I‘ve spent the last few years or so exploring NDEs (near death experiences), pre-death Steve Freierexperiences and the afterlife and other related metaphysical topics. I have now read well over a hundred books on these topics already and I have more waiting on my night stand. Check out my Book List. I enjoy  discussing these books and topics and sharing my insights along with book reviews and my own subjective experiences. Join me for the ride into the unknown as I try to make these ideas more known! 

There have been many hundreds of pioneers in this field of exploration going back to Biblical times and before. Man has always wondered about what the Afterlife holds for him. In our society we seem to try to avoid any discussion of what we call death, yet there always seems to be a spate of morbidly framed movies and books highlighting the dark side of what we call death. How often are there any intelligent films or tv shows on the topic? They are rare indeed!  Thus another good reason to begin this blog!

I have found dozens and dozens of books, both old and recent that cover the subject in an intelligent and even scientific way. It is my vision that some day one or more of these books might be turned into an intelligently produced movie or tv program. In the meantime there are plenty of good books to tickle your imagination to review. If you are seeking books of this nature, why not take a look at my ever expanding Book Store located right here on this site! I am happy to discuss these topics with you if you care to join in, so please do so in a responsible manner, Welcome aboard!  – Steve


  1. Permission to come on board captain!
    This truly is an important subject to explore further and talk about… I am so fed up of hollywood twisting paranormal,spirituality in to scarry horror films that are stupid and ridiculas and people think death and entities are only monsters…The more we educate ourselves and try to understand what is death,spirit and how it works there will be no fear…. Dear Steve, I want to thank you for your courage and service to humanity by touching a subject that has always been a tabu….Looking forward to reading the valuable information you will share.
    Blessings to you!

  2. GREAT job!!! And the Picture is FANTASTIC!!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!

  3. Thank you for starting this blog. I’m in!

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