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A Second in Eternity by Gary Wimmer

a-second-in-eternity-coverIf you’ve been reading my column for any length of time, you would know by now that I love to read books about NDEs, OBEs and other spiritual and metaphysical related topics. I also like to ferret out fairly unknown authors. For this review I will be evaluating a book, A Second in Eternity by Gary L. Wimmer which is fairly obscure and is about his Out of Body Experience which took place back in 1977 when he was hit by a car and sent to heaven. The reason I wanted to read this particular description of Heaven is because first of all there are not that many people who have had NDEs of the same depth as he had.  I can compare his description to that of the very well-known Mellen Thomas Benedict’s experience of Heaven when he died after suffering from terminal brain cancer in 1982.

If you’ve never heard or read about the Mellen-Thomas Benedict NDE experience out of body you really should because it’s incredible. And when I had first had read it, there was talk that he was soon going to write a more detailed book, however, that never materialized. You can read about his incredible Journey at this website: http://www.near-death.com/reincarnation/experiences/mellen-thomas-benedict.html.

Getting back to Gary Wimmer, the way I discovered him was on a podcast Radio Show; We Don’t Die Radio, by a woman named Sandra Champlain who has completed over a hundred interviews with people who have had near-death experiences or who are mediums etc. And after hearing Gary Wimmer’s interview I just had to get the book. While his NDE experience took place in 1977,  he did not write about it until 1997.  Because the experience was so intense he was able easily to recall exactly what happened during the week leading up to the experience, during the experience and thereafter. After recovering from the experience he realized that he was now very psychically attuned and was able and still is able to give readings to people.gary-l-wimmer2

To paraphrase and provide a quick synopsis, A Second in Eternity takes the reader on a vivid voyage through the mind and soul of one becoming overwhelmed by psychic phenomena. It describes the onset and escalation of the unfiltered perception that takes over when the wall that usually separates the conscious and subconscious minds begins to dissipate. The story reveals the steps he went through in unwillingly going from normal everyday consciousness to dimensions and worlds beyond imagination, to being at one with the Infinite, and to returning back to the world of space and time on Earth… as a different person.

The heart of his experience takes place over 8 days leading up to the NDE. At that time Gary was a touring professional musician and to make ends meet he sometimes gave psychic readings to people during slow times on the road.  As the story begins he has decided to take a break from touring and has moved into a cheap apartment in Austin, Texas with a couple of buddies. And almost immediately he starts experiencing premonitions of what someone will say in the next few minutes; sort like knowing the future just before it happens. If you can imagine being in an echo chamber with a lag time of several or more minutes, that’s the best way I can describe what is starting to happen to him.

Over the next few days the problem intensifies. He starts being able to read people’s minds as he walks nearby them. And he becomes able to ‘remote view’ who might walk through the door of say a nightclub minutes before they do! In one scene while sitting at a bar, he makes bets with his buddy that he can describe what the next group of people will be wearing before they enter …and he wins every time! He will also know what they are thinking, what they might be dealing with in their lives, and even their names, but he can’t tell him that because he doesn’t want him to think he is crazy!

Over the next few days his experiences intensify to the point where he starts making bad decisions. In one situation while having a conversation at home with his roommates, he decides that it would be a good idea to suddenly pour boiling water over his head to prove that he will not be hurt and thus has ‘special powers.’  He actually was not hurt but this stupid trick only made his friends more wary and they started pushing him to get psychiatric help.

Soon he notices that he can actually cause strange things to happen at a distance. For instance, he might be walking down the street, spot someone across the street and think something like, “look up at the sky, then turn around and look at me.”  And they would do it.  Other times he just knew what people might say or do before it happened. This became very disturbing to him because he was never sure whether he was predicting or causing things to happen.

By the eighth day he was tripping pretty badly and while in a crowd of people outside a movie theater, he heard voices telling him the run out into the street and leap in front of a car. And of course this became the cause of his NDE. From the description of the event, he was not hurt badly, but did considerable damage to the car! And the actual NDE did not seem to last more than a few seconds. I won’t go into detail about the NDE here except to say that you will want to read it for yourself. It IS incredible and compares in many respects to that of Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s NDE. To my mind, these two NDEs correlate extremely well and provide additional verification that the Afterlife does indeed exist and it is more wonderful than most religions have been able to describe.

I believe that due to the power of the internet, stories like these are becoming much more available and thus are setting the stage for a new era of enlightenment beyond what any religion has been able to offer to date. The book reads like a screenplay and is extremely visual. My advice, get the book, read it and enjoy! Link: A Second in Eternity by Gary L. Wimmer

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Book Overview: The Afterlife Is To Die For
by John S. Weiss

IMG_0317-187x300The book starts out with this statement: “One night during deep meditation, I accidentally entered the afterlife… Yes, accidently. And with the help of enormously friendly, intelligent spirits, Lyle and Betty, I was brought back many times during a two-week period. During my visits, I was taught a wide range of fascinating lessons that still give me goosebumps when I recall them. Suffice it to say, visiting the afterlife dimension shook my belief system to the core and forced me to view the miracle of life in a whole new way. The afterlife –  which is neither heaven nor hell – is filled with just about all the answers to life’s most perplexing questions…”

“The afterlife is to die for,” according to John S. Weiss the author of this allegedly true account of his experiences in a world he recognized as the Afterlife. I can’t recall exactly how I came across John_Capturethis book by John S. Weiss as he is someone I’d never heard of before and I have read many dozens of books about the Afterlife by now. Most people who write about the Afterlife have had NDEs (Near Death Experiences). John S. Weiss is a writer by trade and has a degree in journalism as well as experience in advertising.

However, I would not categorize his experiences as NDE because he didn’t have these experiences through temporary death; rather he had them after he learned to meditate as a result of being subjected to numerous chemotherapy sessions. And after gaining greater experience as a meditator he was eventually able to tap into another dimension through the mechanism of the OOBE (out of body experience) which he experienced while dreaming. And thus he felt he had tapped into what might be the afterlife.

I beg to differ because approximately a year ago I reviewed a book called Multi-Dimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe, an individual who has spent over 40 years experiencing hundreds of OOBEs (out of body experiences) and I find that while some of his experiences seem similar to those of Mr. Weiss, those of Mr. Ziewe far surpass those of Mr. Weiss. Also, they feel more legitimate and real. However, after reading voluminous literature on the Afterlife, I would have to say that neither author’s descriptions of their experiences correlate very well with descriptions of the Afterlife I have read in numerous other books I have read on the subject described by the thousands of people who have experienced actual NDEs (and I have read probably over a hundred of these types of books).

Since Mr. Weiss was a die-hard skeptic, it took many such experiences before he was able to actually start to believe they were real. As he states, “All I did was get very tired reading a book about Iwo Jima and then deeply meditate myself to sleep. Well, that was the beginning of a whole series of dreams that can be described as bizarre, fascinating, mind-blowing, frightening, and thoroughly life changing. As you can imagine, I first thought there was something seriously wrong with my mind or that someone had slipped some hallucinogenic substance into my toothpaste or something. I mean, having a spirit and his charming spectral girlfriend giving me a tour of this marvelous dimension is mighty hard to swallow. But when Lyle (his guide) showed me absolute proof that I wasn’t having a series of weird dreams, I felt as though I had been hit by a bolt of lightning. I became the perfect student and learned things that turned my head inside out. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement, to put it mildly.

