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Evidence for the Afterlife
I’ve spent the last year or so exploring NDEs (near death experiences), pre-death experiences and the afterlife. I can’t say exactly why this has become such a passion except for the fact that as I approach the age of retirement it has become something I must do!  I have probably read over two dozen books on these topics already and I have more waiting on my night stand.

In the beginning I was interested in NDEs that are the subjective experience of individuals who have died in an accident or on the operating table and then came back to tell about it. With all of our modern medical technology these types of experiences have become much more common.

In the mid-1800s a couple of young girls, the Fox sisters started having an awareness of someone who was ‘dead’ and still living in their rented home. Publicity from this phenomenon started a frenzy among thousands of individuals, many of whom became known as Spiritists or Spiritualists, whose main objective was to try to contact the “dead” through mediums sitting in seances. Since the 1850s, there was a virtual explosion of interest in the paranormal in all strata of society.  In 1882 the Society for Psychical Research was founded in Cambridge for the purpose of scientifically proving paranormal phenomena as well as proving the existence of life after death.

AT the turn of the last century and especially around the time of the First World War, much of the interesting literature came by and large through mediums who were thought to be communicating with dead relatives, especially soldiers.  Back then, when you died you usually were not revived and thus there were very few NDEs. A couple of the best books available from that period are: Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, Frederic William Henry Myers (1843-1901) and The World Unseen (Life on Other Worlds), Anthony Borgia.

A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

Most people who show an interest in this field are initially interested in evidence. If this describes you, then you may do well to explore the extensive archives and books of a rather spirited lawyer from Australia, Victor Zammit, who invested a considerable amount of years researching the field at a much greater depth than I ever could. As an open-minded investigator, he set out with his wife to investigate the existing evidence for survival after death and to test claims that communication with people who died is possible.  He states, “Like all people we began to wonder what happens when we die. We did not believe in religion or in superstition or in wishful thinking. We wanted to find out for ourselves whether there is scientific evidence for the afterlife, and if there is an afterlife, what it is like.

Zammit spent more than twenty years investigating and traveling all over the world. He talked to many people who had years of firsthand experience. He read many thousands of rare books and scientific reports that were then hidden away in libraries. And he and his wife developed their own psychic abilities.

He also says that they had “the amazing good fortune of being able to talk directly to people who had died many years ago who came back in fully materialized form. These included our loved ones – my sister and my wife’s father. We were able to hear and record their voices, touch them, and shake their hands. We were able to talk to them about things that had happened while they were alive.”  This phenomena is known as “materialization” and is considered the most difficult for a medium to produce.  So if you want a quick but extensive education in the evidence for the afterlife, download Victor Zammit’s free ebook, A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife, or visit Victor Zammit’s extensive website  Until, next time, see you in the Unobstructed Universe!  – Steve

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