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Voyages-into-the-Unknown-BoVoyages into the Unknown is the first of several books by OBE researcher Bruce Moen. I decided to purchase this book because I have long been a fan of Robert Monroe’s pioneering work into Consciousness via the Out of Body State, and Bruce Moen was a student of Robert Monroe. This book is based upon Mr. Moen’s experiences which he chronicled in a personal journal. It was published in 1997.

If you’re not familiar with Robert Monroe, he is the founder of The Monroe Institute. In 1956, Monroe started to study the effects of various sound patterns on human consciousness. In 1958, while using himself as a test subject, Monroe began to experience states of consciousness in which he felt himself separating from his physical body—what he described as an “out of body experience.” Wanting to learn more about these and other unusual experiences, Monroe began experimenting with expanded states of consciousness, eventually chronicled his experiences in the book trilogy, Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey.

I had already read all of Robert Monroe’s books and had even purchased and listened to a number of his pioneering audio meditation CDs he calls “Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology,” albeit, the results, for me so far, had not been all that successful at producing the coveted OBE state. So I decided that perhaps it was time to investigate the experiences of one of his successful students. Enter, Bruce Moen!MoenPic-CR2

I liked knowing that even a so-called ‘successful’ OBEer such as Bruce Moen had his trials, doubts, false starts and tribulations in making progress towards this elusive goal! And even more reassuringly, Mr. Moen paid fairly large amounts of money to attend week-long, in-person, immersive workshops at The Monroe Institute headquarters in Faber, Virginia. And he did this at least two or three times before he started to get the hang of it! However, once he found the ‘holy grail’ of how to successfully enter the OBE state, he decided to specialize in something Robert Monroe also specialized in – Soul Rescue Work. This is an official program of the Monroe Institute they call the “Lifeline Program.”

Here’s how they describe the Lifeline Program. “It is a first-of-its-kind program that can empower you with the extraordinary ability to journey into the afterlife state and be of service to others. In this incredible program, you will have the unique opportunity to explore: Contacting people who have departed, Performing “rescues and retrievals” on souls unable to move on, Visiting “The Park,” an afterlife reception center, Connecting with new guides and/or systems of guides, Reuniting with friends and relatives who have transitioned, Sending healing energy to those still embodied, Retrieving lost parts or fragments of oneself.”

Indeed, Mr. Moen was able to do many of these things after he learned the mechanics of the Out of Body State! He was lucky in that he was able to work with a woman friend he met at the Institute and then later also after returning home. They would meet in the OB state, have experiences together, write in a journal what they remember and then call each other later to compare notes. Most of the time their notes synchronized and this provided Bruce with much desired ‘evidence’ or proof that what he was experiencing was indeed real.

The Monroe System labels various areas of Non-physical Consciousness with non-biased terms such as Focus 10, Focus 12, Focus 15, etc. These are designated as lighter brainwave states. Focus 23 is the area souls go after they die when they either don’t know they are dead or cannot release their attachments to the Earth life experience. Focus 24, 25, 26 are what Monroe describes as the “Belief System Territories.” In other Spiritual Systems, these areas might be called The Bardo or Purgatory, etc. Human Souls that have taken up residence here are held captive in a realm described by their major beliefs. This includes people with major religious beliefs of all stripes; Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Muslims, Atheists, etc. Additionally, he mentions that he encountered souls who held a belief in hell in Focus 25!

Focus 27 is the area most human souls go to after they die. It is best described as “The Reception Center, or Park.” It can appear to be in any configuration that would be comforting to the individual who is making their transition. Most decent people will find themselves in The Park when they die. There they will find volunteers of all kinds – whatever they may need, be it a doctor, a nurse, guides, etc. After a period of rest and recuperation souls will eventually either take up residence in the Park or maybe ascend to a higher level, decide to reincarnate, etc.; whatever is the perfect next step for them.

They whole reason that Robert Monroe decided to explore all of these higher Focus levels was that at the time, his wife was ill and he wanted to be assured as to where she would go after her transition. He called in “Death Insurance!”

Back to our author, Bruce Moen. Mr. Moen was extremely attracted to learning how to conduct stuck people from the lower Focus Levels or Astral Planes up to Focus 27 – The Park Reception Center. Evidently there is quite a large need for actual humans who are still living in Earth Bodies to become intermediaries in this work! And the reason for this is that humans living in the Earthly realm are vibrationally closer to the souls still stuck in these areas and so we have a better opportunity to reach them and somehow convince them to move on up than Beings residing in the Higher Dimensions.