You might enjoy reading about his dream-like experiences because each one takes you to a different “place;” although unique, they are mostly Earthlike places drawn from the author’s own past with a few new ones thrown in. And his guide has the ability to change them at any time to great effect.  After a while he starts to weave in his theories about how Quantum Physics could explain conscious life in our waking reality as well as that of the afterlife. Some of the physics, I suspect may be a bit of a stretch. As one of the savvier Amazon reviewers stated, “This isn’t a bad read if you’re looking for entertainment, not consistency. The science that is mentioned is thin (or often wrong, if it’s biology) and characters repeat and out-right contradict themselves on major story points. What I found most disturbing was the way the narrator was plainly told his consciousness had basically been “kidnapped” while he was sleeping, he was being prevented from seeing or interacting with beings other than those of that character’s choosing, he only got the information the main character wanted him to have, and this character had hidden motives… and the narrator either didn’t care or was easily distracted when these points were mentioned. Neat for talking points, not so much for facts.

Even though I was able to enjoy the read (along with many others, if Amazon reviews are any proof), I got the feeling that John S. Weiss, being a trained and talented professional writer, was really spinning a yarn which was designed to rationalize his own journey from Skeptic to Believer in an engaging and entertaining way. In fact, I would say that his narrative might easily be turned into a tight Hollywood movie script! But as far as the reader learning accurate information about the Afterlife, not so much.


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the-dissapearance-of-the-universeLately my partner and I have been studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for the second or third time. (ACIM was originally published in 1976 and gained immense popularity in the 1980s.) At the same time we’ve been reading books related to ACIM as well. The book that most captured my attention was The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which was published in 2003. I purchased it then and felt that now would be a good time to review it.

The story goes like this. In the early 1990s Gary Renard underwent a powerful spiritual awakening when he began to be instructed by two ascended masters named Pursah and Arten, who eventually identified their previous incarnations as including those of Saint Thomas and Saint Thaddaeus. He said that they appeared to him in the flesh in a series of 14 meetings spaced out over 9 years. I know that’s a hard story to believe, but whether you believe the storyline or not, The Disappearance of the Universe has become an enormously popular book based on the teachings of ACIM. And I believe that you will get a lot out of it regardless. The reason for this is that the  conversations center around the ACIM material and how it relates to events in Gary’s everyday life as well as to world events of the 1990s. This method of teaching, I feel, makes it more understandable.Gary Renard-2

As we have been reading the ACIM it has become ever more apparent that ACIM was written almost specifically for the Scribe, Helen Schucman herself, who was basically an atheist psychotherapist  living in a Judeao-Christian world. All the way through the scribing process, which took 10 years, she resisted and had grave doubts about the validity of the material. And later, after it was complete, she still had grave doubts and never really related to or believed in the material fully.

The problem that we have with the ACIM material is that it seems based primarily in a Judeao-Christian-Freudian psychological framework.  And furthermore, the material keeps pounding away at the concept of the Ego in endless approaches, which after a while becomes difficult to endure.  This approach, I suspect, may have been perfectly tailored to convince the author, Helen Schucman herself, after reading so many variations of the theme it eventually becomes oppressive.

a-course-in-miracles-acim-bizThe Disappearance of the Universe book, in my opinion, makes a wonderful transition and shapes the ACIM material into a more modern framework of understanding. There have been other authors who have attempted to translate the ACIM material into their own understanding, for which many have been criticized.  I say, So What?  I never believed that God ever stopped speaking to humanity. He/She/It, whatever you want to name It, keeps on trying!

Amazon has a powerful and insightful review of The Disappearance of the Universe book which was written by Michael Wilkinson. “THE PREMISE: When you dream at night that someone is chasing you, in the dream it feels very real and no one in the dream could likely convince you that it was not real. But in truth you are home in your bed. When you wake up, the dream disappears, because it was never real in the first place, and you find you were in your bed the entire time. Well, the basic premise for the Disappearance of the Universe is that we are really home in God, but dreaming a dream that we are bodies living this life. Of course our true home is out of our awareness. Yet when we wake up, the universe will disappear, because it was never real in the first place, we were at home in God the entire time. This is indeed an incredible and hard to believe premise. But what if it is true?”  This description, I feel, is much more succinct than the hundreds of rambling pages of ACIM.

Michael Wilkinson summarizes nicely with, “If you are already familiar with A Course in Miracles, this book is a must-read. I had studied the Course for over a decade, and even served as a group facilitator for several years. I was humbled by how little I understood and truly practiced non-dualism and how I had missed the critical message of practicing forgiveness every moment of every day as THE key tool for making the “journey without distance.” The conversations in the Disappearance of the Universe make crystal clear the purpose of practicing “advanced” forgiveness, the steps in how to do it, and the way to live in this world as a teacher of God. Perhaps most importantly, the message is completely consistent with A Course in Miracles, which is quoted over 300 times by Gary Renard’s special visitors.”

The concept of practicing Forgiveness is a simple concept that is also emphasized in the teaching of Hoʻoponopono, which is the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. This point is easy to overlook in the voluminous ACIM text, but is critical to understand if you want to experience Miracles. For myself, I like to go one step further and simply bless people and situations by visualizing the Light of the Holy Spirit around them. It doesn’t get any easier or simpler than that! Try it for yourself and you will see Miracles!

The Disappearance of the Universe is a great book, which will magically transform your “Ego Mind” thinking to that of your God Mind. As Michael Wilkinson says, “So read this book if you are ready to have many of your beliefs challenged and if you are ready to learn how to truly experience and express the peace and love of God.”  Then, as Jesus said, “All things are possible!”

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Book Overview: “The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us About Their World” by Stafford Betty, PhD.

Many people ponder the question, “What happens to us when we die? Quite a few think of the Afterlife as heaven – an unimaginable state of bliss. Many even believe in hell – a place of everlasting fire and brimstone. How can this subject objectively be approached?  Unfortunately, Mainstream Science rejects the idea of the Afterlife entirely and thus makes no attempt to research it.  However, a good deal of under-appreciated research has been going on for well over a hundred years through the vehicle of mediumship. So if you want to be prepared for the rest of your spiritual journey, both in this life and the life to come, you should read and study this book!

In The Afterlife Unveiled by Dr. Stafford Betty, Professor of Religious Studies at California State University Bakersfield, California, he compares and contrasts the material brought through from a half dozen of the world’s most talented and dedicatedDr-Stafford-BettywBook mediums. Before you pooh–pooh the idea of obtaining information about the afterlife via mediumship you must first realize that at this point in our spiritual evolution mediumship represents the most accurate method of communicating with the so-called dead given that our spiritual technology has not advanced very far as of 2016. And by spiritual technology I am talking about EVP or ITP which basically encompasses attempts to contact the dead using actual technological devices such as tape recorders, radios, computers, and cell phones. This is a subject for another time.

