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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

We had a box of these Lady of Guadalupe tiles sitting around the garage since about 1999 when they were given to us – probably because one tiny piece was missing. Well, recently I finally got around to finding a suitable piece of plywood upon which to mount the Lady. We found the board at Whole House Building Supply & Salvage Store locally, and it did not even need to be cut or resized. Then after gluing the tiles down I waited for a few weeks until I could come up with a suitable frame. The framing wood was left over from a door installation project I had done last year and was found waiting in the garage.  The interesting thing to note about the Lady of Guadalupe is that back in 1999 I was diagnosed with CLL Leukemia and we attended an open Our Lady of Guadalupe event in someone’s backyard at which there was a man from Mexico who conducted a healing session for everyone present including me. During that session he produced Rose Petals which had images burned into them somehow. A miracle it seemed.  Not long after that event I was given the tiles depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe from an entirely different source. And within about a year I was fully recovered from the CLL! I did not take the recommended chemo either!  Was it due to the healing session with Our Lady of Guadalupe?  Hard to say, but the only other significant things I did during that time period was to have a root canalled tooth removed (I only had one) and I also was drinking a lot of coral calcium water.

The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe can be found on the internet. It all started in the early morning of December 9, 1531.  Our Lady of Guadalupe is a celebrated Roman Catholic icon of the Virgin Mary, an image on a tilma, or peasant cloak, attributed in some accounts to Marcos Cipac de Aquino, an Indian painter. Traditional accounts tell that the peasant Juan Diego saw at the Hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City, a vision of a girl of fifteen or sixteen years of age, surrounded by light. Wikipedia Reference: The image you see here is full of important symbolism. well worth a read!  And maybe you’ll even get a healing like I did!


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Lincoln_2012_Teaser_PosterHow many of you saw Steven Speilberg’s recent blockbuster movie, Lincoln?  What I will be discussing here will shed some light on the unknown history which occurred behind the scenes during the time when Abraham Lincoln was considering the issuance of an executive order, the Emancipation Proclamation, which would which later lead to the passage of the 13th Amendment…  which would make slavery illegal in this country.

Did a message from the spirit world change the course of history? Could the weighty words of a young medium long ago have influenced the direction of future events in American society?

It’s common knowledge that Abraham Lincoln had a strong interest in mediumship. What is not a well-known fact, however, is the actual information relayed to him by a shy young girl.

No matter how hard you look, you won’t find her channeled words regarding the emancipation of slaves in any school book. These words remain cloaked in the annals of “unmentionable history”.

According to a book by Colonel Simon P. Kase, a railroad lobbyist who had access to the top government echelon, America would never be the same after Lincoln’s communication with the “other side”.

When we consider the meaning of Independence Day, most of us take for granted the Freedom we have inherited.  And 2013 happens to be the year we celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

ELT200709242037269378069As most of us are already aware, at the founding of our country, not all of our people were actually free. In the midst of the Civil War, at a critical moment in 1862, Lincoln was trying to decide whether or not to issue Executive Order 95, the Emancipation Proclamation. Close political advisors were adamantly against his idea to issue it at that time. It was considered just too controversial. And Lincoln himself was waffling. It was at this juncture that Spiritualism played a most important but little known role.

At the time of the Civil War the number of spiritualists was estimated at between two to three million (out of a U.S. population of 30 million). That’s as much as 10%!

Spiritualism linked people in the movement with the liberal, progressive, even radical reform movements of the time, such as woman’s rights, health reform, labor reform and abolition. The promotion of these ideas concerning freedom, fairness and liberty had both an indirect as well as a direct influence upon the thinking of Abraham Lincoln and thus the moral evolution of the United States!


Nettie Colburn

Proof of direct influence from the Spiritual Realm may be found in a book written in 1917 by Mrs. Nettie Colburn Maynard, titled Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?” This book provides, in great detail, the events which transpired that lead to the delivery of the inspired messages which determined the action of Abraham Lincoln at the supreme moment of the Civil War. What should be pointed out is that at the onset of the Civil War President Lincoln had no intention of eliminating slavery. Was Lincoln convinced of this course of action by communication from the “other side”? Was he being commanded from a higher, all knowing leader?

The facts are beyond dispute, and are given with the corroborative evidence in Mrs. Maynard’s book. Mrs. Maynard’s maiden name was Nettie Colburn, and she was herself the heroine of the story. The book created quite a controversy at the time in 1917, but it is well documented and there have also been other books written by some of the participants in these happenings which further corroborate the events I am about to describe.

The young Nettie Coburn was a shy person, but quite a powerful trance medium. She visited Washington in the winter of 1862 in order to see her brother who was in the Federal Army hospital.  Through a series of circumstances she connected with Mrs. Lincoln at the home of Mr. Cranston Laurie, a top official in the Post Office. As Nettie Coburn later recalled her meeting, she went with Mr. Laurie to his home after failing in attempts to obtain an army furlough for her sick brother. “On my arrival I was astonished to be presented first to Mrs. Lincoln, the wife of President Lincoln, then to other top officials living in Washington.

Mrs. Lincoln, who was interested in Spiritualism, had a sitting with Miss Colburn. As Nettie remembered it, “Some new and powerful influence obtained possession of my organism and addressed Mrs. Lincoln; it seemed, with great clearness and force, upon matters of State. For one hour I was under this control. When I awoke there was a most earnest and excited group around me discussing what had been said; and Mrs. Lincoln exclaimed with great earnestness, “This young lady must not leave Washington!” Mrs. Lincoln, enormously impressed by the result (to say the least)!

Now, it should be understood that Nettie Colburn Maynard worked as a trance medium, similar to Edgar Cayce, enabling Spirit to speak directly through her. While in trance, Ms. Maynard was unaware of what had been said through her voice.

