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Over the years I have had many opportunities to still the storm, barking dogs crying babies. It has taken me many years to finally realize that my thought has real power; much more power than one would normally attribute to everyday thinking.  All thought has power, but there is a type of thought that is far more powerful than ordinary thought and can accomplish much more. It is a kind of thinking that is focused, more consistent and is thus more powerful than everyday thought. I call this type of thought Coherent Thought.

Most people are, no doubt, familiar with the power of concentration. Many times, concentration is the type of thought we use when trying to solve a particular problem or remember something. And as we all know, sometimes it doesn’t always yield the results we are seeking.  Sometimes we find that once we release the problem from hard concentration, the answer seems to materialize as if by magic. What is happening when we release a problem in this manner?

Accessing a Greater Mind

Through relaxing and opening our mind, we can gain access to a Greater Mind, a larger world of potential.   Most people believe that the modern scientific process was created in the same logical manner which it uses to analyze data.  False!  Rene Descartes used an intuitive process when he “invented” the modern scientific process. It all came to him in a “flash” of inspiration. Many top scientists have used the intuitive process in making breakthroughs in their thinking. Einstein was another. He stated that, “we cannot solve problems at the same level at which they are created.”

Intuitive Thought is powerful, because it allows us to tap into a larger Mind for answers. This is one step above ordinary thought because with it we can solve problems, gain insights, receive guidance, and generally have a greater sense of awareness of our life and our surroundings. Yet as powerful as Intuitive Thought is, there is yet another level of thought that is actually beyond the Intuitive.  I call this advanced level, Coherent Thought.

Coherent Thought

What is Coherent Thought?  How does it operate? What can we accomplish with it? My definition of Coherent Thought is this. Coherent Thought is a type of resonant thinking that vibrates or harmonizes with the Divine. The way it operates is actually very simple. I have had many experiences with Coherent Thought.  Using this process, I was able to still storms, calm crying babies (at a distance) and pacify barking dogs without ever being in their presence.  How is this possible?

My theory is that we all live in a Sea of Thought and we have been given the ability to use our thought either in a chaotic, unfocused manner or in a coherent focused manner.  Most people have not been trained to use their thought power properly. They run around with scattered, cluttered minds, wondering why they can’t make any headway. By harmonizing our thought with the highest ideas we can possibly align with, we then begin to live lives of greater health, wealth and productivity. I would also call this “flow.” There have been many masters and sages throughout the ages who have been able to demonstrate this natural  power. I think Jesus was alluding to this power when he said things like, “With the faith of a mustard seed,” or “Ye are gods.” I think he was trying to tell us that we had some of the same power that he demonstrated when he calmed the storm, raised the dead, and healed the sick.

Stilling the Storms, Barking Dogs and Crying Babies

So, what will it take for us to get it? When will we stop giving our inherent power away?  I started out by experimenting with stilling storms so that my young kids could play a game of soccer. It worked so many times that after a while I really started to believe.  What I would think was, “If it be for the highest good of all, I would like to have the impending storm stop.” And usually it did!  On other occasions while sitting in noisy airport lobbies, I tried calming crying babies. What I would think was “That baby is getting whatever it needs to make it happy and peaceful.”  Lo and behold, every time I tried it, it worked! On other occasions when I was feeling annoyed with the endless sound of a neighbor’s howling, barking dog, I would think this, “I send the Angel of Peace to be with that dog.”  And the dog would be quiet. Other situations which benefit from Coherent Thought are health problems, traffic jams, difficult relationships, stuck business situations, etc.

Resonating with Higher Thought

When using Coherent Thought, it is wise to try for the highest thought possible.  Harmony is always a good thought to have. Peace is another good one, and Love is perhaps the highest of all thoughts. God gave us free will choice to think and act in any manner we choose, but doesn’t it make more sense to choose Higher Thoughts over negative, lower thoughts?  I always like to say,  “Whoever has the highest thought wins, but then everybody wins!” By choosing higher thoughts we all win!  God is very fair in this way.  If we choose to mire our minds in lower thoughts, we will find that we have little or no power and will feel defeated at every turn, but that is a choice we have the freedom to make. Most people are somewhere between being mired in the gooey muck and being semi-focused. Very few venture into the realm of powerful Coherent Thought. If we did, and could sustain it long enough, we might just start to fly – without wings!   So the next time you feel bothered by some situation, try resonating to the highest thought- feeling you can muster and hold that for at least a couple of minutes. Then just let it fly away!  Maybe you will begin to still the storm, barking dogs crying babies too!