Dr. Stafford Betty feels that, “The key to such knowledge is mediumship.”  Over thirty years of research have taught the author, a world expert in the field of death and afterlife studies, who the most reliable voices are.  He feels that, “These accounts are far better developed and more plausible than anything found in the world’s scriptures or theologies. And that, “The world ahead, unlike ours, is fascinating and fair. Authentic mediums may be the closest thing to the voice of God that our planet has.”

In his book, each chapter contains a summary of the teachings of one of the studied mediums. Most of these represent books in themselves, many of which I have read previously. All are good. Some of the material overlaps, and of course they are all a bit different in their own way and by the time you are finished reading you will have a much greater expanded understanding of the many levels and worlds in what we call the Afterlife.

I recall Jesus, telling his followers two thousand years ago in a language they could understand, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.” If you take a little time to read Dr. Betty’s book you will begin to understand exactly what Jesus meant by this description.

In order to better acquaint you with what you might expect, I offer a brief description of each chapter. And you need not read the book in chapter order as each chapter stands alone.

Chapter 1- Trance Teachings from the Seventh Sphere. This material came through a nineteenth century Anglican minister named William Stainton Moses (1839–92). Initially a skeptic, he eventually came around to channeling a spirit called Imperator who said he was the chief of a group of 49 spirits. In some respects Imperator and his group were religious reformers. Sayings like the following are found throughout: “We call you from the dead formalism, the lifeless, loveless literalism of the past to a religion of spiritualized truth, to the lovely symbolism of angel teaching, to the higher planes of spirit, where the material finds no place, and the formal dogmatism of the past is forever gone.” Moses published their teachings in a book, Spirit Teachings, in 1883, ten years after the first messages appeared. A later book, More Spirit Teachings, would appear in 1892, shortly after Moses’ death.

Chapter 2 – The Afterlife of a Young Texan. This chapter contains the thoughts and experiences of a young man named Leslie Stringfellow who died in his hometown of Galveston, Texas, in 1886 after a brief illness. Not long after his mother started using a planchette (old time Ouija Board) and within a few days was getting consistent messages from her dead son. This went on nearly every evening for about 15 years! Many of the messages were evidential, meaning that he was providing information that neither of his parents could have known but were able to letter prove out. If you have a copy of his now rare book, The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow, please let me know as it is out of print and the cheapest price was about $75! I would love to read the entire book!

Chapter 3 – A Notable American’s First Year on the Other Side. This chapter provides a nice summary of the channelings of Judge David Hatch who was a California resident of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara and who died in 1912. The medium was a woman named Elsa Barker. They had been friends for about six years and when he died she had been living in Paris. Hatch’s first communication came while Ms. Barker was living in Paris and before she even knew he was dead. She communicated with him through automatic writing. The Hatch/Barker collaboration is titled Letters from the Afterlife, a book I was lucky enough to get my hands on back in 1998.

Dr. Betty states, “The details of his account are fresh, sometimes bizarre, and sometimes mysterious – rather like what you would expect of a world you had never set foot in.” I loved the book because it seemed to reveal a very realistic progression from Judge Hatch’s initial orientation experiences toward a higher level as he evolved and gained a greater understanding. However, Judge Hatch is an exceptional case; he was very spiritually inclined while on Earth and so I think he deserved what he got in heaven. He says, “This is not a place where everyone knows everything – far from it. Most souls are nearly as blind as they were in life. … I am sorry to say that the person who has a clear idea of the significance of life is about as rare here as on the earth. … a man does not suddenly become all-wise by changing the texture of his body.”

Chapter 4 – A Psychical Researcher on This Side Speaks to Us from the Other Side. The medium for this chapter was Geraldine Cummins, an Irish woman who authored 22 books, 15 of them automatically while in a light trance. The communicator from the spirit side was primarily Frederic Myers, who was trained in the classics and lectured for a time at Trinity College Cambridge. He was one of the co-founders of the Society for Psychical Research in 1882, his influence on the young movement was immense. His monumental book Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death is still regarded by many as the greatest work on psychical research ever to appear. He first spoke through Ms. Cummins in 1924, 23 years after his death, and reappeared intermittently until 1931. The book examined here, The Road to Immortality, is the record of their collaboration. It combines very fine writing with a rare breadth of vision.

Dr. Betty states, “Myers expresses impatience with the English language as well as with mediums who sometimes find it hard to blank out their own minds’ contents. Much about the world he tries to describe, especially the last three of the seven planes, can only be approximated by our language. It is with a feeling of awe, even unworthiness that I try to summarize his account of these realms. In places the language becomes fuzzy, virtually unintelligible, so far beyond the world we are familiar with is his subject. One can imagine his impatience!

Chapter 5 – A Catholic Priest Describes the ‘Land of the Great Harvest’. Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, the communicator of this work, was born in 1871 the son of Edward White Benson, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The younger Benson was ordained to the Anglican priesthood in 1901, but converted to Roman Catholicism three years later. In 1911 he became a secretary to Pope St. Pius X and managed the pope’s household and appointments. He was solidly identified with the Catholic world.

What I enjoyed most about this chapter is the fact that Msgr. Benson, while alive wrote several novels, especially The Necromancers (1909), in which he ridiculed and condemned spirit communication as ‘dealings with the devil.’ But after his death he would be haunted by a need to atone for the mistake he felt he had made in the novel. Later, speaking through the medium Anthony Borgia, the book titled, Life in the World Unseen, was published in 1954 (now in its thirteenth printing and is available online for free).

In this book Benson, speaking through the medium Anthony Borgia, tells us he was psychically gifted while functioning as a Catholic priest, but was taught by the Church to think of the gift as a ‘mental aberration’. After having passed, he said, “I could see volumes of orthodox teachings, creeds, and doctrines melting away because they are of no account, because they are not true, and because they have no application whatever to the eternal world of spirit and to the great Creator and Upholder of it. I could see clearly now what I had seen but hazily before, that orthodoxy is man-made, but that the universe is God-given.”

Chapter 6 – Oh, the People We Meet Over There! In December 1965, a month after her death, Frances Banks, an Anglican nun for 25 years, found a ‘pure, unobstructed channel’ through which to describe the bracing new world she found herself in. The ‘channel’ was the mind of her close friend Helen Greaves. The book that was thus born through Helen Greaves was Testimony of Light.  Dr. Betty states, “the spiritual and moral life urged on the reader is entirely consistent with the gospel of love and forgiveness preached by Jesus – or indeed by the saints and sages of the world’s major religions.” She goes on to discuss what I would call the blueprints we are born with; she is able, after death, to see how well she measured up to the goals she mapped out for herself – as we all will do once we make the transition. Dr. Betty says that if you want to get a good synopsis of what you can expect after you die, that you could just read this chapter alone!