The following is Ms. Maynard’s fascinating personal account of this experience, drawn from her book, Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?   or, Curious Revelations from the Life of a Trance Medium.

The day following her brother’s departure for home, a note was received by Mrs. Laurie, asking her to come to the White House in the evening with her family, and to bring Miss Nettie with her. Nettie stated, “I felt all the natural trepidation of a young girl about to enter the presence of the highest magistrate in our land; being fully impressed with the dignity of his office, and feeling that I was about to meet some superior being; and it was almost with trembling that I entered the Red Parlor of the White House, at eight o’clock that evening (December, 1862).

Mrs. Lincoln received us graciously, and introduced us. Mr. Lincoln was not then present. While all were conversing pleasantly on general subjects, Mrs. Miller who was Mr. Laurie’s daughter, seated herself at the double grand piano at one side of the room, seemingly awaiting someone, when suddenly Mrs. Miller’s hands fell upon the keys with a force that betokened a master hand, and the strains of a grand march filled the room. As the measured notes rose and fell we became silent. The heavy end of the piano began rising and falling in perfect time to the music. All at once it ceased, and Mr. Lincoln stood upon the threshold of the room. (He afterwards informed us that the first notes of the music fell upon his ears as he reached the head of the grand staircase to descend, and that he kept step to the music until he reached the doorway.)


Mr. Lincoln

For more than an hour I was made to talk to him, and I learned from my friends afterward that it was upon matters that he seemed fully to understand, while they comprehended very little until that portion was reached that related to the forthcoming Emancipation Proclamation. He was charged with the utmost solemnity and force of manner not to abate the terms of its issue, and not to delay its enforcement as a law beyond the opening of the year; and he was assured that it was to be the crowning event of his administration and his life; and that while he was being counseled by strong parties to defer the enforcement of it, hoping to supplant it by other measures and to delay action, he must in no ways heed such counsel, but stand firm to his convictions and fearlessly perform the work and fulfill the mission for which he had been raised up by an overruling Providence. Those present declared that “some strong masculine spirit force was giving speech to almost divine commands.”

I shall never forget the scene around me when I regained consciousness. I was standing in front of Mr. Lincoln, and he was sitting back in his chair, with his arms folded upon his breast, looking intently at me. I stepped back, naturally confused at the situation – not remembering at once where I was; and glancing around the group, where perfect silence reigned. It took me a moment to remember my whereabouts.

A gentleman present then said in a low tone, “Mr. President, did you notice anything peculiar in the method of address?” Mr. Lincoln raised himself, as if shaking off his spell. He glanced quickly at the full-length portrait of Daniel Webster, that hung above the piano, and replied, ‘Yes, and it is very singular, very!”

Mr. Somes, a friend, said: “Mr. President, would it be improper for me to inquire whether there has been any pressure brought to bear upon you to defer the enforcement of the Proclamation?”  To which the President replied: “Under these circumstances that question is perfectly proper, as we are all friends, smiling upon the company. It is taking all my nerve and strength to withstand such a pressure.”

At this point the gentlemen drew around him, and spoke together in low tones, Mr. Lincoln saying least of all. At last he turned to me, and laying his hand upon my head, uttered these words in a manner that I shall never forget: “My child, you possess a very singular gift; but that it is of God, I have no doubt. I thank you for coming here to-night. It is more important than perhaps any one present can understand. I must leave you all now; but I hope I shall see you again.

He shook me kindly by the hand, bowed to the rest of the company, and was gone. We remained an hour longer, talking with Mrs. Lincoln and her friends, and then returned to Georgetown. Such was my first interview with Abraham Lincoln, and the memory of it is as clear and vivid as the evening on which it occurred.” [UnQuote]

That President Lincoln was asked by Spirit to not buckle under pressure and to maintain his resolve to not defer the Emancipation Proclamation may have ensured the history we know today.

If he had not received this message, would he have deferred? And if he had deferred, what would that have meant to our divided country? How much longer would racial injustice have prevailed in this country? Who knows? We only know what happened by this account and corroborated by several others present that Spirit found a way to the President of the United States at that most critical juncture in our country’s history.

According to an article published on March 7, 1891 in the Banner of Light, an American Spiritualist journal, The White House séances with the President were no secret. A letter from Hudson Tuttle, a well-known author of psychic books, included this statement regarding Nettie Colburn Maynard:

“For the last three years of the war she (Nettie Colburn Maynard) was constantly consulted by President Lincoln, and the communications he received through her were of the most astonishing character. The results of battles were foretold before the telegraphic dispatches, and on several occasions advice was given and accepted, which, acted on, proved of momentous consequence.”

If you have read any accounts of Abraham Lincoln, you will find significant debate as to his religious leanings. Wikipedia offers this concise overview: Historian Dr. Mark Noll states that “Lincoln never joined a church nor ever made a clear profession of standard Christian belief.”  Noll argues Lincoln was turned against organized Christianity by his experiences as a young man who saw how excessive emotion and bitter sectarian quarrels marked yearly camp meetings and the ministry of traveling preachers.[8]

Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist? After what I’ve learned in my research, I’d have to say, “Not formally.”  However, President Lincoln would likely have found common Spiritual ground with Spiritualists and/or Universalists.  He was guided by a strong ethical compass and deep Spiritual convictions. He allowed himself to be open-minded to all possibilities, and for that, and all that he was, we respect him as one of the greatest American Presidents of all time.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the Sherlock Holmes books, as well as a psychic researcher said that, “this meeting between Lincoln and Nettie, “was one of the most important events in the history of the United States. This spirit message strengthened the President in taking a difficult step to which he was not yet firmly committed.