs. Lincoln, who was interested in Spiritualism, had a sitting with Miss Colburn. As Nettie remembered it, “Some new and powerful influence obtained possession of my organism and addressed Mrs. Lincoln; it seemed, with great clearness and force, upon matters of State. For one hour I was under this control. When I awoke there was a most earnest and excited group around me discussing what had been said; and Mrs. Lincoln exclaimed with great earnestness, “This young lady must not leave Washington!” Mrs. Lincoln, enormously impressed by the result (to say the least)!

Now, it should be understood that Nettie Colburn Maynard worked as a trance medium, similar to Edgar Cayce, enabling Spirit to speak directly through her. While in trance, Ms. Maynard was unaware of what had been said through her voice.

The following is Ms. Maynard’s fascinating personal account of this experience, drawn from her book, Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?   or, Curious Revelations from the Life of a Trance Medium.

The day following her brother’s departure for home, a note was received by Mrs. Laurie, asking her to come to the White House in the evening with her family, and to bring Miss Nettie with her. Nettie stated, “I felt all the natural trepidation of a young girl about to enter the presence of the highest magistrate in our land; being fully impressed with the dignity of his office, and feeling that I was about to meet some superior being; and it was almost with trembling that I entered the Red Parlor of the White House, at eight o’clock that evening (December, 1862).

Mrs. Lincoln received us graciously, and introduced us. Mr. Lincoln was not then present. While all were conversing pleasantly on general subjects, Mrs. Miller who was Mr. Laurie’s daughter, seated herself at the double grand piano at one side of the room, seemingly awaiting someone, when suddenly Mrs. Miller’s hands fell upon the keys with a force that betokened a master hand, and the strains of a grand march filled the room. As the measured notes rose and fell we became silent. The heavy end of the piano began rising and falling in perfect time to the music. All at once it ceased, and Mr. Lincoln stood upon the threshold of the room. (He afterwards informed us that the first notes of the music fell upon his ears as he reached the head of the grand staircase to descend, and that he kept step to the music until he reached the doorway.)


Mr. Lincoln

For more than an hour I was made to talk to him, and I learned from my friends afterward that it was upon matters that he seemed fully to understand, while they comprehended very little until that portion was reached that related to the forthcoming Emancipation Proclamation. He was charged with the utmost solemnity and force of manner not to abate the terms of its issue, and not to delay its enforcement as a law beyond the opening of the year; and he was assured that it was to be the crowning event of his administration and his life; and that while he was being counseled by strong parties to defer the enforcement of it, hoping to supplant it by other measures and to delay action, he must in no ways heed such counsel, but stand firm to his convictions and fearlessly perform the work and fulfill the mission for which he had been raised up by an overruling Providence. Those present declared that “some strong masculine spirit force was giving speech to almost divine commands.”

I shall never forget the scene around me when I regained consciousness. I was standing in front of Mr. Lincoln, and he was sitting back in his chair, with his arms folded upon his breast, looking intently at me. I stepped back, naturally confused at the situation – not remembering at once where I was; and glancing around the group, where perfect silence reigned. It took me a moment to remember my whereabouts.

A gentleman present then said in a low tone, “Mr. President, did you notice anything peculiar in the method of address?” Mr. Lincoln raised himself, as if shaking off his spell. He glanced quickly at the full-length portrait of Daniel Webster, that hung above the piano, and replied, ‘Yes, and it is very singular, very!”

Mr. Somes, a friend, said: “Mr. President, would it be improper for me to inquire whether there has been any pressure brought to bear upon you to defer the enforcement of the Proclamation?”  To which the President replied: “Under these circumstances that question is perfectly proper, as we are all friends, smiling upon the company. It is taking all my nerve and strength to withstand such a pressure.”

At this point the gentlemen drew around him, and spoke together in low tones, Mr. Lincoln saying least of all. At last he turned to me, and laying his hand upon my head, uttered these words in a manner that I shall never forget: “My child, you possess a very singular gift; but that it is of God, I have no doubt. I thank you for coming here to-night. It is more important than perhaps any one present can understand. I must leave you all now; but I hope I shall see you again.

He shook me kindly by the hand, bowed to the rest of the company, and was gone. We remained an hour longer, talking with Mrs. Lincoln and her friends, and then returned to Georgetown. Such was my first interview with Abraham Lincoln, and the memory of it is as clear and vivid as the evening on which it occurred.” [UnQuote]

That President Lincoln was asked by Spirit to not buckle under pressure and to maintain his resolve to not defer the Emancipation Proclamation may have ensured the history we know today.

If he had not received this message, would he have deferred? And if he had deferred, what would that have meant to our divided country? How much longer would racial injustice have prevailed in this country? Who knows? We only know what happened by this account and corroborated by several others present that Spirit found a way to the President of the United States at that most critical juncture in our country’s history.

According to an article published on March 7, 1891 in the Banner of Light, an American Spiritualist journal, The White House séances with the President were no secret. A letter from Hudson Tuttle, a well-known author of psychic books, included this statement regarding Nettie Colburn Maynard:

“For the last three years of the war she (Nettie Colburn Maynard) was constantly consulted by President Lincoln, and the communications he received through her were of the most astonishing character. The results of battles were foretold before the telegraphic dispatches, and on several occasions advice was given and accepted, which, acted on, proved of momentous consequence.”

If you have read any accounts of Abraham Lincoln, you will find significant debate as to his religious leanings. Wikipedia offers this concise overview: Historian Dr. Mark Noll states that “Lincoln never joined a church nor ever made a clear profession of standard Christian belief.”  Noll argues Lincoln was turned against organized Christianity by his experiences as a young man who saw how excessive emotion and bitter sectarian quarrels marked yearly camp meetings and the ministry of traveling preachers.[8]

Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist? After what I’ve learned in my research, I’d have to say, “Not formally.”  However, President Lincoln would likely have found common Spiritual ground with Spiritualists and/or Universalists.  He was guided by a strong ethical compass and deep Spiritual convictions. He allowed himself to be open-minded to all possibilities, and for that, and all that he was, we respect him as one of the greatest American Presidents of all time.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the Sherlock Holmes books, as well as a psychic researcher said that, “this meeting between Lincoln and Nettie, “was one of the most important events in the history of the United States. This spirit message strengthened the President in taking a difficult step to which he was not yet firmly committed.