Chapter 7 – What the Protestant Theologian Discovered upon Dying. The primary communicator here was the notable Lutheran minister, theologian, and professor Alvin D. (AD) Mattson, who died in October 1970. An author in this life, he became one in the next as well. His postings from the Other Side were collected by his daughter, Ruth Mattson Taylor, and published in two books – the first, Witness from Beyond, in 1975 and also Evidence from Beyond, published 24 years later. The medium through whom AD spoke was Margaret Flavell, a devout Methodist and graduate of the London School of Paranormal Psychology and Sanctuary of Healing. Both Mattson and Flavell were persons of the highest integrity. Neither had ever met each other. An excerpt: “The astral world is almost a replica of your world, AD tells us, except that it is of a finer substance and we are not ‘bound’ by our objective reality here.” Churchman that he was, it is perhaps not surprising to hear that “we have denominations on this plane and we continue to practice the rites of our respective churches. There are even great cathedrals and great churches where ministers who preached on earth, and still feel the urge to do so, continue to preach. And our body is also familiar: The astral body in which we live immediately after we have died is a duplicate of our physical body, except that it is made of a fine, tenuous substance.”

I would say that the above paragraph depicts a picture that for that preacher would be an expected scenario as an extension of his Earth life. The same would be true for any one of us. However, once we are more settled in and feel comfortable, we begin to make more rapid evolutionary progress to higher realms. That is for MOST of us. Some unfortunate souls who were not so loving while on Earth will not immediately be eligible for a heavenly ‘reward.’  But they are their own judge and jury. There will be angels and spirit workers who try to wake them up and point the way toward the Light, but ultimately, it is their own Free Will Choice whether or not to progress. And so it is.


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Dying Can be Fun! HTFODowever, most people have a fear of dying and thus tend not to think about it. The Fun of Dying by Roberta Grimes was written to change that attitude. Originally she wrote the central chapters (6 – 8) to be printed in large type for use in nursing homes and hospices. They are titled, The Death Experience, The Start of Your After-Death Life, and Some Enjoyable Details.

Her objective was to educate dying people in order to help ease their fears and better prepare them for what, according to her, is “life’s most enjoyable adventure“. She soon found, she says, that to write for the dying and make the whole account credible required that she tackle the rest of the book. The resultant text is one that is very much for the living.

This book is an easy read…very accessible. It’s obvious the author has spent a great deal of time researching the often overlooked information that currently exists about death and the process of dying. I too have read many of the same source materials that she, a trained lawyer, has read in order to build her case for the existence of the Afterlife and the fun that can be had in dying once proper understanding replaces the fear factor. Nothing in The Fun of Dying is based on the teachings of any religion; however she does reference the words of Jesus as well as other world teachers to back up her findings.R_Grimes-sm

Roberta Grimes had an experience of light when she was eight years old that started her on what became an all-consuming hobby: she spent the next half-century researching the afterlife in an effort to better understand her experience. Roberta Grimes, the author, is a lawyer who is clearly familiar with the rules of evidence and the best evidence for the survival of consciousness falls into the area of courtroom science, not laboratory science.

The author starts by saying, “Some things about the period soon after death are reported so frequently that I am confident they are true. They amuse and often delight me, so perhaps they will do the same for you.” She says that the evidence reveals that most people make their transition easily and find themselves in a place many philosophies call “The Summerland.” As the name suggests, it is often imagined as a place of beauty and peace, where everything people hold close to their hearts is preserved in its fullest beauty for eternity. It is envisioned as containing wide fields of rolling green hills and lush grass. This definition, in the author’s opinion is true but can be different according to the beliefs and expectations of the individual.

Now for a few fun facts to give you a foretaste of your Summerland life:

  • You may wish to “attend your own funeral.” When the ties of love are strong and a death has been relatively easy, there is evidence that many of us enjoy this last earth-party of our lives.
  • We live on the middle post-death levels in a constant pure white light that is brighter and more diffuse than sunlight, although it doesn’t affect our eyes in the way that sunlight would.
  • There is no sun, there are no stars, there is no night, and it never snows or rains, but if you want to enjoy a sunset or night or snow or rain you can have them. Temperatures remain in the mid-seventies, but cold-weather sports are available. Indeed, some accounts suggest that the Scandinavian Summerland includes snow.
  • Although we don’t need to eat or drink, if we want to eat or drink we can have what we like and enjoy feasting for as long as we like. We lack digestive organs, so our illusory food and drink disappears. Apparently, nearly everyone soon decides that food and drink are too much bother.
  • After the post-death nap that most people take, we never need to sleep again. Our lives in the Summerland are repeated periods of activity followed by periods of doing quieter things. Our bodies and minds never tire.
  • We can appear at whatever age we prefer. Most people choose to be the person they were in their prime of life, but that is up to them. There is evidence that we can learn to change our appearances to suit ourselves, so someone might first appear to you as an old codger that you knew in life, and then seem to grow progressively younger.
  • If you were disabled in your earth life, those disabilities and infirmities will gradually be gone.
  • We can dress as we like. For some, it feels important to retain the clothing that they wore in life, so you can see people in nineteenth-century garb and maybe in 1920s dress and in almost anything else. Most people eventually stop caring how they dress, and they revert to wearing long-sleeved tunics that we associate with angels.
  • Most after-death communication is telepathic. Somehow this does away with the problem of different earth-languages, so once we are accustomed to telepathy, we can converse with anyone we like!
  • We can read the minds of those we left on earth, and we can communicate with them by thought, but living people seldom notice our messages. A few of the dead are able to manifest on earth physically under certain conditions, and some can manifest coins or feathers and affect electricity, but some of the dead are unable to do more than produce a whiff of some distinctive scent.
  • Colors in the Summerland are not limited to the visible-light spectrum, so there are colors here that are impossible for the living to imagine. This comes up especially in reference to flowers, many of which are in unearthly colors.
  • Flowers are everywhere in the Summerland. Each blossom is permanent and gorgeous and fragrant, and gardening is fun because it consists of setting full-grown flowering plants and forever just enjoying them, with no need to water, feed, or weed them.
  • Water is abundant here. It is crystalline and it sparkles like earth-water, but it is rather different. Many accounts say that it seems to be alive, and it gives off the same sort of adoring and enlivening energy and subtle music that come from the vegetation. What most astonishes new arrivals about the water is how different it feels, like touching silk, and they are amazed that you can bathe in a lake fully clothed and walk out of it dry.
  • About Pets. If they are especially important to us, our pets might come as our deathbed visitors. They may wait with our other loved ones, and sometimes the people waiting for us find it hard to get through all the dogs and cats overjoyed to greet the new arrival. Like people, our pets are now young and healthy. Like people, they neither eat nor eliminate. And it isn’t only cats and dogs that await us, but our beloved horses are here for the riding and there are farm and circus animals.
  • It appears from many accounts that in the Summerland we can have what we want. Any long-lamented article, any lost toy, any work of art or piece of clothing: we need only think of it, and we have it. The point may be to get us past all sense of material longing or lack; but when we first arrive, it is thrilling simply to think of something and find it there.
  • Many after-death accounts include a wonderful library where we can read about literally anything.
  • There is a lot of evidence for reincarnation, but linear time is an illusion, so apparently our lives on earth somehow are being lived all at once. We cannot begin to understand the reincarnation process before we die, so researching how it happens and retrieving events from our past lives and also our lives to come is high on many people’s lists.
  • There is evidence that we can choose to experience any event in the history of the earth. We can walk with dinosaurs, attend the Continental Congress, and generally satisfy all our curiosity.
  • We need to be taught how to do it, but travel in the after-death levels is mostly by thought, and it is instantaneous. We can walk if we prefer walking, but if we choose to dispense with walking we can go anywhere instantly. With thought-travel, we don’t need vehicles, but those who in life enjoyed cars or boats or planes can have and use them for as long as they matter.
  • As we become more spiritually advanced, we can travel to any place on earth and any place in the post-death reality that is at or below our own vibrational level. With the assistance of very advanced beings, we can also journey to higher levels and taste the greater joys awaiting us there.
  • Our minds are so much better without the interference of a material brain that we can learn with amazing ease. We are told that it is possible to learn to play piano with the greatest composers and learn to paint under legendary artists.
  • Music here seems to be a near-obsession. Many accounts exist of vast amphitheaters very like those in ancient Greece, where it seems to each of the audience members that he or she is sitting in the middle of the first row. And we don’t only hear the music better than we heard it on earth, but we also see it as colorful clouds and shapes above the performers. Classical music is favored, but modern artists also perform, and three names that I have seen mentioned are Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and John Lennon. I have read that Elvis has decided to stay at an accessible level and keep performing until all his fans have died and had the chance to see him in person. Not sure if that is true, but it makes a great story!
  • Structures here can be built in two ways. We can construct them board-by-board, or we can enlist the help of more advanced beings and have them mind-created. I once read an account of a farmer who was having a house built for his daughter on a heavenly replica of the family farm. Advanced beings helped him design it, and at the appointed moment, they concentrated their energies so the planned building shimmered into existence.
  • God is as happily taken for granted in the Summerland as life and light. All the mentions of God that I have seen say that He is at the Celestial Level, and His energy is such that for anyone to get even close to God without first maturing spiritually is impossible. They say He is the source of all the light on the after-death levels, which is why the lowest level is dark and the levels above it grow gradually brighter. He is never seen, but no one minds that since there is a general understanding that each of us is spiritually advancing and eventually we all will join Him. No throne, no beard, no vengeful anger, and of course no human gender, but instead an infinitely powerful, infinitely loving, and all-pervasive energy: that is what they tell us God is. (I apologize to atheists, but I am not making this up. You might read some of the accounts by people who have made this trip ahead of you. And please try to be open-minded whenever your own death starts to happen, because there probably is a hollow heaven for people who are adamant atheists—and emphatically, you do not want to go there!)