So if you are interested in becoming an Angel of sorts, I suggest reading this book as well as those of Robert Monroe. Bruce Moen has gone on to write several other books beyond Voyages Into The Unknown. You can find all of his books on his Amazon author page. He also has a website called http://www.afterlife-knowledge.com/ where you can get up to date information on his activities and workshops.

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Cover, Multidimensional ManIf you’re at all interested in a preview of what it might be like when you pass out of this world and into the higher dimensions, then Multidimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe is a book for you!

Multidimensional Man is a detailed 40 year record which takes OBEs (out-of-body experiences) and lucid dreaming to another level while remaining divorced from dogma and the confines of any belief systems; especially religious belief systems. Jurgen makes it very clear that this book is an accurate unbiased record of his experiences out of body starting back in the 1970s which began as a result of intense and disciplined regular meditation. Think of Jurgen as a reporter who ventures into unknown territories and then reports as accurately as he can, what he saw and experienced. Additionally, since he is an experienced technically trained animation artist, he has the ability to re-create extremely detailed visual renderings of what he saw in both 2D as well as 3D art!

Unlike other OBE authors, in the beginning Jurgen Ziewe (he’s German), wasn’t even trying to induce Jurgen ZieweOBEs; they were simply a bi-product of his meditations. You get the feeling that, for him, the OBEs were a let-down because he was after much loftier goals like experiencing God, Nirvana.
The author makes it clear that these were very conscious experiences. In most cases what he experienced was what he describes as “hyper-conscious or super-conscious; his awareness was brighter and he was more alert than in waking life.” In fact these are at times so realistic that he actually questions whether he’s in-the-body and then he has to do some gravity-defying feat like jumping 100 feet in the air while doing summer-salts to prove to himself that it’s an OBE and not Earthly waking life!

Heaven-4It has been pointed out that most OBE’ers are usually confined to explorations of the lower Astral Dimensions. This is where most people first go when they die as well. Jurgen theorizes that for most people who have rigid belief systems or perhaps no concept at all of what ‘heaven’ or the Afterlife might be like, most of them will experience a world very similar to what their life was like on Earth before they died. However, if they were depressed or had negative views, then they were more likely to get stuck on a lower astral dimension in a sort of ‘hell’ of their own making. I always think of that scene in the movie, What Dreams May Come, where Robin Williams’ wife commits suicide and gets stuck in some forlorn depressing place which obviously matched her state of mind when she crossed over.) Jurgen cites the case of his own mother who was extremely depressed when she died due to the mental and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her second husband. So for a few years he was not able to contact her. Then about three years later he was able to meet her in a very pleasant environment that would be akin to heaven (as most of us might picture it).

Heaven-2However, it was always Jurgen’s goal to go as high as he could; to attain true Nirvana. Along the way he encountered many potential traps and pitfalls, but that is part of what makes the book so engaging; it is a true adventure in consciousness! And since consciousness is all we ultimately have, in my opinion we owe it to ourselves to start to do our own experiments so that when that day arrives – the day when we cross over – we will be prepared as best we are able, to continue the journey starting on the ‘highest note’ possible. Now would be a good time to start expanding our awareness, whether through meditation or some other form of concentration or expansive activity.

Heaven-1Multidimensional Man is a very down-to-earth exploration that will inspire you whether you’re an atheist or skeptic or someone with an interest in psychology or metaphysics to explore the realms accessible through altered states of awareness. Another book reviewer, Bob Peterson, summed it up perfectly: “If this book had been written two thousand years ago, religion would have changed. People would have a completely different picture of heaven and the afterlife. Oh, people were having OBEs back then, and their descriptions live on in texts like the book of Revelation (of John), but the thing is, they were interpreted through a relatively primitive understanding of reality. I’d say Ziewe’s book is no less important than those religious texts.”

Heaven-3If you’re interested in pursuing OBE consciousness Jurgen has offered a free audio titled “OM Meditation”, which is a thirty minute deep meditation soundtrack to shift you into a higher dimension using Beta-Alpha-Theta Binaural Sounds and Trance-inducing Rhythms. This meditation aid was designed and composed using Beta-Alpha-Theta progressions of Binaural Beats. A “shamanic drumbeat” with subtle sound textures and an OM Mantra chant / chorus were added. At two points during the exercise a high cymbal sound was introduced to induce lucidity. The main carrier throughout is the brainwave entrainment sound, which modulates through beta, alpha and theta waveforms for ten minutes each and finishes on the pure sound.

I also suggest exploring Mr. Ziewe’s website and view some of his video talks which will further educate you into the worlds he has experienced.
Audio Meditation Link
Multidimensional Man Website Link