The Scole Hole

The Scole Hole

Last night I watched a video documentary on the Amazon Prime Instant Video service, called, “The Afterlife Investigations.”  It primarily covered and re-created the Scole Experiments, which took place in Great Britain back in the mid-1990s which were conducted by several mediums living there. The mediums, Robin and Sandra Foy and Alan and Diana Bennett, began by delivering messages from a non-physical group. Many of these messages contained personal information that nobody else could have known about. They meditated and conducted séances regularly twice a week for about a year with much of anything which could be considered out of the ordinary as far as séances go.  Then suddenly, amazing events started to occur!  I guess it just shows that dedication and patience pays off.

plate_05_preSoon the messages came in the form of voices which could be heard by everyone in the room. Some of the experimenters experienced physical touch and the levitation of a table took place. After that came materialization of spirit people and objects from the non-physical side.

News,  268443Over fifty small objects were materialized including: a silver necklace; a Churchill coin; a small rose quartz crystal ball; a 1940 British penny; a 1928 one franc piece token; a Silver charm of the ‘Grim Reaper’; an original copy of Daily Mail dated 1st April 1944; an original copy of Daily Express dated 28th May 1945 and many other items. The newspapers were taken to be tested by the best paper lab in the world and found to be totally authentic down to the type of paper used during WWII as well as to the ingredients used in the ink during that time period. How would a skeptic explain THAT!

Interesting experiments were also conducted with photography. At first they were asked to load a 35mm camera with film and place it on the table. During the session, the camera levitated and was operated by an unseen hand taking pictures in Abor_plate_07_prethe dark. After the film was developed, it contained images of people like a tribal warrior, or places, Chartres, 551719sometimes from the past, or from impossibly difficult vantage points such as high above the Chartres cathedral just to show diversity and the fact that whoever was imprinting the film was not confined to time or place.  A pretty impressive “parlor trick” if you ask me!

Later, amazing Images were imprinted on unopened rolls of film placed inside a locked box. These images included obscure handwritten verses and drawings that took some effort to identify. These writings were scrawled out across many frames. All of these experiments were detailed in the documentary – some actual evidence and other scenes recreated.

Circle, 541931Further experiments were carried out in other European countries as well as in the United States at LA. This lends further credence to the credibility of the experiments as it would be very difficult if not impossible for trickery in new locations totally unfamiliar to the experimenters. In LA the sitters witnessed phenomena such as tables levitating and spinning and some people experienced healings.

For me the most astounding sequence in the film was a scene of a scientist trying to pick up a crystal which dematerialized right under his fingers!  It was still visible but his fingers just passed right through it!  What was the point of this, besides being amazing?  The spirits pointed out that this crystal dematerialization is an example of what happens when humans die; we simply dematerialize on the Earth Plane, while we still exist in another dimension.

The Afterlife Investigations,” about the Scole Experiments is well worth your time to watch. And now that it is available for free on Amazon and YouTube, you have no excuse not to watch!

The Scole Experiments have inspired many other people to start their own experimental circles all over the world. I believe this represents the next phase in the development of humankind’s understanding of how life works and how we don’t die when we shed our body.  When will you be starting your own Scole-style experiments?  You can find out more by reading one of these books:

The Scole Report

The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death

The documentary can be watched for free on YouTube:

The Afterlife Investigations