In summary she says, “Learning to live so that when we die we can have the most possible eternal fun is an exercise worth the effort later, and it pays great dividends now. Fortunately, the rules seem simple… People who study afterlife evidence are struck repeatedly by the extent to which the way we live our lives on earth affects our post-death happiness.” What she means by this is that if we are loving and forgiving during our Earth lives, this vibration will set the perfect tone; not only for how we will experience the Afterlife, but also for the way we will experience our life while still in body.

“Afterlife evidence tells us that the purpose of our earth-lives is this: we are here to learn to love each other perfectly and learn to forgive completely in order for us to advance spiritually.”

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COVER-LOTOS-40It has been said that “love never dies.” I take that to mean that love also transcends death. Have you ever wondered what happens when a loved one dies? This could apply to a spouse, lover, child, parent or best friend. “Have you ever wondered what happens when your heart is torn in two… When half of a soulmate couple makes a transition to the ‘other side?’” If so, this book might be for you! Just because a loved one dies does not mean we are totally separated from them. If there was love between you, then that love can become a spiritual connection that transcends the gap between the physical and heavenly realms.
I came across this book recently while listening to my favorite radio show, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. I was already familiar with his guest, Arielle Ford, that evening because she is well-known in metaphysical circles as a publicist for such famous authors as Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay and also for her sister, Debi Ford. Arielle also happens to be an author in her own right and likes to focus on the issues and concepts of Soulmates.Arielle-Ford-40
Her book, Love on the Other Side shares true stories which she has gathered and explains:

• How soulmate love continues after one partner dies, and how knowing this can erase grief and create heartfelt ease.
• All the ways you can receive communication from your beloved…And even request help with the issues troubling you.
• How your heavenly soulmate can send you a “new” earthly soulmate, if you just ask (and release this specific block).
• What if you never had a soulmate, is it possible to find one in heaven?
• Why your deceased family & friends want to help you have a great life and make great decisions…And how to ask for their help.

While I was familiar with most of these concepts I found it most interesting that she discovered that once a loved partner, friend or family member transcends their Earth existence, that if you find yourself alone and grieving, that the “deceased” partner, in most cases actually desires for you to attract a new partner and to go on living a normal life. This idea may shock many people who have pledged to love their partner “until death do we part,” but somehow these same people feel an awful binding loyalty to remain single for the balance of their days, even though their deceased partner wishes for them to be happy with someone new and will even try to help them meet that new person!
A great example is Arielle’s mother-in-law, Peggy. At age 75 she lost her husband of fifty-five years. Then at age 80 she desired to have a new mate! She asked, “How does a gal go about manifesting a soulmate?” Arielle was taken aback at this, but agreed to help. So she shared her Soulmate Secret with her and suggested that she sign up for Match.com and within a few weeks Peggy had manifested a dapper widower named John as her new partner!
As Arielle says in her book, “Your loved ones on the other side want to participate in your life. They want you to be happy, satisfied and content, and it is my understanding that they won’t make things happen or interfere with your life unless you ask.” You have to ASK! Ask for assistance if you find yourself lonely and in need of a new partner! And in the book she provides a few tips on how to go about doing this. She says,

“There are many ways to reach out to them:
• Simply speak out loud to them.
• Write them a letter and put it under your pillow or insert the letter into a red or pink helium balloon and literally release it to heaven.
• Say daily prayers of gratitude and affirmation thanking them for their assistance.”

Arielle-Brian-33As we grow older, some of us may wonder how long we will be able to have a relationship. Every day we read about and hear of examples of someone losing their long-time mate and of course for most of us, it is inevitable that one or the other in the relationship will pass before the other. And that usually brings up fearful thoughts of trying to live alone. By reading this book, which is an easy read by the way, you will be able to gain additional confidence and faith that love is the binding force in the Universe and in our daily lives as well. Arielle has tons of experience in this arena and has provided some solid advice for those who need a little reassurance and guidance in these matters. I highly recommend it and if you click this link, (http://www.loveontheotherside.com) you can get the book as a free download! A great gift to yourself or a friend in need!
Arielle Ford is a leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. For the past 25 years she has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. Her stellar career includes years as a prominent book publicist, author, literary agent, TV lifestyle reporter, television producer, radio host, publishing consultant, relationship expert, speaker, columnist and blogger for the Huffington Post. http://www.arielleford.com
Arielle believes that finding true love is possible for anyone, at any age, and she points to herself as living proof. Married for the first time at age 44, she expanded on the set of skills that she used to launch her highly successful Public Relations firm, The Ford Group, and applied them to her love life. Arielle is the creator of The Soulmate Secret 7-week Interactive Online Course, which has supported many thousands of people around the globe in manifesting the love of their life. She is the author of eight books including the international bestselling The Soulmate Secret: How To Manifest The Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction and Wabi Sabi Love. Arielle lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends.


