Simple Meaning: Consciousness is the one and only reality. During physical existence we experience this one universe as obstructed. After physical existence we experience this one universe as unobstructed.

The Unobstructed Universe

The Unobstructed Universe

I chose the name, “The Unobstructed Universe” for the title of this blog in deference to the famous book of the same name which was published in 1940 by Stewart Edward White. It was the third in a series of seven spiritually themed books and the most famous of the series. Another reason I selected the name was that just after starting to read the book I discovered that the author and his wife Betty White were residents of Hillsborough, which borders San Mateo, California where I currently live. Mr. White died in 1946.

As for authorship of the books, I think it would be more accurate to say that they were co-authored by Betty White through her husband Stewart Edward White. Betty was the channel for most of the material and Stewart the writer. They had written several books prior to her death in this way but he was always put forth as the author. And after she died in 1939, the relationship continued as he wrote The Unobstructed Universe and several more books with her as the general source of the material “from the other side”.

This type of cooperative relationship is not uncommon.  A current day example would be the Abraham material which is being authored by Esther Hicks along with stimulation and assistance from her husband Jerry Hicks. He died recently in November of 2011. In the case with the Hicks material, they say that it is inspired by a “group consciousness from the non-physical dimension called Abraham” of which Esther is the leading edge.

In any case, whether you choose to study the works of Betty White in The Unobstructed Universe or Esther Hicks’ Abraham material, I think you’ll find some very high level material in either of them. Some people are now comparing the philosophy found in The Unobstructed Universe to be an early description of the Universe which could now be compared to what we now call Quantum Physics!


  1. Hi Steve! It was The Unobstructed Universe that has brought me to your blog. I am reading it now, luckily I was able to borrow it from the academic library where I work. I learned about this book (and about the other volumes by SEW and about his wife Betty) from an obscure book found in the basement of the building where I once lived – nothing is coincidental, right? That book was written by Lisa, just that, Lisa, and the title is Breaking the Death Barrier. Lisa (not her real name) and a small group of young women have been contacted by Betty, through Ouija board and later through automatic writing, with the precise purpose to teach them about the Unobstructed Universe and consciousness and many other subjects pertaining to the fifth dimension. The book was published in 1974, but the content itself was recorded immediately after the WWII (Lisa’s husband, a pilot, was killed in action, in Germany) when Lisa and her girlfriends started working the Ouija board. Apparently, Lisa was planning to write more books to expand the subject, however I wasn’t able to find anything else – and it is extremely difficult to search especially since she didn’t give her full name. I believe she died (she suffered from heart problems.) Her two children, when they reached adulthood, were able to contact Betty and their father. Nevertheless, I was glad to learn about the work Betty has done with her husband and with Lisa. There is so much material to absorb! I still have to find Betty’s Books (mentioned in Lisa’s volume). It is interesting to know if Betty has done more work with other people here.
    Again, I am so glad that I found your blog! I will certainly read all the articles.
    My best wishes,

    • Doina – Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I will see if I can find and read Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa. Sounds very interesting! – Steve

      • Doina – Well, due to your comment and promptings from I know not where, I was able to find and purchase a copy of the rare book, Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa, read it and have just posted an article about it here if you wish to read it. It will also be published in November in my sister Nancy’s magazine, The Inner Voice. So I must thank you again for suggesting it! – Steve

    • Doina – Thank you so much for telling me about the book, “Breaking the Death Barrier” by Lisa! I am reading it now. It’s too bad that she wrote it anonymously because it would be great to be able to research further what happened. I think the problem in those days was that people were very concerned about what their neighbors might think about them. People were much more cautious.

      In any case the book provides more “evidential” proof that there is indeed life after death and it does it in a most fascinating way. A group of totally novice women using a ouija board are slowly taught about spiritual ideas by spirit guides, one of whom turns out to be the famous Betty White! But of course they have no clue who she is! And through a series of clues they slowly gain the proof! Sort of like a game of Clue! I think this book could be turned into a movie!

      I plan to write a speech about Betty White and include the story of Lisa along with it! This is all very interesting to me since I live so close to Hillsborough where Betty and Stewart White once lived. The speech will be given at my local Spiritual Church nearby in a few weeks when I have conducted enough research.

      “Breaking the Death Barrier” by Lisa is a rare book and a good one to add to my collection! Thank you for suggesting it! And I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of SEW’s books too! – Steve

  2. Dear Steve, I am so sorry I missed your comment from August 29 My mail account is submerged under a flow of notifications and mails, yours just got lost somehow. Only a thorough clean-up lead to a more organized correspondence.

    I am so very happy that you found Lisa’s book interesting! I was a little afraid that you might dismiss it as non-essential. To me, this little book was quite essential, especially in the field of dreams, for I dream a lot, full stories and I never quite understood their meaning, only tangential. There are other aspects of Betty’s teaching that influenced my spiritual growth. Also, Lisa’s book seemed to me genuine!

    I will come back in a day or two with comments about SEW’s volumes – still work in progress. I haven’t gotten yet to Betty Books.

    It is pity that we can’t find more information about Lisa. I still hope that her children may learn ine day about your blog and will come forward.

    I wish I could visit your Spiritual Church one day. Certainly I will visit your sister’s magazine.

    My best regards,

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