Preface: I need to say that the reason I went to the trouble to find this book, which is rare and out of print is due to the wonderful post of one of this sites readers, Doina, back on July 27th. I am so glad that I did because it proved to be a wonderful book which offers plenty of evidence not only of the Afterlife but also of the continuing existence of Betty White, the famous metaphysical author of numerous books written both before and after her death.

Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa Book Cover

Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa

Breaking the Death Barrier by Lisa is a book by an anonymous author simply named “Lisa.”  It chronicles her experiences using a Ouija Board in the years starting in 1945 through the early 1950s. What is interesting about this book, published in 1974, is that the author, a young mother who had lost her husband in the waning days of WWII, and a few close friends somehow stumbled upon the use of the Ouija Board and started getting intelligent messages supposedly from the Other Side. There is nothing overly unusual about this mainly because people have been using “talking boards” as they used to be called, since before the turn of the Century and have also gotten messages from the Beyond.

What is amazing about this book is that Lisa was not only able to establish communication with her dead husband, but also with a recently published and deceased author who provided not only proof of her own former Earthly existence but then took the group “under her wing” to teach them higher wisdom from her higher vantage point; what she termed the “Unobstructed Universe.” The main channel’s name was Betty. They did not know who Betty was and neither may many of you, so I will explain. You will then begin to understand just how amazing and important this connection was in terms of evidential proof of the Afterlife.

Betty (White) was the author of a series of well-known metaphysical philosophy books published between 1937 and the late 1940’s known collectively as the Betty Book Series. The first two books were channeled through her while she was still in the flesh before she made her transition to the Other Side in 1939. The books were published by her husband and partner, Stewart Edward White, who was an already established author in his own right as a well-known author of adventure stories and the frontier life as well as being an early advocate for the environment.

I became interested in the Betty Book Series when I discovered that the Whites had made their residence in Hillsborough, California, just a few miles from where I currently live.  Also, I have named this blogsite after the title of the third Betty book, The Unobstructed Universe, which proved to be the most popular volume in the series and remains in print to this day.

Stewart Edward White published the following titles: The Betty Book – 1937, Across the Unknown – 1939, and The Unobstructed Universe – 1940. The continued public response led to a number of further books. The Road I Know – 1942, was an anthology of further selections from the material Betty had channeled. Anchors to Windward -1943, was a philosophical treatment of the Betty material. The Stars Are Still There – 1946, grew out of specific questions sent to White during the war. With Folded Wings – 1947, the last in the Betty book series, was published posthumously after Mr. White’s death.

The point of all this is that when Lisa started receiving messages from Betty, she had no idea who Betty was! And so Betty began the relationship by providing a number of clues for the novice girls in the form of assignments to go to the library to seek out certain of the Betty Books just mentioned. And of course they were excited and amazed to discover that Betty was not only giving them information about a subject about which they had no prior knowledge, but proof of her former existence in a body on earth and her continuing life somewhere in the Unobstructed Universe.

Also, the way they had a series of adventures which also included materializations of “dead” people including Lisa’s own husband who, as a pilot in 1945, had been shot down over the Black Forest in Germany in the final days of WWII. In fact, the first clue she got in the beginning of the book was evidence of when and where he had been shot down even before she had received official word from the War Department about his death!

Breaking the Death Barrier is an exciting read. In fact, I think with the right treatment, it could be the foundation for a fabulous movie. But most importantly, it provides further “evidential” proof of the fact that life is indeed continuous, that we don’t die, but go on to live a greater life once we leave here. Highly recommended – if you can find a copy!  Try looking on Amazon or on Google Books as a pdf.


Update: October 7, 2014
Due to the research efforts of one of this blog’s readers, Doina, I can confirm the identity of the anonymous author of Breaking the Death Barrier, “Lisa” and the existence of a second book titled by her daughter, Carrie. The follow-on book was published in 1997 and is titled, “Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Together,” by Lisa & Carrie by Eternity Unlimited Publishers in Escondido, Calif . Carrie is Lisa’s daughter (Lisa was anonymous). The Library of Congress indicated that the author is listed as Alita Howard Feeback, or Lisa Carrie, or Lisa & Carrie. I have found the book used on Amazon and have just ordered it!  If it is of any value, I will make a future post about it!  Thanks to Doina!  – Steve