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Liberating-Jesus---CoverWith all the terrorist threats, bombings, random shootings, and religious wars going on these days, isn’t it about time humanity began reflecting on the REAL teachings of the Great Master Jesus once again? I feel that the book, “Liberating Jesus,” which I am reviewing here, is extremely timely! And this is coming from someone (myself) who does not practice any religion at all. And so if you read this book you will realize that all religions have done is to obscure the true teachings of God / Jesus! So I feel, along with the author, that it is high time for a Reset!

The purpose of the book “Liberating Jesus” by Roberta Grimes is to extricate the teachings of Jesus from the dogma of Christianity. The time for this book is NOW! Roberta Grimes’ story and how she came to write this book is intriguing. She had previously written two books about the Afterlife: “The Fun of Dying” and The Fun of Staying in Touch. If you’ve followed my writings over the past several years, you’ll know that the study of The Afterlife has been a primary interest of mine and I have read hundreds of books on the subject. And so when I discovered that Roberta Grimes had written a ‘channeled’ book from Jesus, I was intrigued. Normally I would avoid any book that had seemingly religious overtones, but somehow this one stood out and I am glad that I looked deeper.

Here are a few accolades from Amazon: “WOW – What a revelation! This book will open your eyes to what we should be R-Grimesfocusing on – Jesus and his message of love and forgiveness. We should be listening to His message, not what religious dogma tells us.” “Liberating Jesus” will make even an ATHEIST believe because…IT MAKES SENSE! Love is all there ever was and ever will be! You do not have to be a Christian to be moved by this book. It transcends religion.” “Liberating! Perfect title for this book, because it frees you from the limitations that Christianity has placed on us.” “Grimes’ book makes an important contribution to understanding the New Revelation by showing that the teachings of Jesus are consistent with what has been revealed by mediums, afterlife researchers, and quantum theorists.” “And that message pertains to the end of materialism, the end of organized religion as we know it, and development of a personal spirituality.”

The story of just how Roberta Grimes became a channel for Jesus is told in one appendix of the book and would take up space than I have room for here, but it certainly provides a great foundation and credibility for how the book came to be. She had always been very religious and even gained a degree in religious studies in college. After her extensive research into the Afterlife and the publishing of two books on the Afterlife she began to realize that her fundamentalist Christian beliefs could not hold up to what she had learned about life from high level beings on the Otherside.
There were just too many cross-correspondences that proved that the spiritual truths she was learning seemed to outline a far greater truth over what mainstream religion had been teaching for centuries. At that moment I guess you could say that she had a ‘spiritual crises.’ This crises culminated in early 2015 when she had a reading from a well-known medium so she could speak to her dead mother. And it was during that reading that she was put in contact with her primary spiritual guide, Thomas Jefferson.

T-JeffersonShe had always had an affinity for Thomas Jefferson and many people know that Thomas Jefferson was famous for assembling his own version of a “Red Letter Bible” which was designed to highlight just the words and philosophy of Jesus and nothing else. According to smithsonianmag.com “Jefferson was devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ. But he didn’t always agree with how they were interpreted by biblical sources, including the writers of the four Gospels, whom he considered to be untrustworthy correspondents. So Jefferson created his own gospel by taking a sharp instrument, perhaps a penknife, to existing copies of the New Testament and pasting up his own account of Christ’s philosophy, distinguishing it from what he called “the corruption of schismatizing followers.”

So to make a long story short, soon after making contact with her guide, Thomas Jefferson, she began having her own early morning automatic writing sessions with Jefferson and then also with Jesus as well. And so this was how Liberating Jesus was written. In effect, Roberta grimes had become a modern day prophet or channel. The objective was to provide a modern day revelation concerning the clearest possible message coming from God/Jesus for humankind today.

According to grimes, (We are basically discussing the four Gospels of the New Testament here.) we can dispense with most of the Old Testament which is confusing and fear-based. Jesus came to teach us Love and Forgiveness. Period. The Churches have distorted and confused the Bible and the teachings of Jesus to gain control of the masses. And so far it has worked. However, all we have to do is look at the state of our world today to witness the results of that teaching.

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Jesus and his philosophy was never meant to be ‘owned’ by any religion. The current crop of Christian churches (so-called) claim to preach the un-erring gospel of God and His representative on Earth, Jesus. At last count there were over 4,000 divisions of Christianity. Can they all be right? (No) The problem is that most all of them grossly distort the truth based upon a fear-based egoic point of view for use as a control mechanism of the masses and this book, Liberating Jesus sets out to show us the Truth of what Jesus was really trying to communicate 2,000 some years ago.

I leave you with a quote from Roberta’s book: “The Gospel teachings of Jesus are our surest route to rapid spiritual growth. Until we actually begin to live by the philosophy that Jesus taught, humankind will continue to flounder. More generations will be born and die while making too little spiritual progress, and we will spiral toward the religious war that was predicted long ago in a madman’s ravings. God’s Kingdom on earth still is possible! But it requires that we leave religious dogmas behind as the spiritual crutch that they are so we can work together to elevate humankind toward God’s level of awareness. Jesus is calling upon Christians now to spread His teachings to the modern world. And if you have read this far, then perhaps He is in particular calling to you.”

If you want to be part of the solution for the problems of the world, hit the Reset button now and get this book, read it and practice what it says!
“Liberating Jesus” can be purchased at any decent bookstore or on Amazon. Book Link

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conan_doyleI read a lot of old and obscure books and recently I read The Wanderings of a Spiritualist by Arthur Conan Doyle. YES, he is also the noted author of the series of the famous Sherlock-Holmes stories. I found this book interesting for many reasons. First of all it is by one of the world’s most famous fiction writers, famous for his immensely popular Sherlock Holmes mysteries, the first of which was published in 1887.

Secondly, it is a journal (read ‘blog’) of his lecture tour in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1920s. The content is concerned with Conan Doyle’s experiences on his travels rather than the details of his lectures. In between descriptions of the places he visits and the people he meets, he provides occasional substantiation for the validity of his spiritualist beliefs, which by then were quite strong. Reading this book opened my mind to further research of the Spiritualist side of Sir Arthur.

Sir Arthur’s introduction to the occult took place while he was still a practicing physician in Southsea, UK. During the yearsACD+Book 1885 to 1888, he was invited to participate in table turning sittings at the home of one of his patients, General Drayson, a teacher at the Greenwich Naval College. The medium was a railway signalman, and some amazing phenomena and apportations (physical manifestations) took place. His interest became aroused as a result. Here’s what he had to say about it at that time, “I was so impressed that I wrote an account of it to Light, the psychic weekly paper, and so in the year I actually put myself on the public record as a student of these matters.”

Sir Arthur became even more convinced of the certainty of the Afterlife as early as 1886 after reading books written by the New York Supreme Court judge, John Worth Edmonds (1816-1874), one of the most influential early American Spiritualists, who claimed that after the death of his wife he had been able to communicate with her. He was the author of: Letters and Tracts on Spiritualism; Spiritualism, Volume I (1853); and Spiritualism, Volume II (1855).

In 1893, Sir Arthur joined the SPR, (British Society for Psychical Research), a society formed in Cambridge one year earlier in order to scientifically investigate the claims of Spiritualism and other paranormal phenomena. Other members of the Society included the future Prime Minister Arthur Balfour, philosopher William James, naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace, scientists Williams Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge, philosopher – economist Henry Sidgwick (1838-1900) and poet and philologist F. W. H. Meyers (1843-1901). As far as death survival and mediumship were concerned, in 1902, when he first met Sir Oliver Lodge, he had not yet arrived at any definite conclusions. However, Myers’ classic book, Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, made a deep impression on him.

Sir Arthur continued his studies and investigations. After the death of his son in the First World War in 1917 at the peak of his literary career, at age 58, he took a decisive step and wrote The New Revelation and The Vital Message. In these two books, he firmly associated himself with the cause of Modern Spiritualism. The New Revelation is a non-fiction account of Sir Arthur’s philosophical look at religion. He spent many years of his life lecturing about spiritualism and even wrote many pamphlets and essays about the matter. In The New Revelation, he expounds on his thoughts about ESP, psychic phenomena, and communication with the dead through mediums.

ACD_MelbournTownHallAfter a lecture tour of the UK, in 1920 he accepted an invitation to make a four month lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand on the subject of Spiritualism. He and his wife and children arrived in Adelaide in September 1920. This brings me full-circle. I found the most interesting articles were regarding his thoughts and reactions of the public to his lectures. Evidently this tour was a major event and he drew crowds of many thousands wherever he spoke. But what renders the book so engaging is his descriptions of the many side trips he took into the outback or to meet with notable mediums, séances, etc.

I also found interesting, parts of the book which were dedicated to his thoughts on subjects such as the future re-emergence of Germany as a world power, the consequences of colonialism and the merits of limited alcohol prohibition. At a distance of 95 years, the author’s views on these subjects make for interesting historical reading.
In 1922 and 1923, Sir Arthur toured the United States with lectures on Spiritualism. Early in 1928, he visited South Africa, and in the autumn, he toured several European countries. In 1925, he was nominated Honorary President at the International Spiritualist Congress in Paris.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an untiring promoter of Spiritualism, who vigorously championed the cause of life-after-death. It ACD_Familyis interesting to note that twenty of Sir Arthur’s over sixty books are about Spiritualism! In his later years he often expressed a wish that he should be remembered for his psychic work rather than for his novels. His faith in the possibility of communication with departed souls was strong and he cared little whether others agreed with him or not.
I am sure that many rationalists wonder how a scientific man like Sir Arthur, a trained doctor and the creator of a super-rational detective, could have developed as a steadfast spiritualist? The best answer I can offer is that he spent so much time investigating and seeking evidential proof that he was eventually convinced of the legitimacy of life after death based on the sheer volume of evidence.

In conclusion, Victorian Spiritualism exerted an indirect influence on the emergence of the esoteric movements of modern Theosophy and the more recent New Age Movement. It also had an impact on psychoanalysis (the notion of the subconscious), and last but not least, the modernist artists and writers, such as William Butler Yeats, James Joyce (the concept of epiphany), Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot.

In my humble opinion whether you’re a Spiritualist or not, we owe a great debt to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the indefatigable world-wide promoter of Spiritualism! You can find the book for free here or on Amazon here.

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OutOnALimb-BookBack in 1986 I remember being fascinated with Shirley MacLaine’s third autobiography “Out on a Limb.” In it she began writing about her past lives and other paranormal experiences. These ideas shocked a lot of people but at the same time seeded a new public awareness and began a discussion about reincarnation and the meaning of life. Shortly thereafter I was able to meet Shirley in person when I visited her on the set of the Oprah Winfrey Show!

A couple of years later in 1988 Brian Weiss released his famous blockbuster, Many Lives, Many Masters: Brian-Weiss-MD,BWThe True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives, which further opened the door to discussion on this important topic.

In the mid-1990s I began to hear about the regression hypnotherapy work of Dolores Cannon. At the time she was learning to employ somnambulistic subjects to get in touch with long “dead” individuals such as Nostradamus. Her work actually started in the late 1960’s when she and her husband who was a trained hypnotherapist, began working with a woman who asked them to take her back into her own past lives. They had never donEdgar-Caycee this sort of thing, but gave it a try and the result was a mass of detailed past-life material that eventually became her book, Five Lives Remembered! This is not well known but makes for an excellent and very convincing read!

In the 1930s Edgar Cayce briefly delved into the topic of prior lives during some of the readings he gave while in a deep trance state. What makes what he revealed in some cases even more credible is the fact that as a devout Sunday School teacher and a Christian, in his waking consciousness, he would never have believed in reincarnation on a bet! So we know he was not making anything up!

In 1956 the famous book, The Search for Bridey Murphy, by Morey Bernstein was published. It created a sensation and Morey-Bernsteinmost likely was the biggest catalyst to ignite widespread discussion about reincarnation.

While Cayce, Bernstein, Cannon and Weiss can be considered modern day publicists of regression hypnotherapy, my vote goes to A.R. Martin, who is almost unknown today. George Schwimmer, a noted regressionist, had this to say about Mr. Martin, “Although past-life regression is considered by many to be a fairly recent technique, A.R. Martin began conducting past-life regressions sixty-five years ago, the first person known to do so in the United States. His ground-breaking research, book, and conclusions are important in understanding that the core of life is spiritual, that we come to Earth repeatedly to learn needed lessons, and that the purpose of past-life recall is to help us to grow spiritually.”

AR-MARTIN-CUA.R. Martin conducted his pioneering work into regression hypnotherapy back in the early 1930s. He was self-taught and conducted something like 500 regressions, most of which were recorded by his steno-graphically trained daughters, as they did not have a convenient means of sound recording back then. I own a copy of his one and only book, Researches in Reincarnation and Beyond, of which only 1,000 copies were published.
In Shirley MacLaine’s book she told of a woman who was afraid of bearing a child. When the woman went to Cayce about her fear, he informed her that in an earlier life she’d been a frontier wife in the American West whose children had been killed in an Indian raid. This information enabled the woman to bear children without undue anxiety.
She offered another example. Cayce, she said, once was asked about Judas Iscariot. Sparrow said Cayce revealed that the soul of Judas, the betrayer of Christ, was at that moment inhabiting the body of a man then alive. “But he said the man (with Judas’ soul) was leading a constructive life, and it would have been devastating for him to learn who he once had been.”DenaOller copy

In my own more recent experience, we were able to interview Dena Oller, (YouTube Video Interview Link) one of Dolores Cannon’s certified regression hypnotherapists, which they call the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). Here is her report of a recent healing session.

Third Eye Healing
“Regression therapy is an amazing healing tool. Clients come to have sessions for various reasons. Some are just seekers to fulfill a curiosity while others for a healing. Whatever the reason, the journey through the process is magical. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true! Before a session I ask my clients to bring a list of ten questions they want answers to.

A few weeks ago a client came to me for a session, she brought her ten questions. One of the questions was about her third eye. She wanted to know if something had happened in a past-life that affected her psychic ability to “see.” She participates in shamanic journeying and wanted to have the same exciting experiences as the other people in the group were having.

During our session I asked her to go to the root cause of the issue she was having with her third eye, the pineal gland. I ask the client to go to the root cause because through cellular memory these experiences can follow us up through other lifetimes. She went to a lifetime where she was flying and the craft she was flying crashed and damaged the third eye.

A few weeks passed since her session when I received a call from her. She was almost too excited to get the words out! Over the weekend she went to a shamanic journey circle and her experience was like nothing she had experienced before. She could see and with great detail and color! She expressed her gratitude for the experience and the healing. Because of experiences like this and the impact this therapy has on someone’s life, past-life regression is an invaluable healing tool with endless possibilities.”

While her client’s experience may seem kind of “out there,” in my opinion, it is not “out on a limb,” it’s the type of experience which is starting to become more commonplace for many souls ‘having a human experience’ not only on planet Earth, but in other galaxies and planets as well!

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Most people raised in the Christian Culture believe that if you are a bad person you will end up in hell when you die. I am not convinced that this is so. And in addition to all the afterlife research I have conducted I have the evidence I have gathered from two recent books depicting the Afterlife experiences of two essentially ‘bad boys’ who died and then were able to relate their stories to close family billy-fingers-25members. And what stories they have to tell!

I read the first book back in 2013. The title is: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death by his younger sister, Annie Kagan.

The second book is titled, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side by his mother, Elisa Medhus, M.D. Doctor Medhus also maintains a very active website and on-going blog and archive called “ChannelingErik.com.” It contains hundreds of amazing communications from My-Son-Afterlife-Book-20her son, Erik.

Elisa Medhus tragically lost her son to suicide in 2009 due to a bipolar disorder. I found this book especially interesting because she comes from a scientific background with atheist parents, and chronicles her journey to discovering spirituality and the afterlife in a very authentic way.

She began communicating with her son via mediums, and decided to chronicle those experiences in her book and also on her blog. I found Erik’s voice (through the medium) extremely amusing. He uses very colorful language – sailor-like – which is very true to how he was in real life. And together, the two of them take on any and all of the heavy subjects such as the Afterlife, the meaning of life, God, reincarnation, etc. with an inspirational down to earth style, which makes it all seem extremely believable.

In a recent session Erik had this to say about Hell. “Yes, the definition of Hell is the true absence of God or God Source, but God is an omnipresent omnibeing—all the Omni’s. It’s everywhere. Energy is everywhere, so you can’t pull away from it. God is All There Is, so Hell can’t be some separate thing. …The closest I can describe it is being on Earth in a human body—how we come into our bodies and choose to give up everything we’ve known before that…. We come into our bodies lacking information, so this is the closest to what people describe Hell as being. I can vouch for that!”

So… what Erik is saying is that if there is a Hell, then Hell is on Earth because most humans feel separated from God! And indeed, I am sure that many of us have felt that! He goes on to say that if you fervently believe in hellfire and brimstone, then when you die you may experience that illusion because at that level, we tend to create whatever we believe. Let us remember that most religions caution us not to commit suicide because they believe it is a shortcut to hell. Not so in Erik Medhus’ case!

Now I will extract the essential afterlife experience of Billy Fingers from the book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan. This is a dialogue between deceased Billy and his younger sister, Annie Kagan. In this case there is no intermediary required such as a medium or channel. Essentially Billy comes to her in a series of apparitions or feelings; sometimes in bed or while driving, or walking on the beach.

To summarize the Earthly life of William Cohen, aka, Billy Fingers; to most people he would appear to be a drug addict, vagabond or a ne’er-do-well. At age 62 he died while in a drug-induced haze while crossing a road. He was hit by a car and died instantly.

Then three weeks after his death, it was Annie’s birthday. Just before sunrise, as she was waking up, she heard someone calling her name from above. “Annie! Annie! It’s me! It’s me! It’s Billy! It was Billy’s unmistakable deep, mellow voice. She was startled, but not at all afraid. In fact, she felt comforted. “Billy?” she said, half asleep. “You can’t be here. You’re dead. I must be dreaming.” “You’re not dreaming. It’s me! Get up and get the red notebook.” She then grabbed a pen and wrote what he was saying in the red notebook.

The first thing that happens is bliss; at least it was like that in my case. I don’t know if it’s that way for everyone who dies. As the car hit me, this energy came and sucked me right out of my body into a higher realm. I say “higher” since I had the feeling of rising up and suddenly all my pain was gone.

I don’t remember hovering over my body or looking down on it or anything like that. I guess I was pretty anxious to get out of there. I knew right away I was dead, and went with it, more than ready for whatever was waiting.

I wasn’t aware of traveling at any particular speed. I just felt light and unburdened as the sucking motion drew me up inside a chamber of thick silvery blue lights. People who have near-death experiences sometimes say they went through a tunnel. I’m using the word “chamber” because a tunnel has sides, but no matter what direction I looked, there was nothing but light for as far as I could see. Maybe the difference is I had a one-way ticket and theirs was a round-trip.

And even though I didn’t have my body anymore, it felt like I did and that it was being healed. The lights in the chamber penetrated me and made me feel better and better as they pulled me up. It wasn’t just the wounds from my car accident that were being healed. In the first nanosecond that the lights touched me, they erased any harm I suffered during my lifetime: physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise.

Soon, Daddy appeared right there beside me, young and smiling and handsome as ever. He was making jokes and asking, “What took you so long?” It was so great, seeing Daddy, but I’m guessing he was there to be a familiar landmark in foreign territory. I’m saying that because he was only with me for part of the ride and Daddy definitely wasn’t the main event.

The main event was the silvery lights and their party atmosphere. Those healing lights had a festive feeling, like they were cheering me on, saying, “Welcome home, Son.”

I can’t say how long I was floating up the healing chamber, because I no longer have a sense of time. But I can say that chamber was some kind of cosmic birthing canal that delivered me into this new life.

I want you to know, darling, there’s nothing hard or cruel for me anymore. I glided from the chamber right out into the glorious Universe. I’m drifting weightlessly through space with these gorgeous stars and moons and galaxies twinkling all around me. The whole atmosphere is filled with a soothing hum, like hundreds of thousands of voices are singing to me, but they’re so far away I can just barely hear them.

And although I can’t exactly say anyone was here to greet me, as soon as I came out of the chamber I felt a Divine Presence; a kind, loving, beneficent presence, and really, that was enough.

And so, I think it is abundantly evident from this description of Billy’s entrance into the Afterlife that he certainly was not headed for Hell! Quite the opposite! And as the book develops, he provides increasingly lavish details all the way to the final chapters in which he meets his Goddess, Shvara Lohana which is the Sanskrit name for the highest Goddess of all. This description of ‘heaven’ was beyond anything I have ever read about before! And what happens there in that chapter alone, is worth buying the book just for!

So even though it may seem natural to criticize, we should not be so quick to judge the life experiences of others based upon what seem to be their ‘less than perfect’ lives. The evidence provided in these two extraordinary books reveals that everyone is here on Earth gaining experiences to take back Home, to add to the Totality of All That Is.

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